Ending Illegal Immigration

First off this is not about Mexicans, I personally have nothing against them, and they aren’t the only problem.

This is not even about immigration, though that will be discussed as well in this.

This is about illegal immigration.

This needs to come to an end and I have solution to solve this problem.

There are estimates that there are about 11 million people here illegally.  I believe that number is low.

Now if you want to know how to end illegal immigration, here is how you do it.

First off if you are here illegally, you cannot work here.  If someone hires you, they go to jail too.  If you cannot come here legally, why do you think you should have a job here when there are still roughly 100 million Americans out of work?  Sure some of those are retired, some of those are in college, but I can bet you they aren’t all out of work.   Best way for America to end our own welfare program and save trillions of dollars is to have more jobs for Americans.

Of course the argument is that there are jobs Americans won’t do.  If you have a choice to work on a farm, or be homeless because the government hand outs are gone, you are probably going to be working on a farm.

Next, if you are here illegally you cannot go to our schools.  Again schools are paid for with tax payer money, if you are here illegally you should have no part of it.

Of course the argument for that is that the children came here not on their own.  Well then just as their parents are responsible for their upbringing, they are responsible to take them back to their home country.  If you give any path, such as DACA for them to stay, you are opening the flood gates for more to come here.

Next, if you are here illegally you cannot go to our hospitals or see our doctors.  Since Obamacare is government funded, it is once again tax payers picking up the bill.

Of course the argument is that the hospitals are required to take everyone.  No, actually they aren’t.

Next, if you come here illegally and have a child, that child should not be a citizen, and you should not be granted a green card, or worse, citizenship, just because you gave birth here.

Of course the argument goes to, but the Constitution says…..  Reality check folks, if you are not here legally, the Constitution of the United States of America should not apply to you.  The Constitution is for citizens, not illegals.

Next, if you come here illegally, you will never be granted citizenship, no matter if you go back to your home of record and try to get in line to do it the right way, the second you cross the border illegally, or over stay your visa, you give up any right to ever be a citizen.

Of course you have people who say they have been here for years, have worked hard and paid taxes.  Well I ask you this, if you are here illegally, and are “working” you have either stolen or made up a Social Security number, or are getting paid under the table and not claiming the income, so how are you really paying taxes?

Finally if you come here over the border, or over staying your visa, and you don’t have the cash to get back to your home of record I have a solution for that too.  Remember those jobs they said Americans won’t do?  You can do them, without receiving pay, until you build enough credit for a ticket back to your home of record.

I am not sorry when I say that may not sound fair, but you should not have broken the law to begin with coming here or over staying your visa.

Speaking of the law, right now the argument is that coming here is a civil offense and not a criminal offense.  Well it is time for Congress to fix that too.  If you come here illegally, or over stay a visa and are caught it should be an automatic felony.

You will hear the argument that illegals tend to commit less crimes than Americans in general, but the fact is, 1 crime by an illegal is too many, because that crime never would have been committed here, had they not been here.

If you do all those things, you will stop illegal immigration.  Not only that you will save the tax payers billions, if not trillions of dollars a year because you will be able to basically kill the welfare system, because people will not have an excuse not to work.

Sure, this all sounds pretty harsh, but why shouldn’t it?  If I went to another country in the world illegally, or over stayed my visa, I would probably be in jail.  So what makes illegals here special?

Of course we need a wall, and we need to be able to protect our borders.  Without a border we do not have a country.

God Bless America!


As always, comments are welcome.

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