How To Really Reform Immigration


A huge debate for the last few decades has been, how do we fix immigration in the United States.

You hear arguments from globalists that the Statue of Liberty basically says we have to take everyone.  Yet who is supposed to pay for them?

Our government has totally lost the plot when it comes to America.  They think we work for them and not them for us.  Well I have a simple solution for them.  I have the perfect plan to fix immigration in this country.  It is not racist, bigoted, Islamophobic or any other ist or phobic you can bring up.  It is simple common sense.

There are approximately 326 Million Americans in this country today, but it seems like the biggest fight is for 800,000 who aren’t.   There are approximately 11-13 million people here illegally, those who have crossed the border as well as those who overstayed visas.  So if you read that last sentence it takes the racist part out, because not all illegals are a certain race, nor of a certain country.

So here is how you fix DACA.  First off 800,000 people were brought here as children.  The original DACA was effective to those who can prove they were under 16 at the time they came to the US, and that have been here continually since June 15, 2007.  Now, let’s keep that date in mind because it is very important.

First thing, that date should be set in stone, it should not move, it should not update, and it should never change.  Otherwise if there is a possibility of renewal or update in time the borders are going to flood.

Second, anyone who is DACA eligible, MUST renew every three years, similar to how it is now.  There is no path to citizenship, by marriage or otherwise unless they go back to their country of record.  They can never take any benefits from the government, such as Social Security, Medicare, etc.  They will pay payroll tax, Social Security, Medicare in their checks.  They are NOT eligible to receive a rebate of more than the taxes they paid in, ever.  If at anytime they are not going to school (must pay out of state tuition), working or serving in the military, they cannot be renewed.  The only path for citizenship will be serving in the military for a minimum of 20 years and have an honorable retirement.

Finally if they are ever charged for any crime at all, they are deported, no questions asked, and at their expense.

There DACA is now solved.

Any others here illegally should be deported, either on their own or with the help of ICE.  If you enforce E-Verify, and hold both the employers accountable, as well as the illegal employees, there will not be any work for them.  So why stay?

Now to fix the rest of the immigration system.

First off you have to build the wall.  Not just to discourage illegal immigration, but also illegal drugs.  Will it stop all of it, no, but if it can stop a big part of it, it is worth the expense.  Studies have shown that the cost of illegals to American’s is approximately $113-134 Billion a year.  The cost of the wall, even high end is about $20 Billion, so not only would it save us around $100 Billion the first year, it would save us even more as time goes on.  Think about it.  The Democrats are complaining that the GOP Tax Cut would cost tax payers $1.5 Trillion over 10 years.  Fixing this problem would save us $1.32 Trillion over that same 10 years.  Plus if you want Mexico to pay for it, you can do it two different ways, you can charge or increase the amount for a visitor visa coming from Mexico, you can also take a percentage of any money sent to Mexico from people here.  But honestly I think the wall would eventually pay for itself in no time at all.

Now with the current job market expanding, and unemployment down to a 17 year low of 4.1%, three things can happen.

First, get able body people off welfare and put them to work, give companies incentives to go into poverty areas and rebuild, and you can train the population to be able to do the jobs.

Once that is completed then you can start a program to bring people in from other countries to fill available jobs.  These visas would be done similar to how DACA is done, you come in and can renew them every three years as long as you are employed, if you commit any crimes you too are deported at your expense. If you do it this way, it actually gives the government incentive to try to make a more business friendly environment in the country and everyone wins.

Next to the prisoners in our prison system, they need to be sent back to their country of origin and if the countries will not take them and jail them, we cut any money we are currently sending them.

Next you end chain migration, period.  If you get a green card to move here, you can bring your spouse and your children, period.  No mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, cousins twice removed. Plus whoever thought a Visa Lottery was a good idea is an absolute idiot.

Finally, you end anchor baby status.  I would like the Supreme Court to state the obvious.  The Constitution of the United States only applies to citizens of the United States.  I do not believe our founding fathers wrote that document to cover the world, actually just the opposite.

If someone in Congress is truly there to represent the American People this is the only option that makes sense.  If they aren’t there to represent the American People they need to step down, or we need to remove them at the ballot box.  This is not a Republican vs Democrat thing because you have members of both parties who would be just happy if we had open borders and everyone can vote.  That is not what the Constitution was written for.

As always comments are welcome.

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