How to Solve Criminal Illegal Problem


One thing I keep hearing is how we need to deport all the criminal illegal aliens.  Problem with that as has been proven over and over, they come back.  So how do we really fix this problem?

The answer is actually simple.  You build a high security prison or prisons, in the middle of no where.  You use military to protect it, and if you are illegal and convicted of a violent crime, you go directly to that jail and you never get out.  I know the first thing coming out of your mouth is “Don’t we already have that in Guantanamo?”  Well, yes we do.  But I would like to keep that for the terrorist, though I am sure putting MS-13 gang members there may not be a bad thing.

If they have an issue such as multiple deportations, DUI, etc, then they go to a different prison to serve your sentence, (which if they are here illegally, they should automatically get the max sentence for any crime committed here, since they started off being here illegally.

The next question you may have is “Don’t we have enough prisons?” and to that I ask “Do we have enough housing to deter criminals?”  I do not think over population is a bad thing, I actually think if you commit a crime, there should be a substantial punishment, otherwise what is the real deterrence to  commit one?

Now I already know the next question “Well how do we pay for it?” this is the easiest part of the equation.  Take the money out of aid we are sending to their country of origin.  We send billions of dollars every year in financial aid to what seems like every country in the world.  If it costs $50,000 to take care of a prisoner, that $50,000 comes out.  If these countries start seeing the money going down, maybe they may wake up and solve their own problems before the money runs out.

Right now roughly 21% of the population in Federal prisons are illegals.  Time to stop charging tax payers to keep them, time to collect from their countries of origin.  Deportation simply isn’t working, now it is time to up the punishments to try to deter it that way.  I honestly think that would slow it down, because if you know you are going to have a life sentence for just being caught once, are you really going to risk coming here to break the law?  Some may, but I do not think as many will.

Reality check is that the Constitution should not apply to anyone here illegally.  If you come here and break laws you are an enemy of the state and should be treated as such.

Is my idea harsh? You bet it is.

Is my idea cruel? You know it.

But is my idea common sense? Without a doubt.

Could it work?  Why wouldn’t it?

Could it pass Congress? Can anything?

But the reality is, any crime committed by an illegal alien is one too many because they never should have been here to begin with.  This is about protecting Americans.  Americans should not be killed by illegals, terrorized by illegals, raped by illegals, injured by illegals, or have their personal property stolen by illegals.

If you are DACA eligible and you commit any violent crime, you are still going to have to pay for the crime like any other illegal and naturally lose your DACA status.

Finally, before you come at me claiming that I am a racist and I am calling all illegals criminals, remember one point simply.  The only ones who would be affected are those committing the crimes.  Also, illegals are not just from one race, or from one country as there is a melting pot of illegals, just as well as there is a melting pot of Americans.

As always, comments are welcome.

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