Common Sense Infrastructure Plan


Our roads are in disarray, our airports are in bad shape, and now it is time to fix it.

President Trump is talking about a $1 TRILLION Infrastructure plan and I really have some ideas on how to make this work out good for everyone involved.  Let’s look at these projects one by one.

We will start off with the easiest one.  Airports.

Right now 93% of airports are government owned.  That is part one of the problem.  Why not sell them to private owners?  They can charge the airlines rent for space, which I am sure the government is hopefully already doing, and they can also control the space inside.  Let the new owners be responsible for upgrades to both the airport as well as the airstrips.  At the same time they can also take over for the TSA and Air Traffic Controllers.  If you have a business running the airport, their reputation is more on the line than the current joke of the government running it.  I have lost track of how many reports I have seen where TSA has about a 5% success rate finding weapons and such in tests.  There are approximately 376 major airports in the US, that is an airport with regular commercial traffic.  Mind you, they vary in size, but let’s say the government could sell them to a private company for an average of say $100 Million.  Mind you airports like Newark, JFK, Reagan, etc. could probably go in the $500 Million – $1 Billion range.  So we will average them to $100 Million for a low ball number, that would be an additional $37.6 Billion to the government and would save the government billions a year just in operating expenses. Pretty simple.

Next step, Schools:

This is one of the tricky ones, hard to put this in a private option, but I have an idea, that should apply not only to this one, but the rest on the list.  When this or any government funded job is bid for there needs to be two conditions:  First, they need to know up front there will be no additional money outside the bid, so they have to keep it within budget.  If they go over budget, they do it out of their own pocket, but if they can complete the job correctly under budget, they can keep the money and be put at the front of the line for similar jobs.  Secondly, they have to finish the jobs early or on time.  You can give them a small bonus for finishing early and put on the top of the list for future jobs, but they will get a fine if they are late and be moved to the bottom of the list for future jobs.

Next step, Bridges:

Fact is the countries bridges are in pretty bad shape. As of 2016 10% of the nation’s bridges were structurally deficient and needed repair.  And of the 250 most trafficked bridges in need of repair 85% were built before 1970.  So how do we do this without the government eating the entire cost.  First off the rules from schools apply, and you can do it 2 ways.  You can use a toll system, but there has to be limitations on what can be charged and for how long.  You can let companies build them for “free”, but with a written budget.  They can charge a toll on that bridge until they have received double their investment, then the toll is over.   Interstate/Highway bridges could be done the same way as schools, to keep tolls off the interstate.

Next step, Roads:

Here are my issue with toll roads, I have driven the New Jersey Turnpike, which is a toll road if you are not familiar with it.  It covers a good portion of New Jersey.  The road is in miserable shape, yet the tolls just go up.  So I am going to say this, for the interstate, use the schools rule.  For anyone wanting to do a road as a toll road, they have two options.  They can have the same deal as bridges, where they can make double their investment, or they can make triple their investment, but be 100% liable to keep the roads in good shape for a specific amount of time.  For companies who are wanting to set up a new location, they can deduct 120% of the expense to build a road to their new factory/store from their taxes.  Yes it may be a big tax break, but would you rather save the money up front and have that new business up and running, creating jobs, which in turn will create more taxes from the employees?  Or the government build the road, or worse, the company decide not to build a plant?

Finally, inner cities:

There are a lot of people in inner cities that are suffering from years of being held down and put into the poverty trap by the government, well it is time to release the trap and get them back to work.  For any business that sets up in and near inner cities, that business can be run with half the federal tax for a term of 5 years, but instead of 5 years in a row and they can move on, they will get that in year 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.  If they do projects to improve the general area, they too get the 120% discount.

If you do all these things, you can get $1-2 Trillion worth of infrastructure done for about $150-300 Billion, put a few million people to work, and increase tax revenue to the government, so it is a win-win for everyone.   Plus by regulating the length of time for tolls, it would not hurt the people in the area that much.


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Ending Illegal Immigration

First off this is not about Mexicans, I personally have nothing against them, and they aren’t the only problem.

This is not even about immigration, though that will be discussed as well in this.

This is about illegal immigration.

This needs to come to an end and I have solution to solve this problem.

There are estimates that there are about 11 million people here illegally.  I believe that number is low.

Now if you want to know how to end illegal immigration, here is how you do it.

First off if you are here illegally, you cannot work here.  If someone hires you, they go to jail too.  If you cannot come here legally, why do you think you should have a job here when there are still roughly 100 million Americans out of work?  Sure some of those are retired, some of those are in college, but I can bet you they aren’t all out of work.   Best way for America to end our own welfare program and save trillions of dollars is to have more jobs for Americans.

Of course the argument is that there are jobs Americans won’t do.  If you have a choice to work on a farm, or be homeless because the government hand outs are gone, you are probably going to be working on a farm.

Next, if you are here illegally you cannot go to our schools.  Again schools are paid for with tax payer money, if you are here illegally you should have no part of it.

Of course the argument for that is that the children came here not on their own.  Well then just as their parents are responsible for their upbringing, they are responsible to take them back to their home country.  If you give any path, such as DACA for them to stay, you are opening the flood gates for more to come here.

Next, if you are here illegally you cannot go to our hospitals or see our doctors.  Since Obamacare is government funded, it is once again tax payers picking up the bill.

Of course the argument is that the hospitals are required to take everyone.  No, actually they aren’t.

Next, if you come here illegally and have a child, that child should not be a citizen, and you should not be granted a green card, or worse, citizenship, just because you gave birth here.

Of course the argument goes to, but the Constitution says…..  Reality check folks, if you are not here legally, the Constitution of the United States of America should not apply to you.  The Constitution is for citizens, not illegals.

Next, if you come here illegally, you will never be granted citizenship, no matter if you go back to your home of record and try to get in line to do it the right way, the second you cross the border illegally, or over stay your visa, you give up any right to ever be a citizen.

Of course you have people who say they have been here for years, have worked hard and paid taxes.  Well I ask you this, if you are here illegally, and are “working” you have either stolen or made up a Social Security number, or are getting paid under the table and not claiming the income, so how are you really paying taxes?

Finally if you come here over the border, or over staying your visa, and you don’t have the cash to get back to your home of record I have a solution for that too.  Remember those jobs they said Americans won’t do?  You can do them, without receiving pay, until you build enough credit for a ticket back to your home of record.

I am not sorry when I say that may not sound fair, but you should not have broken the law to begin with coming here or over staying your visa.

Speaking of the law, right now the argument is that coming here is a civil offense and not a criminal offense.  Well it is time for Congress to fix that too.  If you come here illegally, or over stay a visa and are caught it should be an automatic felony.

You will hear the argument that illegals tend to commit less crimes than Americans in general, but the fact is, 1 crime by an illegal is too many, because that crime never would have been committed here, had they not been here.

If you do all those things, you will stop illegal immigration.  Not only that you will save the tax payers billions, if not trillions of dollars a year because you will be able to basically kill the welfare system, because people will not have an excuse not to work.

Sure, this all sounds pretty harsh, but why shouldn’t it?  If I went to another country in the world illegally, or over stayed my visa, I would probably be in jail.  So what makes illegals here special?

Of course we need a wall, and we need to be able to protect our borders.  Without a border we do not have a country.

God Bless America!


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More Vegas Shooting Questions

It has now been almost 7 weeks since the October 1st Massacre in Las Vegas, and I think it is very fair to say at this point we have way more questions than answers.

I am not now, nor never have been, a conspiracy type guy.  I try to look at things logically. But even I am at the point I am really wondering what are they not telling us.

First off, why did the killer bust out two windows?


Now if you look at the pic above, I have circled roughly where the two windows were that he busted out and I have wondered this for 7 weeks.  If there was only one shooter/person in the room, why did they need to bust out TWO windows that they could get the same shot range from?  There isn’t really a single shot that could not have been made to the same spot from both windows unless he had decided to open fire on the Luxor, which he didn’t.  So why break two windows?

My next question is, they said they found a laptop in his room, but it didn’t have a hard drive, they also said that he had cameras set up in the hall to monitor if someone came down the hall.  So what did he monitor them with?  There are only so many inputs in a hotel TV, and without a hard drive he couldn’t hook them to his laptop because it wouldn’t have the software to run them without a hard drive.  So how did he do it?

Next up, they found his car in the parking lot, loaded with both more weapons, but also explosives, if he had really planned this out to the letter, as they try to make us believe, why would he block the emergency exits on the floor?  Because anyone with common sense would know you would not get down by an elevator.

The shooting went on for approximately 10 minutes and then stopped cold.  Now they are saying he started shooting after shooting the guard in the hall, now again, they say he had cameras in the hall to monitor if people were coming, and had thousands of rounds left in the room, but suddenly stopped when the police got to the door.  If he was willing to shoot the guard, and then shoot hundreds of more people at the concert, why not go out with a blaze of glory and open fire again at the police in the hall?

Why have we not seen more of the pics of the room, I understand not showing his body, but where are all the spent rounds?  I have seen quite a few videos of the shooting and I have yet to see any muzzle flashes coming from the direction of the room.  So unless he was sitting deeper in the room you would expect to see that, especially with that rate of fire.  What evidence do you have in a case you are swearing was a single lunatic that you need to keep private at this point.

How can a 64 year old man, who is a millionaire, basically be a ghost?  We know he was married, and had a lot of money, but that is it.  No social media footprint at all.  But what about emails, phone records, texts?  Why keep that info so tight to the vest?

Speaking of being married, where is his wife?  Did she go back to the Philippines?

Speaking of the guard.  The best witness they could have at the time, why let him travel to Mexico immediately after the incident, especially after he was hit with a .223 bullet at very close range.  A solid leg shot probably could have removed a good chunk of it, but yet he can go to Mexico and drive himself back.  So what is the real story and timeline?

What real info have we gotten since this incident?  Well the body count, and his name, that he used a bump stock and a timeline that has changed three or four times now, and I would not be surprised if it changed again.  We haven’t really gotten anything else and that is a problem.

Only reasons you keep this much information secret after almost seven weeks, is you know way more than you are letting on and trying to capture an accomplice, or accomplices.  Second, you realize that the public is not going to like the truth, and with the Mandalay Bay now facing massive law suits wanting to keep that information private for now, because you know the end result will lead to the Mandalay Bay shutting down, and maybe taking a couple more MGM properties down with it.

But again, I am not a conspiracy guy, but this certainly is one of those hmm situations.

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Russian Collusion Or Not?

For the last year there have been rumors the President Trump and President Putin colluded to rig the election.  There is an FBI Special Counselor, and both the Senate and House have investigations looking into it.  But the one thing not happening is no one is looking at this with any common sense at all.  So here I am.

In this blog I am going to go over some pretty simple points and claims that have been made and ask some simple questions about them.

First point: Russia tried to hack the election and stole DNC Emails.

Here is where the whole thing goes off the rails from the start.  Do you realize just how many programs there are out there that mask or change IP addresses?  Now if I was Russia and I wanted to hack the election or steal emails, why would I leave traces such as my IP address?  Secondly the DNC emails were hacked because they were phished, not hacked.  Podesta gave whoever took the emails his password.  But I go back to my original point.  Russia has been spying for decades, as have we.  Do you think we leave IP traces?  Do you think a skilled hacker sitting home in his basement leaves his actual IP trace?  This is where this whole thing goes off the rails.  Also you have Julian Assange stating up front and quite clearly the information did not come from the Russians, and I don’t really care what you may think of wikileaks, but they have not been proven wrong in 11 years, why do you think they would give up their reputation now to protect President Trump or Russia?  The Trump Administration is actually trying to put Assange in jail, so why would he freely admit something to protect Trump?

Second Point: 17 US Intel agencies claim they know Russia Meddled in the Election, oh wait, maybe it was just three.

This was the running story for almost a year, and is still used by Democrat pundits in the media as talking points, that it was 17 agencies, when in reality it was only 3.  John Brennan of the CIA,  James Clapper of the DNI and James Comey from the FBI.  Do any of these three gentlemen even have any credibility left at this point? So again, what real proof is there?

Third and Final Point: Russia Meddled in the US Election.

This one is easiest of all.  Guilty as charged, but then again so is every major country in the world, including the United States of America.  President Obama tried to get Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel beat in his election.  President Obama also told the British people they would be moved to the “back of the queue” as far as trade deals go if they supported Brexit.  Yet there was never any condemnation of that from the media.  Countries have meddled in other elections since there was modern day press and communication.  I am sure Trump showing so much support for President Abe of Japan, President Macron of France, his dislike of President Neito of Mexico will all likely effect those elections.  Not saying they will change a lot of minds, but some may be changed.  Though the reality of any election on a national scale tends to come down to personality, plans, proposals and agenda.

So can we just stop with the nonsense and realize we have a country to take care of?  ISIS doesn’t need to really attack us on the home front, we are doing plenty of damage to ourselves without their help.

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The Democrats, Party of Illegals, Not Citizens

The Democrats during JFK was the party of the middle class.  My how times have changed.  Now you have Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claiming she will shut down the government unless DACA is approved.  She won’t talk about cutting taxes for Americans, other than to trash what the GOP is doing.  She says in one breath the lives of the DACA recipients are very important, but demands funding for Planned Parenthood that kills children.  She wants, and this is a running theme among Democrats in Congress, that she basically wants open borders, a path for citizenship for those who have came here illegally and yet plans that look out for American Tax Payers don’t seem to matter to her.

When is the last time you heard of a Democrat talk about cutting spending?  The only time they seem to care if about the debt is when the GOP comes up with an idea to cut our tax burden.  They had no problem running it up $10T in 8 years, and $15T in the last 16 years.  Mainly they talk about more tax increases and I have to ask, what gives them the right to take more of our money?

The Democrat party used to say they were the party for the working man, now they are the party of the lazy man.  Their ultimate goal is to get as many people on Government benefits (aka Government dependent), so any Republican or person running on the platform of looking out for the tax payers is suddenly evil because they may take those “benefits” away.  The Democrats want to get as many people, both citizens and people here illegally living off the government as possible.  They are not the Democratic party, they are Socialist in sheep’s clothing.  At least Bernie is honest about being a Socialist.

Here is the oath that someone takes when they become a Representative or Senator.

Oaths of Office For Federal Officials - Google Chrome 2017-11-11 09.53.54

Yet they basically are wanting to systematically ignore or rewrite the Constitution.  They have become a domestic enemy because they could care less about the American people, and can even care less about American Tax Payers.  You have liberal judges in the system making law, not interpreting it.  You have Congress mandating health care, when there is nothing in the Constitution to support it.

So who’s side are they on?  Why take an oath you have no intention of following?  Why run to serve the people and then rob them blind.  And yes, I understand it isn’t just the Democrats doing this, you have so called Republicans on the Open Border train.

Not sure what can truly be done, because in a lot of districts/states, if you are an incumbent you basically keep getting elected until you retire or die, or really mess up, even though I am not sure that even applies anymore when you have Representatives Maxine Waters, Adam Shiff, Ted Lieu, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Frederica Wilson, John Lewis, Al Green, etc.

I am just tired of seeing our so called Government ignoring the fact they are supposed to be working FOR us, not AGAINST us.
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How to Cut Down Mass Shootings.

First off the shooting in Texas was an absolute tragedy, with a ton of errors on what should of, could of happened to “stop” it.

First off this guy was deranged, yet calculated.  His goal was to shoot and to get away, or he would not have bothered wearing a mask.  The Air Force, during the Obama Administration screwed up by not reporting his Court Martial trial results to the FBI which would have stopped him from getting the guns to begin with.  But I think he likely would have found another way to get them.  Criminals are not scared to skirt the law to get what they need to commit their crimes.

There are only TWO things in common with the top 10 mass shootings in the last 20 years.

Las Vegas – 58 Dead.

Orlando – 49 Dead

Virginia Tech – 32 Dead

Sandy Hook – 27 Dead

Sutherland Springs TX – 26 Dead (so far)

San Bernardino – 14 Dead

Ft Hood – 13 Dead

Binghamton NY – 13 Dead

Washington Navy Yard – 13 Dead

Aurora Colorado – 12 Dead.

The only TWO things in common with all 10 of these murders.  First a gun was used by the killer.  Secondly they were ALL and in the case of Las Vegas I am talking about both the hotel itself as well as the concert were GUN FREE ZONES.

Now am I saying you have to arm every locale in the country? No, but I am saying the option should be there and no place should be listed a Gun Free Zone.  If you are wanting to cause maximum destruction you are going to go to the places with the least resistance.  If you have to wonder if the place you are wanting to attack might have someone armed there, you may think twice before going in.  Is that going to stop every mass shooting?  Again, the answer is no, because you cannot stop evil.  You could confiscate every legal gun in the country, and murder rates would go through the roof.  God gave us the right to protect ourself.  Not our country, not even our Constitution, but we have the God given right to protect ourself.

Thing is you have to have good guys with guns to stop bad guys with guns.  Mind you when those situations happen they do not get the same press as when the killer gets away or commits suicide, etc.  There are thousands of instances a year of good guy stopping bad guy.   The liberals are fast at the draw at calling out the NRA, but in reality none of those 10 above were members of the NRA, and in the case of the Texas shooting on Sunday it was a member of the NRA who stopped the murderer from killing even more.  Had he not been there the killer could have easily gotten in his truck and got away before the cops ever got there, and you never know when he would attack again.  Because his goal was not to get caught.  Why else would he wear a mask?  It was easy enough for him to case the inside of the church without ever stepping foot in it.  They put all their services on YouTube for those who could not go and to spread the word.  It was a small church so there really were no places to escape to.   If someone had been carrying concealed they would have at least had a chance.  That applies to all 10 of those shootings, even Las Vegas, because had the security guard been armed, or someone on the floor been armed, it could have ended the shooting sooner, especially considering the killer allegedly fired 200+ rounds into the hall before shooting out the window, because if the bullets could go through the wall out into the hall, there is nothing stopping a bullet to go through the wall into the room.  It may not have hit him immediately, but it may have given him more pause.

We do not have to turn the country back into the wild west, but people who want to responsibly carry, go through safety training, and practice at the range on a fairly consistent basis, should be able to carry where ever they want.  Because I am sorry, if someone comes in shooting at a place I am at, I would much rather at least have a chance to fight back, then to hope I become a helpless target.

When is the last time you heard of someone with a concealed carry permit actually committing a crime?  I can bet you now, you would have a hard time finding it, yet finding a case where someone carrying concealed has stopped crimes is fairly easy because it happens hundreds if not thousands of times a year .


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Open Letter to Congress on Tax Cuts

To the 115th Congress.

I understand and appreciate the fact you are wanting to lower taxes,  It has proven on more than one occasion to turn around the economy and launch it into prosperity, but I do have some serious concerns about this process.

First off, I understand that nothing is going to be officially released until November 1st, but speculation in the media is that both SALT (State and Local Tax Deductions) and 401k donations may be on the table to be hit to cover the cost of the tax cuts.

I understand that both the House and Senate are ran by Republican majorities, so I was very confused why the budget increased approximately $300 BILLION from last year.  The Republicans are supposed to be the fiscally conservative party, so why is spending going up?

You say that you may have to get rid of the SALT and 401K write-offs to pay for the tax cuts, but I have not heard word from anyone in charge that you would also have spending cuts.

As a taxpayer in this country, I really have to question why you feel you need to spend so much money to begin with?  Do we really need to have $4 TRILLION in spending a year?  You are borrowing over a million dollars a minute, and I do not feel it fair that your out of control spending has already put my 3 year old son $60k in debt because you cannot live within your means.  You are spending approximately $12,300 per citizen in the country and I have to say, I have yet to see a dollar of that.  There are also 22 million people working for the government (not counting military), is that number even closely necessary?  That is one Government Employee for every 14.7 citizens, a little overkill?  You realize that is more government employees than either union employees, manufacturing employees, self-employed or all military veterans?

You can’t seriously tell me that you couldn’t easily cut 10-20% of the budget.  Either by negotiating better deals for costs.  Cutting out useless programs (shrimp on a treadmill, really?), and cutting out some government employees, especially the redundant ones?  I wish someone would do a line by line audit of the federal budget and spending, and I can only imagine how many billions of dollars have been mis-used and lost.  The IRS will audit citizens at the drop of the hat, why shouldn’t the government that is supposed to be working for us, face the same audit?

You make a big deal about how you are basically doing American’s a favor by cutting taxes, when the reality is, you shouldn’t be spending money as you do now, because it is OUR money, not yours.  I have lost track of how many times I have heard people in Congress talk about “Oh that program is only a few million dollars, or that program is less than .1% of the budget, so it isn’t that big of a deal.”  I bet if it was your money you were paying out you would care a bit more.  How about we save ourselves a few million and you work for free?  Would you care then?

Why do I and millions of families have to live by a budget and within our means, but you don’t?  I know we don’t have donors and lobbyists putting money in our pockets to spend other people’s money, but does it make it right?  Because the people who are suffering are the American people, you guys work half the year, have a staff both in DC and probably 1-3 more staffs in your home states (also paid for by us) and yet get nothing done, but more spending.  One thing I have noticed over the last couple years, if it comes to spending money, there is a lot of urgency in DC, yet if it is something to save American’s money, you take your own sweet time, go on vacation after vacation, and then have to rush back to DC to increase the debt ceiling or spending bills.

Here are some spending cut ideas for you.

  1. With modern technology you have no need to be in DC, EVER.  Fire those staffs and set up ONE office in your district for the House of Representatives, and TWO offices in a state for a Senator.  If there need for discussions on bills, arguments on the floor or votes, committee meetings, etc. you do them through Skype, or similar technology.  Saves greatly on both travel costs back and forth. Cuts down expenses for staff, and we will also cut your pay in half, because if you aren’t bouncing back and forth to DC, what is to stop you from getting a real job, so you can get an idea of what the constituents in your area are going through.  Plus cuts down operating expenses at the Capitol building.  The environmentalists would love it.  It would also kill the use for K Street and the lobbyists.
  2. Ban lobbyists.  You work for your constituents, not lobbyists.  End PACs and Super PACs, so there is no where for that money to go, and you can ONLY accept donations from your constituents.  No money from outside your district if you are in the House of Representatives, or out-of-state for Senators.
  3. The 10% rule, if it works for God, it is going to have to work for you.  The next tax rate for everyone, both private citizens, small business and corporations is 10% of earnings.  That is all the money you will get to spend, and you will have to live within that.  Imagine how many companies would come to the US with a 10% tax?  Imagine how many people may finally get their butts off their couches and finally go to work, instead of sitting home collecting a check, because obviously at 10% tax a lot of entitlement programs will be forced to vanish.  There should be more tax brackets, and no one should ever get a refund that is more than they paid in.  Why should we pay people to be a citizen in the greatest country in the world?
  4. If you use this tax rate across the board, even those wanting more immigration will win, because with the job boom caused by it, it will open the doors to LEGAL immigrants coming to this country.  But ONLY after the REAL unemployment drops to 5% or less. Which right now sits at around 8.5%.

The reason people say that the Reagan Tax Cut didn’t work was because the deficit exploded $2T in 8 years, but what is not taken into account is that after the Reagan tax cut, the money coming into the government went from $599 Billion in 1981 to $991 Billion by 1989, an increase of 65%.  But spending went from $678 Billion in 1981 to 1.144 Trillion in 1989 an increase of 69%. With a total of $1.5T added to the deficit.  Spending from 1981 to 2016 has increased from $678 Billion to $3.85T an increase of 568%, and I simply ask WHY?  Even if you say, well money was worth less than it is now, you would need a 5.1% inflation per year to justify the spending increase. When the reality is from 1981-2016 has averaged 3.03%  So by that justification the spending should JUST be $1.985T so approximately HALF of what it is now.  Tax revenue by the 3.03% would only be $2.285T had we kept going with the Reagan tax breaks.  So we would have a $300B SURPLUS right now.  I know I am getting a bit wonky now, but this chart shows where we WOULD be, had spending and revenue grew at just inflation.  Starting in 1981 for spending, and 1989 (after the tax cuts) to show where would be now, compared to where we actually are.

Book1 - Excel 2017-10-30 17.08.37   So as you can see by this simplified math.  Had Congress kept spending increases at inflation, not by feel, we would not be $20 Trillion in debt, we would have a $7 Trillion surplus and that is not including any interest on the surplus, or the fact that $7 Trillion could have been given back to the American tax payers and an even bigger tax cut.

Tax cuts are not the problem, spending is.  Until you are held accountable for this spending, this country is in trouble.  We are NOT an entitlement society.  This is not a socialist country.  Stop acting like it is.

Thank you for your time.

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