Black History No Longer Taught In America

I usually use this blog to talk about hot topics and the like going on in the country.  But today I am going to take a slightly different path with it.

I thought I was pretty smart when it came to US History, but I was so wrong.  There was a post on Twitter that in 1860 only 1.3% of families owned slaves, which honestly didn’t sound right to me so I did some research and it was actually only 8%.  Still too many, but that is really another discussion for another day.

I do know it was the Republicans who were the main voters for the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment to the Constitution.


Now I also hear how the parties switched in the South back in the mid 1900’s but here is where that argument goes awry.

The first black Representative to the US Congress was Joseph Rainey, and he was representing the state of South Carolina, as a Republican.  If you look at his stances on things, it is similar to what the Republican party as it is today.

The first black Senator was Hiram Revels, a Republican from Mississippi.  He was a pastor who also followed similar beliefs to the current Republican party.

Then if you look at the next few who followed these two gentleman:

Jefferson Long, Republican Representative from Georgia

Robert De Large, Republican Representative from South Carolina

Robert Elliot, Republican Representative from South Carolina

Benjamin Turner, Republican Representative from Alabama

Josiah Walls, Republican Representative from Florida

Richard Cain, Republican Representative from South Carolina

John Lynch, Republican Representative from Mississippi

Alonzo Ransier, Republican Representative from South Carolina

James Rapier, Republican Representative from Alabama

Blanche Bruce, Republican Senator from Mississippi

Jeremiah Haralson, Republican Representative from Alabama

John Hyman, Republican Representative from North Carolina

Charles Nash, Republican Representative from Louisiana

Robert Smalls, Republican Representative from South Carolina

James O’Hara, Republican Representative from North Carolina

Henry Cheatham, Republican Representative from North Carolina

John Langston, Republican Representative from Virginia

Thomas Miller, Republican Representative from South Carolina

George Murray, Republican Representative from South Carolina

George White, Republican Representative from North Carolina

Oscar De Priest, Republican Representative from Illinois in 1929.  A note about this vote, the First black representative to Congress was voted in in 1870.  It took 59 years for a black man in the north to be elected into office, and again, he was a Republican.

Arthur Mitchell, Democrat Representative from Illinois in 1935.  So it took 65 years from the first time a black man was voted for Congress for a black Democrat to win.  He was a supporter of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal, which looking back at was the first real Socialist programs in US History that tried to make Americans, especially the poor, dependent on the government.

So now let’s talk about the so called big switch that happened in the parties.

That list of Representatives and Senators above basically fall in line with the current party structure.  The Republicans in this list are about liberty for all.  They weren’t looking for hand outs, they just wanted the chance to live free.  The Democrat was for hand outs, Social security, etc.

You still hear the argument that the Democrats are the party for freedom, and the Republicans are fascists.  But which party in history has been more about controlling the people, and which party as been the party of setting them free?

You hear stories that the south did a flip to Republicans in the 60s as a fight for continued racism, when just the exact opposite in the case.  Ronald Reagan made the case himself with one simple statement. “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, it left me”  As the Democrats pushed for more socialist programs and controlling the people, the people got wise, got mad and changed over.

One thing being missed in all this history (which seriously is not being taught because it goes against the narrative that Republicans are racists) is that 2016, just as I believe will happen in 2018 and beyond as long as Democrats continue on this Socialist path, was a time that many Democrats started leaving the party because they started getting wise as to what was happening.  History repeating itself yet again.

I can honestly say I have learned quite a bit doing this article, and I hope you will take the time to do some research yourself.  We can continue on this path of letting politicians put us in our respective boxes by our tan or lack of, or genitalia, or pick a hyphen any hyphen.  We can also choose to ignore what goes in front of the hyphen and remember what comes after it.  We are all Americans.  If you are a citizen of this great country, you are an American, not _________-American.

Your success in life, whatever success means to you, will not be determined by anything before the hyphen, but simply by effort, hard work, and not letting those who tell you that you can’t do it win.  Last I checked we all bled red and as long as that doesn’t change, the opportunities are the same. So go make the best you that you can make.

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Blame the “Parent’s” not Trump

All the rage right now is to blame President Trump for children being separated from their families at the border.  It is all his fault, and what you hear from the Main Stream Media, the Democrats, the RINO’s and open border globalist.  Which have all done a great job making President Trump the evil demon who is the cause of all this.  Well let’s look at the facts of things and then you can make your own decision on who’s fault it is.

Congress was the one who voted for the bill that created the loop holes for people to come to this country with kids, even if they were just acting like they were their’s and getting access to come in.  That bill was signed by Bill Clinton, it was the Bush administration that started separating children they suspected not to be part of the family of the adults crossing.  That was doubled down by the Obama administration who detained more that double the children separated.  During that 19 year period, you heard absolutely NOTHING from the press, Dems, RINOs and open border globalist.

Now about a month or so ago pictures were posted on Twitter of children held in cages.  They were blamed on President Trump.  Problem with that plan was it was pictures from 2014 and the Obama Administration.  But at that point the narrative had been set.  Of course it comes back to the timing.  The North Korea summit went great, the IG report came out, and now this story has been used to take all the oxygen away from it.  You can’t watch the “news” today on ANY network without hearing about this 24/7.  But let’s look at the real issue here.

I keep hearing people use the line “well they are just here seeking asylum”.  If they were truly seeking asylum and wanted to keep their family together their best option to do that would be to go to the US Embassy in their country of origin and apply for asylum.  They would stay in their country until their case was heard, and if they were approved, they would be more than welcome in the United States.  No separation, no detention, just come on in.  Problem solved.

I also hear “but they shouldn’t be separated from their children no matter what”.  This is the argument that I just have to laugh at most.  If an American breaks a law, they are detained and their children do not go with them to jail.  If you are crossing the border illegally, you are breaking the law and will be detained and your children will not go with you to jail.  So why would those crossing the border get special treatment than American’s don’t get?

But the actual blame here goes to the parents.  You know if you bring your child (or someone you are portraying to be your child to try to get a free pass into the country) that you will be separated at the border.  There are no exceptions, nor should there be.  If you don’t want your child to be separated from you, you have other paths to do it.  US Embassy for asylum, or the LEGAL immigration system to try to come here legally.

No one should be above the law.  If you want open borders, then you should take the locks off every door in your house, keep your car unlocked with the keys in it, because you are basically saying anyone can have whatever they want, because there should be no borders.  There would be no such thing as Breaking and Entering, or House Robbery, Car Robbery, etc.  It is the same thing, just doesn’t have a fancy name.

Speaking of names, it is not undocumented immigrants.  They are illegal aliens.  If you want to run the “undocumented” line, then house robbers and squatters would be referred to as Undocumented Residents.

What people try to explain is that illegal aliens commit less crimes than Americans, which by the way is not true, because they all broke the law coming here.  But any crime committed by an illegal alien is a crime that never should have happened, because they never should have been here.

Just yesterday there was a story reported that 5 immigrants were killed in a car roll over in Texas.  That was the headline for Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc.  The facts are, it was illegal aliens in an SUV who were in a high speed chase by the border patrol and police that went over 100 MPH during the chase.  But if you just read the headlines you would think it was legal immigrants who had a nasty accident because their SUV flipped.

Now how to fix it.

New law on the books.

If you come to the border and are caught you will be turned away immediately.  No Exceptions.

If you come to the border claiming asylum, you will be turned away and you will not be able to apply at the US Embassy of any country.  No Exceptions.

If you are caught a second time doing either, you will be put into a federal prison, and the cost of that will come out of money sent as aid to your country of origin.  If you bring children, they will be sent back.  No exceptions.

E-Verify has to be mandated across the board.  If you are caught hiring illegals it is $10,000 first offense, and an additional $1,000 for second and further, so $11,000 on the second offense, $12,000 on the third offense, etc.

If you want to earn citizenship you have to learn English.  Again, No Exceptions

The wall needs to be built, and I say do all 2,000 miles.

No more chain migration, just because you are approved, does not mean your cousin twice removed does not get approved.

Make it merit based immigration, bring in the people we need for the jobs we have.

Finally, anyone coming in legally, overstaying visas or crossing the border illegally will never be allowed to receive welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, medicaid, etc.

Does it sound harsh, sure, but they are all facts and all necessary to protect our country.  Sad to say our own government and Congress has forgotten they were elected to take care of the American Citizens first, second, third, etc……..

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Why I Don’t Think Assad Did It.

The longer we get from the last set of chemical attacks in Syria this last weekend, the more I think about the obvious.  Bashar al-Assad didn’t do it.

Now let’s take a step back and look at the big picture.  Russian President Vladimr Putin and the Iranians are both working in conjunction with al-Assad.  There is no question about that, no doubt about that at all.

You also have the Syrian rebels who are trying to overthrow al-Assad.

Finally you have American troops on the ground fighting ISIS, or what is left over of it.

Now just last week President Trump talked about possibly removing American troops from Syria.

Then this weekend you have an alleged chemical attack, complete with video of the victims, young and old, being treated.

Now the TV “expert” logic is that al-Assad did this to test President Trump, and that we should instantly retaliate. Here is the problem with that.  If President Trump does attack the left media is going to run with it that President Trump only did the attacks to divert attention from Stormy Daniels (who I think at this point may own a part of CNN based on the coverage she is getting).  But that story makes absolutely no sense.

If al-Assad, Putin and Iran wanted free reign in the region wouldn’t it make more sense to let the Americans leave first?  President Trump already has shown once that he is not scared to strike back.

Now the rebels on the ground, who want to take out al-Assad would most certainly want the Americans to not only stay, but to get more involved in their attacks on al-Assad.  The Americans certainly have more firepower than the rebels do.  Not to mention it is likely if al-Assad has chemical weapons, that the rebels likely would as well.

Add to that the fact that the area has basically been shut off.  So who is to say the “attack” never really happened, or there would be more evidence, you would have Red Cross and other international humanitarian workers in the area who could verify it happened.  Yet I honestly can’t say I have seen a single interview with anyone who was there.

I am not a conspiracy theory guy, I just tend to look at things with common sense, and honestly it makes no sense for al-Assad to ever do this, would make even less sense for Putin to agree with it, especially the way that the Russians have been sanctioned so much in just the last couple months.  Why would he want to pick a fight at this point?

President Trump wanted to leave.  I think this attack is more likely the rebels or faked or a combination of both.  I really hope our intelligence people will give President Trump good information and validation of what really happened before he acts this time.  I am honestly afraid they are going to give him bad information and get us into yet another pointless war.  He really needs to go back and read his tweets from before, and take the info he has now, plus get verification before he does anything.  Because if you blindly attack, you can’t take those missiles back.


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How to Save America. The Division

There are many things wrong with this country right now and it is truly sad to see.  The solutions to a lot of the problems are simple in concept, but maybe controversial in implementation.

In this blog series I am going to touch on what I feel are the ten biggest problems in this country right now, and I am not looking at it from just one side, I am simply going to look at both the problem, and solution from a common sense prospective

1.  The Division Of Our Country.

Right now it seems like we have gone back to a point in our history that led to more American deaths than WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, and the war against ISIS and Iraq.  I am talking about the US Civil War.  Over the last 10 years our country has grown so divided that there are very few left in the middle.  During the Civil War you had brother fighting brother, over both slavery and taxation.  The Union won that war and ended slavery in this country.  In the last 10 years though, thanks to politicians, the media, social media, etc, most people have allowed themselves to be put back into categories based on skin color, or country of origin.  If you fit in one of those boxes then your opinions need to fit the checklist of that category.  Right now ISIS doesn’t need to attack us, neither does Russia, North Korea or pick any other outside enemy you can think of and insert here.  We are destroying ourselves.

Why did we allow them to put us into boxes?  Last I checked we all bleed red, just some people have better tans than others.  The common factor we all had was that we were all Americans.  Why did that change?

You see it on Twitter daily, the trolls on the loose from both sides.  Attacking first, with no intention of having a civil discussion.  You see it in the news.  You have CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS all attacking from the left, and Fox News attacking from the right, and no one actually REPORTING the news anymore, they are all trying to drive their prospective narrative.  You look at colleges with their safe spaces, pick a gender, any gender, mentality.  You have people getting attacked just for wearing a hat, and riots breaking out just to protest speech they don’t want to hear.

People try to blame the division on President Trump, but it started well before him.  It started with President Obama, and not because he was black (or actually mixed), but because he worked so hard playing identity politics.  Because the second you disagreed with anything he said or did, you were automatically called a racist.  Which in and of itself is a racist statement.  You can’t criticize someone based on skin tone, but you can criticize their actions or inaction.  Nor are they to be protected from that criticism based on their skin tone.

How do we fix it?

Well start off by turning off the so called news.  Instead of fighting a troll on Twitter, just block or ignore them and move on with your day.  Talk to real people, not just those you know, but people you meet.  You might find out though you may be in different boxes you have a lot more in common than you thought.  Finally, don’t allow yourself to be put in that box.  Your tan, or lack of,  is not going to make you more or less likely to succeed, your effort will.  Do we have to agree on everything? Of course not, but that too seems to be an issue these days, if you don’t agree with the other sides opinions you automatically get labelled.  The only label I care about, and the only label I hope you will agree with is that we are all Americans.  Because when we rally around that, we can’t be beat.  Just ask the British, the Nazis, Al Qaeda and now ISIS.

We do have to work on communicating better, and realize we are on the same team.  Otherwise the problem is only going to get worse and may to get the point that it cannot be saved.

Want a Gun Debate? Read This!

This may be controversial but I really don’t care. 17 people died yesterday, 14 of them teens. Because a fucking monster went to yet another Gun Free Zone (aka Shoot Here) and had his own personal shooting gallery. I have 4 ideas how to maybe not 100% but slow it the hell down.
1. If there are teachers in the school, who have conceal carry permits, they should be allowed to carry at school if they choose.  They do not give out CCW permits without both a class and testing, and most CCW people I know are very responsible with their weapons.  When is the last time you heard someone with a CCW permit committing a gun crime? Post a sign saying that staff may be armed and take a soft target away. The students don’t need to know who are actually carrying or not, because remember, it is CONCEALED carry.
2. See something, say something only works if you speak up. But at the same time the authorities need to do a better job of following up on leads they are given. It is beyond rare for any of these to happen without some kind of plan.
3. Therapists need to start coming up with valid reasons for giving all the drugs they do. They are taking the lazy way out. Plus if you are going to a therapist you should give up your rights during treatment, and only get it back when you are cleared by that therapist.
4. Finally video game makers and Hollywood need to drop the violence or make it a hell of a lot less realistic. Movies in the 60s-early 90s the violence was so fake you could tell no one was really dead. With CGI the way it is these days, not only can you watch them die, but see the blood flowing out of them, etc. Grand Theft Auto, COD, and all the games that glorify violence and breaking the law need to stop too. In the 80s we had Pac-Man, who’s only bad influence was getting you to over eat. 
Yes I am showing my age here, but we didn’t have random shootings when I went to school.  We were taught to respect the weapons and each other.  That respect is gone these days.  Everyone has gone to their side of the fight, and the middle is now a war zone.  Respect is no longer taught, it is if they don’t agree with you they are wrong and screw them.  The more we kill the more points we get or further we advance in a game, and the blood and gore is no longer real to them.
If all four of those things are done will it stop all the mass shootings?  Of course not, evil is evil, you can’t control it, you can only hope to contain it and the best way to do that is to beat their evil offense with a damn good defense.
I am praying for those families who lost loved ones, and those who are in the hospital fighting for their lives.  Let’s be smart, and do the common sense thing to make this super rare, and not a monthly thing.

Congress Back In Spend Mode


So yesterday the Senate announced they came up with a deal to raise spending caps.  It would include $160+ Billion in more Defense spending, and $130+ Billion more in Domestic spending.  If this goes through it would raise the yearly debt to $1.1-1.3 Trillion for 2019.  This is Obama level over spending.  This is not draining the swamp, this is raising the water level and expanding the swamp.

The whole idea between lowering taxes was to increase revenue to pay down the debt, along with spending cuts, and then Senate Leader Mitch McConnell basically bent over for Senator Chuck Schumer and gave in.  Just 3 weeks ago the Republicans finally stood strong and the Dems took the blame for the shutdown for the first time in my memory, but now McConnell basically caves and blows up the deficit in the process.

Now you may ask why the stock market graph above.  Well when it was announced yesterday that the Senate had a deal, and what the deal was the Stock Market was at 25,207, approximately 26 hours later at the time of this writing the Dow is down over 800 points and I feel it is a direct cause to this deal, and I will explain why.  To cover this additional debt, the Fed is going to have to sell more bonds, to sell more bonds, they are going to have to give a bigger return, so interest rates go up, which also drives up inflation, which makes operating costs higher, thereby profits drop, and along with it goes the stock market.

So what needs to happen?  First off the Republicans, that are supposed to be the party of being fiscally responsible, need to stand up and vote no to raising these debt ceilings on Domestic spending.  Listening to Chuck Schumer yesterday rattling off all the programs and how many billions of dollars would go into each was making my skin crawl.  The longer he went on, and listing the Senator’s programs that were getting paid for was almost Obama like is how all these programs would help people, when in reality it was just more ways to get people dependent on the government and not on themselves.

Then you have the Nancy Pelosi stunt of her 8 hour ramble in the House talking exclusively about illegals.  She says she is going to vote no on the budget deal until Speaker Paul Ryan says he will give the same DACA vote promise that Mitch McConnell in the Senate.  Only problem with that, Ryan has made that promise multiple times.  Now you have the Freedom Caucus of the House Republicans who state they aren’t going to vote for raising the spending caps, and I commend them for that, and if the Democrats aren’t going to vote for it for DACA, then it may not pass the House, so we may have another shut down, and honestly I am perfectly fine with that.

I think the government should shut down, and stayed shut down until 3 things happen:

First they have to actually have a budget, not a Continuing Resolution, not a short term spending deal, but an actual budget.  One that has spending cuts where they can be done, and I am sure there are plenty that can be cut.  You don’t need high paid accountants to come up with ways to do it.  Get some couples who sit at home and work on their actual budget.  Because we live by the motto, if we can’t afford to spend it, we don’t spend it.  Why can’t the government live the same way?  They got us into the $20 Trillion mess, and now they just want to add more to it.  Plus I already know what the narrative will be in 2020 if this does not get worked out.  “It was the tax cut that added $4 more Trillion to the debt under the Trump Administration, and if we don’t raise taxes on corporations it will only get worse in his second term.”  It is not the tax cuts, it is the out of control spending!

Second, get immigration reform done.  DACA can be reworked, but needs some tweeks. If DACA recipients are going to get a path to citizenship they, like legal immigrants, cannot take any money from federal government.  No Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.  To make up for any money they have made tax free, they will be taxed as they have 0 dependents, with no need to file a return for at least 10 years, to start covering some of the taxes they did not pay before, but also as part of the fine for being here illegally. You also appropriate all the money for the wall, end chain migration (outside of spouse and children). You end the Diversity Lottery and start doing merit based immigration.  Also if are going to allow 1.8 Million DACA recipients to stay, then you cut the yearly immigration by at least 200,000 over the next 9 years so we are staying at 1,000,000 per year on average.  You also force employers to use e-verify and pay substantial fees if you hire an illegal.  Pass Kate’s Law and finally end any funding for sanctuary cities or states.

Finally, you bring to the floor of the House and Senate a Balance Budget Amendment, and make the personal tax rates permanent.

Force the Congress to do their job.  Shut the government down in the meantime to make sure it is done.  So instead of them putting things off for a couple weeks, and then put things off for a couple more weeks, you force them to actually work and get things done!

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How to Solve Criminal Illegal Problem


One thing I keep hearing is how we need to deport all the criminal illegal aliens.  Problem with that as has been proven over and over, they come back.  So how do we really fix this problem?

The answer is actually simple.  You build a high security prison or prisons, in the middle of no where.  You use military to protect it, and if you are illegal and convicted of a violent crime, you go directly to that jail and you never get out.  I know the first thing coming out of your mouth is “Don’t we already have that in Guantanamo?”  Well, yes we do.  But I would like to keep that for the terrorist, though I am sure putting MS-13 gang members there may not be a bad thing.

If they have an issue such as multiple deportations, DUI, etc, then they go to a different prison to serve your sentence, (which if they are here illegally, they should automatically get the max sentence for any crime committed here, since they started off being here illegally.

The next question you may have is “Don’t we have enough prisons?” and to that I ask “Do we have enough housing to deter criminals?”  I do not think over population is a bad thing, I actually think if you commit a crime, there should be a substantial punishment, otherwise what is the real deterrence to  commit one?

Now I already know the next question “Well how do we pay for it?” this is the easiest part of the equation.  Take the money out of aid we are sending to their country of origin.  We send billions of dollars every year in financial aid to what seems like every country in the world.  If it costs $50,000 to take care of a prisoner, that $50,000 comes out.  If these countries start seeing the money going down, maybe they may wake up and solve their own problems before the money runs out.

Right now roughly 21% of the population in Federal prisons are illegals.  Time to stop charging tax payers to keep them, time to collect from their countries of origin.  Deportation simply isn’t working, now it is time to up the punishments to try to deter it that way.  I honestly think that would slow it down, because if you know you are going to have a life sentence for just being caught once, are you really going to risk coming here to break the law?  Some may, but I do not think as many will.

Reality check is that the Constitution should not apply to anyone here illegally.  If you come here and break laws you are an enemy of the state and should be treated as such.

Is my idea harsh? You bet it is.

Is my idea cruel? You know it.

But is my idea common sense? Without a doubt.

Could it work?  Why wouldn’t it?

Could it pass Congress? Can anything?

But the reality is, any crime committed by an illegal alien is one too many because they never should have been here to begin with.  This is about protecting Americans.  Americans should not be killed by illegals, terrorized by illegals, raped by illegals, injured by illegals, or have their personal property stolen by illegals.

If you are DACA eligible and you commit any violent crime, you are still going to have to pay for the crime like any other illegal and naturally lose your DACA status.

Finally, before you come at me claiming that I am a racist and I am calling all illegals criminals, remember one point simply.  The only ones who would be affected are those committing the crimes.  Also, illegals are not just from one race, or from one country as there is a melting pot of illegals, just as well as there is a melting pot of Americans.

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