How to Save America. The Division

There are many things wrong with this country right now and it is truly sad to see.  The solutions to a lot of the problems are simple in concept, but maybe controversial in implementation.

In this blog series I am going to touch on what I feel are the ten biggest problems in this country right now, and I am not looking at it from just one side, I am simply going to look at both the problem, and solution from a common sense prospective

1.  The Division Of Our Country.

Right now it seems like we have gone back to a point in our history that led to more American deaths than WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, and the war against ISIS and Iraq.  I am talking about the US Civil War.  Over the last 10 years our country has grown so divided that there are very few left in the middle.  During the Civil War you had brother fighting brother, over both slavery and taxation.  The Union won that war and ended slavery in this country.  In the last 10 years though, thanks to politicians, the media, social media, etc, most people have allowed themselves to be put back into categories based on skin color, or country of origin.  If you fit in one of those boxes then your opinions need to fit the checklist of that category.  Right now ISIS doesn’t need to attack us, neither does Russia, North Korea or pick any other outside enemy you can think of and insert here.  We are destroying ourselves.

Why did we allow them to put us into boxes?  Last I checked we all bleed red, just some people have better tans than others.  The common factor we all had was that we were all Americans.  Why did that change?

You see it on Twitter daily, the trolls on the loose from both sides.  Attacking first, with no intention of having a civil discussion.  You see it in the news.  You have CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS all attacking from the left, and Fox News attacking from the right, and no one actually REPORTING the news anymore, they are all trying to drive their prospective narrative.  You look at colleges with their safe spaces, pick a gender, any gender, mentality.  You have people getting attacked just for wearing a hat, and riots breaking out just to protest speech they don’t want to hear.

People try to blame the division on President Trump, but it started well before him.  It started with President Obama, and not because he was black (or actually mixed), but because he worked so hard playing identity politics.  Because the second you disagreed with anything he said or did, you were automatically called a racist.  Which in and of itself is a racist statement.  You can’t criticize someone based on skin tone, but you can criticize their actions or inaction.  Nor are they to be protected from that criticism based on their skin tone.

How do we fix it?

Well start off by turning off the so called news.  Instead of fighting a troll on Twitter, just block or ignore them and move on with your day.  Talk to real people, not just those you know, but people you meet.  You might find out though you may be in different boxes you have a lot more in common than you thought.  Finally, don’t allow yourself to be put in that box.  Your tan, or lack of,  is not going to make you more or less likely to succeed, your effort will.  Do we have to agree on everything? Of course not, but that too seems to be an issue these days, if you don’t agree with the other sides opinions you automatically get labelled.  The only label I care about, and the only label I hope you will agree with is that we are all Americans.  Because when we rally around that, we can’t be beat.  Just ask the British, the Nazis, Al Qaeda and now ISIS.

We do have to work on communicating better, and realize we are on the same team.  Otherwise the problem is only going to get worse and may to get the point that it cannot be saved.


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