More Vegas Shooting Questions

It has now been almost 7 weeks since the October 1st Massacre in Las Vegas, and I think it is very fair to say at this point we have way more questions than answers.

I am not now, nor never have been, a conspiracy type guy.  I try to look at things logically. But even I am at the point I am really wondering what are they not telling us.

First off, why did the killer bust out two windows?


Now if you look at the pic above, I have circled roughly where the two windows were that he busted out and I have wondered this for 7 weeks.  If there was only one shooter/person in the room, why did they need to bust out TWO windows that they could get the same shot range from?  There isn’t really a single shot that could not have been made to the same spot from both windows unless he had decided to open fire on the Luxor, which he didn’t.  So why break two windows?

My next question is, they said they found a laptop in his room, but it didn’t have a hard drive, they also said that he had cameras set up in the hall to monitor if someone came down the hall.  So what did he monitor them with?  There are only so many inputs in a hotel TV, and without a hard drive he couldn’t hook them to his laptop because it wouldn’t have the software to run them without a hard drive.  So how did he do it?

Next up, they found his car in the parking lot, loaded with both more weapons, but also explosives, if he had really planned this out to the letter, as they try to make us believe, why would he block the emergency exits on the floor?  Because anyone with common sense would know you would not get down by an elevator.

The shooting went on for approximately 10 minutes and then stopped cold.  Now they are saying he started shooting after shooting the guard in the hall, now again, they say he had cameras in the hall to monitor if people were coming, and had thousands of rounds left in the room, but suddenly stopped when the police got to the door.  If he was willing to shoot the guard, and then shoot hundreds of more people at the concert, why not go out with a blaze of glory and open fire again at the police in the hall?

Why have we not seen more of the pics of the room, I understand not showing his body, but where are all the spent rounds?  I have seen quite a few videos of the shooting and I have yet to see any muzzle flashes coming from the direction of the room.  So unless he was sitting deeper in the room you would expect to see that, especially with that rate of fire.  What evidence do you have in a case you are swearing was a single lunatic that you need to keep private at this point.

How can a 64 year old man, who is a millionaire, basically be a ghost?  We know he was married, and had a lot of money, but that is it.  No social media footprint at all.  But what about emails, phone records, texts?  Why keep that info so tight to the vest?

Speaking of being married, where is his wife?  Did she go back to the Philippines?

Speaking of the guard.  The best witness they could have at the time, why let him travel to Mexico immediately after the incident, especially after he was hit with a .223 bullet at very close range.  A solid leg shot probably could have removed a good chunk of it, but yet he can go to Mexico and drive himself back.  So what is the real story and timeline?

What real info have we gotten since this incident?  Well the body count, and his name, that he used a bump stock and a timeline that has changed three or four times now, and I would not be surprised if it changed again.  We haven’t really gotten anything else and that is a problem.

Only reasons you keep this much information secret after almost seven weeks, is you know way more than you are letting on and trying to capture an accomplice, or accomplices.  Second, you realize that the public is not going to like the truth, and with the Mandalay Bay now facing massive law suits wanting to keep that information private for now, because you know the end result will lead to the Mandalay Bay shutting down, and maybe taking a couple more MGM properties down with it.

But again, I am not a conspiracy guy, but this certainly is one of those hmm situations.

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