Want a Gun Debate? Read This!

This may be controversial but I really don’t care. 17 people died yesterday, 14 of them teens. Because a fucking monster went to yet another Gun Free Zone (aka Shoot Here) and had his own personal shooting gallery. I have 4 ideas how to maybe not 100% but slow it the hell down.
1. If there are teachers in the school, who have conceal carry permits, they should be allowed to carry at school if they choose.  They do not give out CCW permits without both a class and testing, and most CCW people I know are very responsible with their weapons.  When is the last time you heard someone with a CCW permit committing a gun crime? Post a sign saying that staff may be armed and take a soft target away. The students don’t need to know who are actually carrying or not, because remember, it is CONCEALED carry.
2. See something, say something only works if you speak up. But at the same time the authorities need to do a better job of following up on leads they are given. It is beyond rare for any of these to happen without some kind of plan.
3. Therapists need to start coming up with valid reasons for giving all the drugs they do. They are taking the lazy way out. Plus if you are going to a therapist you should give up your rights during treatment, and only get it back when you are cleared by that therapist.
4. Finally video game makers and Hollywood need to drop the violence or make it a hell of a lot less realistic. Movies in the 60s-early 90s the violence was so fake you could tell no one was really dead. With CGI the way it is these days, not only can you watch them die, but see the blood flowing out of them, etc. Grand Theft Auto, COD, and all the games that glorify violence and breaking the law need to stop too. In the 80s we had Pac-Man, who’s only bad influence was getting you to over eat. 
Yes I am showing my age here, but we didn’t have random shootings when I went to school.  We were taught to respect the weapons and each other.  That respect is gone these days.  Everyone has gone to their side of the fight, and the middle is now a war zone.  Respect is no longer taught, it is if they don’t agree with you they are wrong and screw them.  The more we kill the more points we get or further we advance in a game, and the blood and gore is no longer real to them.
If all four of those things are done will it stop all the mass shootings?  Of course not, evil is evil, you can’t control it, you can only hope to contain it and the best way to do that is to beat their evil offense with a damn good defense.
I am praying for those families who lost loved ones, and those who are in the hospital fighting for their lives.  Let’s be smart, and do the common sense thing to make this super rare, and not a monthly thing.

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