Why I Don’t Think Assad Did It.

The longer we get from the last set of chemical attacks in Syria this last weekend, the more I think about the obvious.  Bashar al-Assad didn’t do it.

Now let’s take a step back and look at the big picture.  Russian President Vladimr Putin and the Iranians are both working in conjunction with al-Assad.  There is no question about that, no doubt about that at all.

You also have the Syrian rebels who are trying to overthrow al-Assad.

Finally you have American troops on the ground fighting ISIS, or what is left over of it.

Now just last week President Trump talked about possibly removing American troops from Syria.

Then this weekend you have an alleged chemical attack, complete with video of the victims, young and old, being treated.

Now the TV “expert” logic is that al-Assad did this to test President Trump, and that we should instantly retaliate. Here is the problem with that.  If President Trump does attack the left media is going to run with it that President Trump only did the attacks to divert attention from Stormy Daniels (who I think at this point may own a part of CNN based on the coverage she is getting).  But that story makes absolutely no sense.

If al-Assad, Putin and Iran wanted free reign in the region wouldn’t it make more sense to let the Americans leave first?  President Trump already has shown once that he is not scared to strike back.

Now the rebels on the ground, who want to take out al-Assad would most certainly want the Americans to not only stay, but to get more involved in their attacks on al-Assad.  The Americans certainly have more firepower than the rebels do.  Not to mention it is likely if al-Assad has chemical weapons, that the rebels likely would as well.

Add to that the fact that the area has basically been shut off.  So who is to say the “attack” never really happened, or there would be more evidence, you would have Red Cross and other international humanitarian workers in the area who could verify it happened.  Yet I honestly can’t say I have seen a single interview with anyone who was there.

I am not a conspiracy theory guy, I just tend to look at things with common sense, and honestly it makes no sense for al-Assad to ever do this, would make even less sense for Putin to agree with it, especially the way that the Russians have been sanctioned so much in just the last couple months.  Why would he want to pick a fight at this point?

President Trump wanted to leave.  I think this attack is more likely the rebels or faked or a combination of both.  I really hope our intelligence people will give President Trump good information and validation of what really happened before he acts this time.  I am honestly afraid they are going to give him bad information and get us into yet another pointless war.  He really needs to go back and read his tweets from before, and take the info he has now, plus get verification before he does anything.  Because if you blindly attack, you can’t take those missiles back.


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