Why The Democrats Really Want Open Borders NOW.


Well the picture above is kind of a giveaway, but this is what it is all about.  This is why the Democrats are so open to open borders right now, and why they are fighting so hard to get “Are You A Citizen?” removed from the 2020 Census.

If we fix immigration and end people pouring in across the border, either illegally across the border, through asylum claims, through Visa over stays, etc. then the Democrats have a big problem.  The 2020 Census.

They don’t want only citizens to count, because it screws up their master plan.

Right now in the House of Representatives there are 435 seats, that is one seat per every approximately 711k people.  That is also 435 Electoral College votes.

Now if you look at the map below you will see where the Sanctuary states/cities are.


Now lets take a look at the 2016 Electoral College Map.


Do you happen to notice something in common?

Where illegals are welcome with open arms are typically ran by Democrats.  Now if the Supreme Court were to say we are only to count citizens, how long do you think it would take the Democrats to either come up with new immigration laws that would allow the counting, or to just end Sanctuary Cities/States.

Of course the argument from the left is the 14th Amendment, which was done right after the civil war, passed with 94% Republican support and 0% Democrat support was designed to both count freed slaves, as well as to count their children born here, since at the time they were not counted as citizens. (Which is another discussion for another day).  It was not set up for people to come here 8 months pregnant, illegally, and then have a baby and the baby is a citizen.  At least that is my point of view on the matter.

So why do the Democrats encourage illegal aliens to come to their areas?  It is all about power, more seats in the House, more federal money, and more Electoral College votes for Presidential elections.

It is such common sense it just blows me away that no one has brought this up on either TV or talk radio.

There is no reason to count illegal aliens in the Census, because they don’t qualify for US Government representation, they are not supposed to vote (even though they do).  There is also no reason to count people here on a visa, or even green card if they cannot vote.  It should only count citizens of the United States.  This will make sure that there is proper representation in the House, as well as would cut down on the amount of Federal Funds (Tax Payer money) we would have to send to each state.

But Democrats are going to do everything in their power to make sure as many people show up in the United States as possible, they celebrate each of these caravans and hope those people end up in their states/districts during their “asylum claim” so the Democrats can hopefully get more seats, and more federal money to waste.  Not to mention a better chance of using just a handful of states to take over a Presidential Election.

I do not see an immediate end to this shut down, and I am perfectly fine with it.  Sure I understand that approximately 800k people are not getting paid (though only 400k of those are actually working), they will all get back pay no matter if they worked or not (which I never got), but until the Democrats decide to fund the border security, and that includes the wall/barrier or whatever you want to call it.

They all need to work on immigration policy that works for Americans,  I am tired of people who are losing jobs or getting their wages cut because an illegal comes over and will work for half the pay in cash.  Maybe if we crack down on illegal aliens working under the table and with fake Social Security numbers, wages will grow at an even faster race than it is now.  Make E-Verify mandatory, and make the fines huge so it outweighs using illegals.

If your argument is that there are 7 Million jobs available in the US so we need as many people as we get I ask you this.  What about those Americans who are sitting on their couch, totally healthy, just lazy, collecting Welfare, SNAP, Medicaid, etc?  Put them through job training, or on the job training and send them back to work and get them off the government rolls.  At that point we can set up the immigration system to fill what is left, and new jobs that are coming out.  Do it on a merit based system.

Let’s take care of Americans first, the government should be run by Americans, for Americans.  I know people want to help others from other countries, but can we do one thing first.  Let’s get to 0% unemployment for able bodied Americans.  Let’s get our National Debt to $0, and then we can help whoever we want to help.  In the meantime we still have millions out of work, so we need to get them employed, and we are $21 Trillion in debt, so we need to pay that down.

So our choice is simple.  Do we allow the Democrats allow foreigners determine our balance of power in government, or do we keep it to Americans only?




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