Russian Collusion Or Not?

For the last year there have been rumors the President Trump and President Putin colluded to rig the election.  There is an FBI Special Counselor, and both the Senate and House have investigations looking into it.  But the one thing not happening is no one is looking at this with any common sense at all.  So here I am.

In this blog I am going to go over some pretty simple points and claims that have been made and ask some simple questions about them.

First point: Russia tried to hack the election and stole DNC Emails.

Here is where the whole thing goes off the rails from the start.  Do you realize just how many programs there are out there that mask or change IP addresses?  Now if I was Russia and I wanted to hack the election or steal emails, why would I leave traces such as my IP address?  Secondly the DNC emails were hacked because they were phished, not hacked.  Podesta gave whoever took the emails his password.  But I go back to my original point.  Russia has been spying for decades, as have we.  Do you think we leave IP traces?  Do you think a skilled hacker sitting home in his basement leaves his actual IP trace?  This is where this whole thing goes off the rails.  Also you have Julian Assange stating up front and quite clearly the information did not come from the Russians, and I don’t really care what you may think of wikileaks, but they have not been proven wrong in 11 years, why do you think they would give up their reputation now to protect President Trump or Russia?  The Trump Administration is actually trying to put Assange in jail, so why would he freely admit something to protect Trump?

Second Point: 17 US Intel agencies claim they know Russia Meddled in the Election, oh wait, maybe it was just three.

This was the running story for almost a year, and is still used by Democrat pundits in the media as talking points, that it was 17 agencies, when in reality it was only 3.  John Brennan of the CIA,  James Clapper of the DNI and James Comey from the FBI.  Do any of these three gentlemen even have any credibility left at this point? So again, what real proof is there?

Third and Final Point: Russia Meddled in the US Election.

This one is easiest of all.  Guilty as charged, but then again so is every major country in the world, including the United States of America.  President Obama tried to get Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel beat in his election.  President Obama also told the British people they would be moved to the “back of the queue” as far as trade deals go if they supported Brexit.  Yet there was never any condemnation of that from the media.  Countries have meddled in other elections since there was modern day press and communication.  I am sure Trump showing so much support for President Abe of Japan, President Macron of France, his dislike of President Neito of Mexico will all likely effect those elections.  Not saying they will change a lot of minds, but some may be changed.  Though the reality of any election on a national scale tends to come down to personality, plans, proposals and agenda.

So can we just stop with the nonsense and realize we have a country to take care of?  ISIS doesn’t need to really attack us on the home front, we are doing plenty of damage to ourselves without their help.

Comments always welcome.

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