The 21st Century Hitler

One thing that is a running theme depending on which party you are in or who you support in the election is that the other candidate is Hitler.  Or that the Main Stream Media is Hitler. But let’s get this straight.  None of them are Hitler, or even Hitler Lite.  The real Adolph Hitler had one ideology.  If you don’t completely agree with my point of view, I will kill you.  A lot of Jewish people who Hitler did not think fit what he thought was proper or disagreed with him were tortured and killed in the concentration camps in Germany.

Flash forward to 2016.  You may not agree with Donald Trump, but he is not going to have you killed for that.  You may not agree with Hillary Clinton, but she is not going to have you killed for that. If you do not agree with the information the press is giving you, they are not going to have you killed for that.

There is really only one group out there, who have been abundantly clear who does have that current ideology.  That would be Radical Islamist Terrorism.  So ISIS, Al Qaeda, Abu Nidal, Abu Sayyaf, HAMAS, Hisballah, and many more are the current and closest thing we have to Hitler today.  They all believe in Sharia Law, and there are many infractions that will cause you to be justifiably killed by them.

  1. If you do not believe in their cause 100%, they will kill you.
  2. If you are homosexual, they will kill you.
  3. If you are Christian, they will kill you
  4. If you are Muslim but do not believe in their form of Islam, they will kill you.
  5. If you are female and go to school, they will kill you.
  6. If you are female and go out by yourself, they will kill you.
  7. If you are female and want to drive, they will kill you.
  8. If there are not 4 witnesses they can rape you.
  9. If you are married you have no rights to say no.
  10. If you are as young as 9 and female you can be married
  11. If you are American they will kill you.
  12. If you are female you have no free speech.

So if you look at the list above, and I know there is much more, but I am sure you should get the point by now. That calling any of the current candidates or the media Hitler is totally insane and ill advised.

I am not going to get into the politics of it all during this article. I will save that for another, but I just want to make it clear, there is only one current Hitler style group out there. Radical Islamist Terrorism.

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American Dream on Life Support

The election is now 90 days away.  Before you decide if you are going to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton it is time for some more common sense facts.

There has always been what has been known world wide as the American Dream.  But right now we have a government who is telling us that economy is the new normal and just what we should accept. Thereby killing the American Dream.

For those who may not understand just what the American Dream is I will be glad to tell you.  American was the land of opportunity, a magical place where if you worked really hard, took chances, got up after failures and kept fighting, then you two could rach your goals and dreams.  You were rewarded for all those sacrifices by prospering and taking care of yourself and family.  It is why you have a lot of people from other countries who come here.  But the fact is that in the current environment the American Dream is dead.

America has turned into a place where if you work really hard and do succeed you are punished by having to give more of your money to the government, yet if you are lazy and give them your vote you will pay hardly nothing to the government.  Now before you go off the deep end I am not saying that the poor should pay a higher percentage than those who succeed, but at the same time I do not think those who succeed should pay a higher percentage than those who are too lazy to work, or the lesser off.

No matter what type of economy you have, no matter Capitalism, Socialism or Communism there will always be the wealthy, middle class and poor.  There is no way around it, and there is no real way to have income equality.  It is mathematically impossible. Because you will have those who work harder to succeed in a Capitalistic society, compared to those with no drive to succeed. In Socialistic societies you have the government taking the majority of your money to spend it to take care of people. So in reality you are working for the government. In a Communist economy, you directly work for the government, and they will decide what, if anything, you get for doing it.

One simple fact is that in a Capitalistic society, you have to have the risk takers to actually create businesses, to create jobs. Employers are already matching both Social Security and Medicare taxes that come out of paychecks. So 7.65% of your gross pay is being paid by your employer, as well as the 7.65% that comes out of your check.  So if you are making $100,000 a year in gross pay, that employer is also paying $7,650 for you to earn that money.  They are also the ones taking the risk in purchasing the equipment for you to work with, the materials it takes for you make what you are making, and working to drive the sales of what is finally made. So likely they are having to pay for advertising, sales staff etc.  They also have to pay the utilities, because it is hard to build anything in the dark and with no power in most instances.  Then of course you have to have liability insurance on the business, the building itself, as well as state and local taxes to have the business.  So if they are willing to take those kind of risks, why should they not expect to make a profit for that risk and all that work that goes into it?

Now I know at this point some of you may be saying, well you have these billion dollar corporations who are making money hand over fist they should pay even more, or as is being called their “fair share”.  Well those companies did not open their doors on the first day and automatically have a billion dollar in sales. They did it through hard work, blood, sweat and tears, failures and successes.  There is a saying in business and sales.  If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying.

Our government has a history in the last 20 years of spending a lot more money than they are taking in.  Why is that?  There are 319 million people in the US.  We all have to live on what we make or we are broke and homeless.  So why are the 535 people in the Congress and the President above that rule? On September 30, 1999 our National Debt was $5.6 Trillion. In the either years George W Bush was in office he almost doubled it to $10.0 Trillion. In the seven and a half years since, Barack Obama has almost doubled it again to $19.4T So in the last 16 years our deficit has gone up by almost 300%. So what is giving them more money going to accomplish?  They have proven they are not responsible when it comes to spending it. It has been almost like sending a teenager to the mall with Daddy’s credit card for the first time and telling them to have fun.

What we need to do as a country it to finally hold our government accountable. We need to take the power and the credit card back, because it is our children and grandchildren who are going to have to pay for it.  There should be a balanced budget amendment and we should not vote for any candidate who will not support it, no matter what party they are with.  We should also have the accounting firms of the top 5-10 businesses in the country to go through the entire budget of the United States do a full audit on it.  Anything not deemed necessary, and I am sure they will find hundreds of billions of pork that gets added to a lot of bills, they go away.  In that balanced budget amendment there also needs to be a provision that every dollar that it goes over, that directly comes out of the pay of the Congress and President, equally, until it is paid even to balance.

Right now we have more people on Welfare and Food Stamps than we have had in a very long time.  If you take the handcuffs from business, those people can go back to work.  Welfare was never set up to be something to live your life on. So as the jobs come back and are created, those currently just living off the system should be kicked off the system. That too will cut down the spending.  Again the welfare, social security and food stamps system and all the entitlement programs need to be gone over with a fine tuned comb and those who are getting any of those entitlements illegally should be held responsible, not just criminally, but financially. And the ONLY people who should have the ability to get any of those entitlement programs should be US Citizens who can pass a drug test.  If most people have to drug test for jobs, why shouldn’t they for entitlements?  Also the food stamp program should be run similar to WIC, where they are set up to buy healthy options. Food Stamps should never be allowed to use at a convenience store, fast food restaurant or similar because there is a lot of abuse that happens there as well.

The budget of the government needs to be run similar to how a business is run. Because there is no way a business could run with these deficits.

Just remember folks, it is those businesses who make this whole thing work, they bring the jobs, they bring the tax revenue to the government.  Without these businesses and people taking risks to succeed there are no jobs, no taxes, and no country.  So instead of asking businesses to pay even MORE money for the government to blow, why not charge them the same as everyone, a flat tax for everyone.  You drop the gas tax, alcohol tax, tobacco tax, property tax, sales tax, and all the rest of the hidden taxes and everyone pays one flat percentage.  Because if you make $10,000 a year, or $10,000,000 a year your responsibility to the government should not be any more, or any less, than any other citizen in this country.  The government at that point will have to work off the money they receive, just like families have to do at their kitchen table when working on the family budget.  The government will have to ask itself, can we really afford that?  If the answer is no, then don’t buy it.  Like American citizens, you may want that million dollar house, but you have to settle on that $150,000 house because that is all you can afford.  Our government should have to do the same.  With the buying power of the US Government, why does it seem like it is always shopping at Tiffany’s, when they can only afford to shop at Dollar General?

Now take this information and think about it.  Which candidate is more likely to tax less and spend less, and which candidate is going to tax more and spend more?  Do you think you deserve your money, or do you think the government deserves it? In 90 days you get to make that decision final, just know the future of the country is in your hands.


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Main Stream Media is Main Stream Spin

One thing that has come to our attention probably this election more than any is just how the media, both print, internet, radio and TV are all doing what they can to drive the election.  This might be showing my age here a bit, but I do remember when you watched the Nightly News or read a newspaper you got news.  Both would have opportunities for the broadcaster to speak his mind the last couple minutes of the broadcast, and the newspapers had an editorial section. Now it seems like every newscaster and every writer just wants to spout their thoughts and now newspapers are 2 sections, Editorial and Sports.  I understand that with the 24 hour news cycle you have to fill on slow days, but the fact I see a lot of made up news to drive the narrative and it just sickens me.

I understand my role writing on the internet, and while I know I may not have a huge readership I am not in this for money.  This is basically my spot to vent.  But unlike a lot of “writers” and “reporters” these days, I do a lot of research on a topic from both sides before I ever start typing one of these.  I don’t come at it from a right spin, or a left spin, I just look at things through common sense and let you decide what you want to think about it.  I served my time in the US Navy to defend this country and the right to the 1st Amendment but sadly the Freedom of the Press has got lost in the shuffle.  When Freedom of the Press was established it was to give the press protection from the government to print the truth.  Now it is being used to print whatever they feel like on the day.  Truth is not even relevant anymore in today’s Twitter and Facebook age.  I know, because I see a lot of “stories” on both that there is no way to fact check.

Sadly it is “journalism” like that that is starting to drive a bigger division in this country.  Right now the “media” and I use that word rather lightly these days, is doing whatever they can to get Hillary Clinton elected.  That has not only been proven by the Wikileaks release of the DNC emails, but just how many times I have seen soundbites taken out of context to spin their narrative.  I have been keeping up with elections since I was 8, in 1978 and I can never remember Walter Cronkite taking a soundbite and then trying to drive the narrative that Gerald Ford was Satan.  Yes I do remember some in the media making fun of Reagan back in 1980 saying he didn’t have a chance because he was an actor, and while he may have spent eight years at the Governor of California he didn’t have the experience to run the country.  He was often outspoken, and never really what would be considered politically correct and I can only imagine how the MSM would treat him if he was running today.

Here are a few of the recent examples of this happening.  On Wednesday in Florida, Donald Trump did a press conference, he started out with a five minute statement and then started taking questions.  Over the next 10 minutes he was asked eight questions. Two of those questions were about his tax returns, and six were about Russia and Putin.  After answering the same basic question over and over Trump got sarcastic with the reporters and looked at the camera and told Russia if they had the emails to turn them over and they would be rewarded by the press.  You can clearly hear laughing in the room, and reasonable person in the room, or anyone who had been watching the first 15 minutes of the press conference would have realized it was a sarcastic joke.  Yet it took less than 30 minutes after the press conference for the MSM to spin that Trump was actually asking the Russians to hack the emails which has a few problems with it.  First off, he never told the Russians to hack the server, because last we were told the server doesn’t exist. Secondly and this is where it gets fun.  The Clinton camp says what Trump did basically amounts to treason because it was a danger to national security.  Only issue with that is that we were told that the 33,000 emails were basically yoga, wedding and funeral emails, so why would there be a national security issue.

Now the whole point of this was to take attention away from what was actually in those emails from the DNC server, where there were racial, antisemitic, misogynistic, and bigoted emails. They also show collusion between the MSM and the DNC to drive the narrative and just shows the overall corruption going on. Another factor that shows the media bias in the MSM is that during the RNC in Cleveland there was plenty of coverage by the networks for the protesters outside, yet at the DNC in Philadelphia, where the protests got more violent, protesters jumped the fence and the Bernie supporters stormed the media tent, and yet you hardly heard a thing about it.  There are even reports that the DNC actually paid people to sit in empty seats when they kicked the Bernie supporters out.  Of course that didn’t get reported in the MSM, but it leads to the question, why not?

This is going to be one of the most important elections of our lifetime.  The deck is certainly stacked against Trump, because he threatens to destroy the good ole boys network. The sad reality is that we have two options this election year.  We can do our homework to find the real facts, or continue to be led like sheep.  The choice is yours Americans.  Do you want the truth? Or do you want to be led like a lamb to slaughter?


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