Black History No Longer Taught In America

I usually use this blog to talk about hot topics and the like going on in the country.  But today I am going to take a slightly different path with it.

I thought I was pretty smart when it came to US History, but I was so wrong.  There was a post on Twitter that in 1860 only 1.3% of families owned slaves, which honestly didn’t sound right to me so I did some research and it was actually only 8%.  Still too many, but that is really another discussion for another day.

I do know it was the Republicans who were the main voters for the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment to the Constitution.


Now I also hear how the parties switched in the South back in the mid 1900’s but here is where that argument goes awry.

The first black Representative to the US Congress was Joseph Rainey, and he was representing the state of South Carolina, as a Republican.  If you look at his stances on things, it is similar to what the Republican party as it is today.

The first black Senator was Hiram Revels, a Republican from Mississippi.  He was a pastor who also followed similar beliefs to the current Republican party.

Then if you look at the next few who followed these two gentleman:

Jefferson Long, Republican Representative from Georgia

Robert De Large, Republican Representative from South Carolina

Robert Elliot, Republican Representative from South Carolina

Benjamin Turner, Republican Representative from Alabama

Josiah Walls, Republican Representative from Florida

Richard Cain, Republican Representative from South Carolina

John Lynch, Republican Representative from Mississippi

Alonzo Ransier, Republican Representative from South Carolina

James Rapier, Republican Representative from Alabama

Blanche Bruce, Republican Senator from Mississippi

Jeremiah Haralson, Republican Representative from Alabama

John Hyman, Republican Representative from North Carolina

Charles Nash, Republican Representative from Louisiana

Robert Smalls, Republican Representative from South Carolina

James O’Hara, Republican Representative from North Carolina

Henry Cheatham, Republican Representative from North Carolina

John Langston, Republican Representative from Virginia

Thomas Miller, Republican Representative from South Carolina

George Murray, Republican Representative from South Carolina

George White, Republican Representative from North Carolina

Oscar De Priest, Republican Representative from Illinois in 1929.  A note about this vote, the First black representative to Congress was voted in in 1870.  It took 59 years for a black man in the north to be elected into office, and again, he was a Republican.

Arthur Mitchell, Democrat Representative from Illinois in 1935.  So it took 65 years from the first time a black man was voted for Congress for a black Democrat to win.  He was a supporter of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal, which looking back at was the first real Socialist programs in US History that tried to make Americans, especially the poor, dependent on the government.

So now let’s talk about the so called big switch that happened in the parties.

That list of Representatives and Senators above basically fall in line with the current party structure.  The Republicans in this list are about liberty for all.  They weren’t looking for hand outs, they just wanted the chance to live free.  The Democrat was for hand outs, Social security, etc.

You still hear the argument that the Democrats are the party for freedom, and the Republicans are fascists.  But which party in history has been more about controlling the people, and which party as been the party of setting them free?

You hear stories that the south did a flip to Republicans in the 60s as a fight for continued racism, when just the exact opposite in the case.  Ronald Reagan made the case himself with one simple statement. “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, it left me”  As the Democrats pushed for more socialist programs and controlling the people, the people got wise, got mad and changed over.

One thing being missed in all this history (which seriously is not being taught because it goes against the narrative that Republicans are racists) is that 2016, just as I believe will happen in 2018 and beyond as long as Democrats continue on this Socialist path, was a time that many Democrats started leaving the party because they started getting wise as to what was happening.  History repeating itself yet again.

I can honestly say I have learned quite a bit doing this article, and I hope you will take the time to do some research yourself.  We can continue on this path of letting politicians put us in our respective boxes by our tan or lack of, or genitalia, or pick a hyphen any hyphen.  We can also choose to ignore what goes in front of the hyphen and remember what comes after it.  We are all Americans.  If you are a citizen of this great country, you are an American, not _________-American.

Your success in life, whatever success means to you, will not be determined by anything before the hyphen, but simply by effort, hard work, and not letting those who tell you that you can’t do it win.  Last I checked we all bled red and as long as that doesn’t change, the opportunities are the same. So go make the best you that you can make.

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