An Open Letter to Donald Trump


Mr Trump,

I have been a supporter of yours since the Paris attacks last year.  I have gladly been on the Trump Train ever since.  This is the first election in my lifetime, and I have been voting since 1988, that I have not only bought merchandise to a campaign, but also donated and even went to political rallies and have door knocked, talked a lot about you to family, friends and strangers, and just recently was blocked by the Hillary Clinton Twitter account. No I did not do it through using profanity, threats of violence or hate.  I simply stated the truth.

People ask me why I support you and do all the things I have done so far in this campaign season. The reason is simple.  That two year old sitting in my lap in that picture above, that is my son.  He is the reason I have put so much time, energy and money into your campaign because my son needs a chance at a future.  I do not want my son to have to grow up in a country that is PC.  Where hard work gets you ridicule and shame, and laziness is rewarded.  Where you get a trophy for participating and winning means nothing.  I do not want the government to pay my son’s way through college, and as bad as colleges are these days with their safe zones I really do not think college is even worth the money anymore.  Common core is a disaster and if you lose this election my son will be home schooled because I do not need to learn how to do math the “new way” when the old way wasn’t broke, just to help him with his homework.  I want school choice and love when you talk about it.

Next thing that has to go is Obamacare and I know you have said over and over that you are going to repeal and replace it.  I have been on your site and one thing I wish you would say on the trail that I am sure would get a lot of attention is the fact you are dropping the mandate.  I am not sure everyone has been to your site, I am pretty sure they haven’t, and I think that would make a big difference on the trail.

As a small business owner your tax plan is a beautiful thing, and getting rid of a lot of regulations combined will give me a better chance to expand my business and hire more people.

I am also a big fan of getting our immigration system under control, both dealing with illegals, visa overstays and keeping out refugees until they can be safely vetted.  I am glad to see that the safety of the country is important to you.  I am also a fan of building the wall to not only keep out illegals, but to keep out drugs.  So they hopefully never get in the hands of my son.

As a vet myself, ten years in the US Navy, I am glad that you are going to take care of the vets and rebuild our military as I have friends who still serve to this day and just as I served after the Reagan buildup, they should have the very best equipment possible.

Thank you so very much for your patriotism, and making being American cool again. For the last eight years the pride in our country has almost vanished.

Now to accomplish all of this you have to win.  I know the talk is about your temperament and can you keep your cool.  I have watched about 100 of your rallies, I have seen you speak to churches and I have watched you in small settings and I know you have the temperament to deal people.  I have seen you at every GOP debate you did and now recently at the debate with Hillary Clinton this week.  Here is just this American’s viewpoint.

At the debate against Hillary I noticed one thing I have only seen you do once this entire election and that was go for the water.  I have seen you do 60 minutes full voiced speeches without it, but at this debate I saw you go to the water three different times.  I also noticed that you actually let Lester Holt run the debate and didn’t take full command as I know you can do.  One thing I have heard by people and I do agree is that you should step up and take over.  I do not care what they ask you.  Give them a sentence or two and then pivot to what you want to talk about.  They do not say you have to talk about the answer to their question for the two minutes, they just say you have two minutes.  We know that the moderators in the next two debates are going to be in Hillary’s pocket so you need to show them who is in charge.  Not by yelling at them, or constantly interrupting, but by driving the conversation where you want it to go.  If they hit you with 20-30 year old stories, simply say you have answered it 100 times and that Hillary also did…. and fill in the blank with what you want to talk about, but not only hit her on something but follow up with how you can fix it.  I know you are an avid reader and you love watching the news channels, but may I recommend you go and watch the Reagan/Carter and Reagan/Mondale debates.  You are a very smart man, there is no question about that and I know you like to dumb some things down so you aren’t talking over people’s heads.  But mix in your humor with it.  Think about it, over the last 60 years, the most memorable debate moments had absolutely nothing to do with policy, but a moment of humor.  Use that to your advantage.  One debate is not the end of the world, and while I think you certainly won the first 30 minutes of the first debate, I feel that the last 60 you fell into the trap trying to defend yourself. Sadly it is the talk of the Miss Universe that is the talking point of that debate 5 days later.  Let it go, we know the media is totally against you and making stuff up as they go along, but let the surrogates do the dirty work and take the jabs.  If you think about it, a little over a month ago you were trailing in a lot of polls and people were panicking because you kept fighting every personal attack coming your way.  I know that is the New Yorker in you, but the thing that got you back in the lead was taking the lead, not taking the bait and focusing on what you and we can do to make the country better.  There are only three people you should talk about, they are the only ones that matter.  Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and feel free to take shots at the media from time to time to show their bias and dishonesty.  Other than that, none of these other attacks matter.  Leave it up to the surrogates and your Trump Train.  We have your back and will make sure we get the truth out.  You are running for President of the United States of America, so if someone isn’t the incumbent or your competition, they are not worthy to be talked about because all that does is lift them to your level, or work lower you to theirs.

This movement needs all of us to stay focused, our country is at stake, my son’s future is at stake.  We just need to stay focused for the next 39 days. You need to go into these next two debates and own them.  Stick to the message, get what you want to get across and at the end of the day we can Make America Great Again. Your two targets are Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, we have you covered on the rest.  Trust in us as we have trusted in you.

Thank you!!




How The Trump Economy Works

Ok, so maybe I am not an accomplished economist, but I do know a bit about math and common sense, so here is the reality of the Donald Trump Economic Plan:

Lower Taxes

Democrats scream to the high hills that lowering taxes are going to raise the debt $5 Trillion over the next 10 years.  Of course they are static numbers and do not take growth into account.  First off if it raised the debt by that amount that would actually be a serious cut from both the Obama and Bush administrations who combined have raised the debt $15 Trillion over the last 16 years. But by not taking growth into account that $5 Trillion is a false number.

Let’s start with the basics.  Our current business tax is between 35-39.7% which is the highest in the G-20.  You have had millions of jobs go overseas due to bad trade deals and much lower taxes overseas.  Dropping the tax rate to 15% to cover businesses of all sizes are going to do three things.

  1. It is going to open up more capitol for businesses still in the US to expand and grow, because that would be an additional 20% of income no longer going to taxes that could go to employees.  That leads to more jobs and higher pay.
  2. It is going to bring companies in from overseas to do business here because the tax rates will go to almost the lowest in the G-20, which makes America more attractive to bring your business.
  3. It is going to give people incentive to start businesses because that is that much less money new companies will have to pay out in their first few years of business.  It also gives you the incentive to start your own business because you can do it as a sole proprietor and get that 15% tax rate.

Now Mr Trump is projecting this would cause an increase of 25 Million jobs over the next 10 years.  I actually think that is a low projection.  Now if you have people getting jobs, and starting businesses these things happen.

  1. People starting businesses tend to hire employees, which increases the amount of people working
  2. Current companies and those coming from overseas hiring increases the amount of people working

Yeah I know common sense, but you know what this blog is all about, but here is where it gets interesting. Might even give you that ah-ha moment.

This plan will give ALL Americans the opportunity to succeed.  That hand up that people in all economic positions desire.  We are all Americans, we all bleed red, some just have better tans than others.  You should not be condemned for success as we currently are. The American Dream is all about getting to where you want in life if you put in the work.  This is certainly an America First plan, as it should be.  We are not the United States For Europe, or United States for Globalism, we are the United States of America and it is our job to take care of OUR country first.  Because in reality if we aren’t strong as we can be, how can we even think of helping others?

If more people are working you are doing two things. First you are creating much more tax revenue for the government to cover current spending, but you are also taking people off of Welfare, Food Stamps, Housing Assistance etc and guess what that will naturally do? Yes, it will cut the amount of money the government needs to spend.  So if you can cut spending while increasing the amount of money coming into the government that will start to pay down the debt.  Do I believe we can pay down the $20T in debt in 8 years, of course not. But if we can start making it go down and not up that would be progress.

Also cutting out spending money on illegal aliens will save the US approximately $100B a year. So that would save us $1T of that $5T they talked about in their estimate.  If you cut out the fraud of those on food stamps, welfare and other assistance programs you can probably save $100s of Billions as well. Plus if you can cut spending just 1% across the board that too will save $100s of Billions per year.

Now here is where it will get tricky, or can.  The government has to be put in check.  They can not spend money like a teenager going to the mall with their Daddy’s credit card. I would hope in the first 100 days that President Trump would send a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Congress to get passed and get started in the process to be ratified. I would also like to see President Trump send a bill to the Congress that any lobbyist money spent in DC should go straight to the debt, and not allowed for campaign donations, slush fund, etc. I will be greedy for a moment, I would also like to see it sent to Congress for Congressional Term limits, but that was a different blog post you can look up on my page here.

Another question people have is that Donald Trump has in his plan to rebuilt the military, they say that spending would damage the budget, and I have to take a minute to totally disagree with that statement and tell you why.  Since we started the second run at Iraq in 2003, we have spent approximately $5-7 Trillion on that war. Hard to know the actual number because the government has been pretty good about both hiding, and losing money.  Had we spent even 1/3 of that on the actual equipment for the military, new ships, new planes, new armament, etc, we likely would not have had to spend much of the rest.  One thing no one can argue is that the military build up by Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War. We built our military to the point that the USSR knew that there would be no way possible to beat it. With the current state of our military, and it is nothing against those serving it is who is in charge, we have become the laughing stock of the world. Iran mocks us, takes our money and harasses our ships, takes our sailors and shows the middle east that they are strong and we are weak.  Putin laughs at us and uses his fighters to buzz our ships and planes because he knows we will do nothing.  North Korea is advancing their nuclear program while thumbing their nose at us. China is creating islands for a military base in the China Sea and we do nothing about it.  The only thing we have been successful at in the last 13 years is open up a bunch of land for ISIS in now 28 countries.  Yes I know the Seals got Bin Laden, thanks to waterboarding, but again, that is another blog for another day. So it comes back to why we need to spend the money on the military.  This gets us back as the strongest and best equipped military in the world and with a real leader we will have the respect back from the world.

A little off subject, but something to remember.  In 1980 the press talked about how Ronald Reagan was a hot head with bad temperament. The Democrats said he was dangerous. Now let’s remember who actually believed them. Iran sent the hostages home and Gorbachev tore down the wall and ended the Cold War. Gadaffi in Libya tested him once and got a missile in his front door as a reminder that America is not the country to mess with.  Not bad for a 70+ year old man who loved America as much as he loved his life.  Sound familiar?

So don’t let the economists scare you, Trump is using the same plan as Reagan and JFK for the economy: lower taxes, less regulations and let the people strive to succeed.

Here is the fact to remember about all this, including the fight on poverty. You can never cure poverty. If you try to redistribute wealth then the rich become the poor and the poor even more desperate.  There will always be lazy people who want to live off the system and honestly I believe their crutches should be taken away so they at least have to try.

To summarize really quick. Don’t fear the skeptics, if you take a minute and just use a little common sense, his plan makes perfect sense on how it will boost the economy and give a lot of people the opportunity to strive for a better life.  Which is all we can ever ask.


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The 21st Century Hitler

One thing that is a running theme depending on which party you are in or who you support in the election is that the other candidate is Hitler.  Or that the Main Stream Media is Hitler. But let’s get this straight.  None of them are Hitler, or even Hitler Lite.  The real Adolph Hitler had one ideology.  If you don’t completely agree with my point of view, I will kill you.  A lot of Jewish people who Hitler did not think fit what he thought was proper or disagreed with him were tortured and killed in the concentration camps in Germany.

Flash forward to 2016.  You may not agree with Donald Trump, but he is not going to have you killed for that.  You may not agree with Hillary Clinton, but she is not going to have you killed for that. If you do not agree with the information the press is giving you, they are not going to have you killed for that.

There is really only one group out there, who have been abundantly clear who does have that current ideology.  That would be Radical Islamist Terrorism.  So ISIS, Al Qaeda, Abu Nidal, Abu Sayyaf, HAMAS, Hisballah, and many more are the current and closest thing we have to Hitler today.  They all believe in Sharia Law, and there are many infractions that will cause you to be justifiably killed by them.

  1. If you do not believe in their cause 100%, they will kill you.
  2. If you are homosexual, they will kill you.
  3. If you are Christian, they will kill you
  4. If you are Muslim but do not believe in their form of Islam, they will kill you.
  5. If you are female and go to school, they will kill you.
  6. If you are female and go out by yourself, they will kill you.
  7. If you are female and want to drive, they will kill you.
  8. If there are not 4 witnesses they can rape you.
  9. If you are married you have no rights to say no.
  10. If you are as young as 9 and female you can be married
  11. If you are American they will kill you.
  12. If you are female you have no free speech.

So if you look at the list above, and I know there is much more, but I am sure you should get the point by now. That calling any of the current candidates or the media Hitler is totally insane and ill advised.

I am not going to get into the politics of it all during this article. I will save that for another, but I just want to make it clear, there is only one current Hitler style group out there. Radical Islamist Terrorism.

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Gun Control Or ISIS Support

Once again our government has missed the plot.  There were 49 killed and 53 injured in Orlando this weekend.  This was an ISIS inspired attack plain and simple.  There have been so many red flags that have popped up in the investigation to show that without question.  This has a 9/11 feel to it because everything was so obvious before it happened and yet thanks to communication issues between the FBI, local police, the administration, etc.  But the ignorance of the left and of the Obama administration has been to sweep the facts under the rug, and go after guns.

Those people in the club were killed because ISIS is against gays.  They aren’t just targeted by terrorist, but in some Arab countries there is either prison time or death.  In the Arab community women are also treated like property.  They are not allowed to go to school, work, or even drive.  There is no such thing as marital rape, and actually there is no such thing as rape unless there are four witnesses.  But again our government wants to take away the guns.

The New York Times did a list of the mass shootings and I just went off the last 17 and they all had one thing in common.  They all happened in Gun Free Zones, or as I call them, Shoot Here Zones.


I understand that not all of them were terrorist attacks, but again that goes back to the truth bring smarter than the lies. They say that if you have proper gun control that you can stop terrorist attacks or make it harder on them.  They may have had guns in Paris, but no one else was armed.  In Belgium they used luggage, luggage carts, explosives and I am guessing ball bearings, nails and screws to use as shrapnel.  ISIS and Al Queda both use cars, trucks, vans, manure, chemicals, and again nails, screws, ball bearings as shrapnel. You had them use a soda can to bring down the Russian plane, you had them use shoes and underwear to try to smuggle in bombs to take down planes.  In Boston, it was pressure cookers, ball bearings, home made explosives, and backpacks to carry them in. During 9/11 they used box cutters and planes. They have used cages, fire, water and now even acid to kill people, plus knives, swords to cut people’s heads off.  But if you ask the left, if you take away guns the problem will go away.

They have also brought in almost 500 Syrian refugees since the shooting on Sunday morning.  They are trying to fast track even more, yet you have the problem that every intelligence organization we have in our government all say there is no way to safely vet them to make sure they are not terrorists.  ISIS has said, and proven by their actions in Brussels and Paris that they are infiltrating the refugees. Now we want to bring them here, and Obama is wanting to have 10,000 come in before he gets out of office, and Hillary Clinton wants to raise that to 65,000.  All the press is reporting over and over is that Trump wants to stop all Muslims from coming into the country, but they aren’t reporting and people are failing to actually hear everything he has said about it.  Trump wants a temporary ban until we can find a way to properly vet them.  That is not bigoted or racist, that is common sense.  Bringing in immigrants or refugees that we cannot be sure who they are has the potential of a bull in a china shop, but sadly instead of glass being broke, it would be more innocent people dying.

We have had enough innocent people dying in this country.  But it isn’t the gun’s fault. Do we need to go back to the wild west where everyone is walking around with a sidearm? Because honestly with the lack of activity by our government, the lack of them seeing what the real issue is that is the direction we are going.  Because the fact is our government has went from serving us, which has always been their designated purpose to serving themselves, living off the system and lobbyists.  We are just the pawns and votes that keep their game alive. The thing is at this point no party is blameless.  They are both there to get paid.  To make sure their buddies get all the government contracts, which in turn will get them paid again.  So now they go after the guns to try to get more control of the peasants.  Our only purpose to them is to pay taxes so they can keep spending money and wasting it on more nonsense.  Then borrowing more like a teenager with their first credit card.

But the argument is to control the guns.  The reality is they want to control the people.


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