The Democrats, Party of Illegals, Not Citizens

The Democrats during JFK was the party of the middle class.  My how times have changed.  Now you have Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claiming she will shut down the government unless DACA is approved.  She won’t talk about cutting taxes for Americans, other than to trash what the GOP is doing.  She says in one breath the lives of the DACA recipients are very important, but demands funding for Planned Parenthood that kills children.  She wants, and this is a running theme among Democrats in Congress, that she basically wants open borders, a path for citizenship for those who have came here illegally and yet plans that look out for American Tax Payers don’t seem to matter to her.

When is the last time you heard of a Democrat talk about cutting spending?  The only time they seem to care if about the debt is when the GOP comes up with an idea to cut our tax burden.  They had no problem running it up $10T in 8 years, and $15T in the last 16 years.  Mainly they talk about more tax increases and I have to ask, what gives them the right to take more of our money?

The Democrat party used to say they were the party for the working man, now they are the party of the lazy man.  Their ultimate goal is to get as many people on Government benefits (aka Government dependent), so any Republican or person running on the platform of looking out for the tax payers is suddenly evil because they may take those “benefits” away.  The Democrats want to get as many people, both citizens and people here illegally living off the government as possible.  They are not the Democratic party, they are Socialist in sheep’s clothing.  At least Bernie is honest about being a Socialist.

Here is the oath that someone takes when they become a Representative or Senator.

Oaths of Office For Federal Officials - Google Chrome 2017-11-11 09.53.54

Yet they basically are wanting to systematically ignore or rewrite the Constitution.  They have become a domestic enemy because they could care less about the American people, and can even care less about American Tax Payers.  You have liberal judges in the system making law, not interpreting it.  You have Congress mandating health care, when there is nothing in the Constitution to support it.

So who’s side are they on?  Why take an oath you have no intention of following?  Why run to serve the people and then rob them blind.  And yes, I understand it isn’t just the Democrats doing this, you have so called Republicans on the Open Border train.

Not sure what can truly be done, because in a lot of districts/states, if you are an incumbent you basically keep getting elected until you retire or die, or really mess up, even though I am not sure that even applies anymore when you have Representatives Maxine Waters, Adam Shiff, Ted Lieu, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Frederica Wilson, John Lewis, Al Green, etc.

I am just tired of seeing our so called Government ignoring the fact they are supposed to be working FOR us, not AGAINST us.
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