Blame the “Parent’s” not Trump

All the rage right now is to blame President Trump for children being separated from their families at the border.  It is all his fault, and what you hear from the Main Stream Media, the Democrats, the RINO’s and open border globalist.  Which have all done a great job making President Trump the evil demon who is the cause of all this.  Well let’s look at the facts of things and then you can make your own decision on who’s fault it is.

Congress was the one who voted for the bill that created the loop holes for people to come to this country with kids, even if they were just acting like they were their’s and getting access to come in.  That bill was signed by Bill Clinton, it was the Bush administration that started separating children they suspected not to be part of the family of the adults crossing.  That was doubled down by the Obama administration who detained more that double the children separated.  During that 19 year period, you heard absolutely NOTHING from the press, Dems, RINOs and open border globalist.

Now about a month or so ago pictures were posted on Twitter of children held in cages.  They were blamed on President Trump.  Problem with that plan was it was pictures from 2014 and the Obama Administration.  But at that point the narrative had been set.  Of course it comes back to the timing.  The North Korea summit went great, the IG report came out, and now this story has been used to take all the oxygen away from it.  You can’t watch the “news” today on ANY network without hearing about this 24/7.  But let’s look at the real issue here.

I keep hearing people use the line “well they are just here seeking asylum”.  If they were truly seeking asylum and wanted to keep their family together their best option to do that would be to go to the US Embassy in their country of origin and apply for asylum.  They would stay in their country until their case was heard, and if they were approved, they would be more than welcome in the United States.  No separation, no detention, just come on in.  Problem solved.

I also hear “but they shouldn’t be separated from their children no matter what”.  This is the argument that I just have to laugh at most.  If an American breaks a law, they are detained and their children do not go with them to jail.  If you are crossing the border illegally, you are breaking the law and will be detained and your children will not go with you to jail.  So why would those crossing the border get special treatment than American’s don’t get?

But the actual blame here goes to the parents.  You know if you bring your child (or someone you are portraying to be your child to try to get a free pass into the country) that you will be separated at the border.  There are no exceptions, nor should there be.  If you don’t want your child to be separated from you, you have other paths to do it.  US Embassy for asylum, or the LEGAL immigration system to try to come here legally.

No one should be above the law.  If you want open borders, then you should take the locks off every door in your house, keep your car unlocked with the keys in it, because you are basically saying anyone can have whatever they want, because there should be no borders.  There would be no such thing as Breaking and Entering, or House Robbery, Car Robbery, etc.  It is the same thing, just doesn’t have a fancy name.

Speaking of names, it is not undocumented immigrants.  They are illegal aliens.  If you want to run the “undocumented” line, then house robbers and squatters would be referred to as Undocumented Residents.

What people try to explain is that illegal aliens commit less crimes than Americans, which by the way is not true, because they all broke the law coming here.  But any crime committed by an illegal alien is a crime that never should have happened, because they never should have been here.

Just yesterday there was a story reported that 5 immigrants were killed in a car roll over in Texas.  That was the headline for Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc.  The facts are, it was illegal aliens in an SUV who were in a high speed chase by the border patrol and police that went over 100 MPH during the chase.  But if you just read the headlines you would think it was legal immigrants who had a nasty accident because their SUV flipped.

Now how to fix it.

New law on the books.

If you come to the border and are caught you will be turned away immediately.  No Exceptions.

If you come to the border claiming asylum, you will be turned away and you will not be able to apply at the US Embassy of any country.  No Exceptions.

If you are caught a second time doing either, you will be put into a federal prison, and the cost of that will come out of money sent as aid to your country of origin.  If you bring children, they will be sent back.  No exceptions.

E-Verify has to be mandated across the board.  If you are caught hiring illegals it is $10,000 first offense, and an additional $1,000 for second and further, so $11,000 on the second offense, $12,000 on the third offense, etc.

If you want to earn citizenship you have to learn English.  Again, No Exceptions

The wall needs to be built, and I say do all 2,000 miles.

No more chain migration, just because you are approved, does not mean your cousin twice removed does not get approved.

Make it merit based immigration, bring in the people we need for the jobs we have.

Finally, anyone coming in legally, overstaying visas or crossing the border illegally will never be allowed to receive welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, medicaid, etc.

Does it sound harsh, sure, but they are all facts and all necessary to protect our country.  Sad to say our own government and Congress has forgotten they were elected to take care of the American Citizens first, second, third, etc……..

Comments always welcome.


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