How to Cut Down Mass Shootings.

First off the shooting in Texas was an absolute tragedy, with a ton of errors on what should of, could of happened to “stop” it.

First off this guy was deranged, yet calculated.  His goal was to shoot and to get away, or he would not have bothered wearing a mask.  The Air Force, during the Obama Administration screwed up by not reporting his Court Martial trial results to the FBI which would have stopped him from getting the guns to begin with.  But I think he likely would have found another way to get them.  Criminals are not scared to skirt the law to get what they need to commit their crimes.

There are only TWO things in common with the top 10 mass shootings in the last 20 years.

Las Vegas – 58 Dead.

Orlando – 49 Dead

Virginia Tech – 32 Dead

Sandy Hook – 27 Dead

Sutherland Springs TX – 26 Dead (so far)

San Bernardino – 14 Dead

Ft Hood – 13 Dead

Binghamton NY – 13 Dead

Washington Navy Yard – 13 Dead

Aurora Colorado – 12 Dead.

The only TWO things in common with all 10 of these murders.  First a gun was used by the killer.  Secondly they were ALL and in the case of Las Vegas I am talking about both the hotel itself as well as the concert were GUN FREE ZONES.

Now am I saying you have to arm every locale in the country? No, but I am saying the option should be there and no place should be listed a Gun Free Zone.  If you are wanting to cause maximum destruction you are going to go to the places with the least resistance.  If you have to wonder if the place you are wanting to attack might have someone armed there, you may think twice before going in.  Is that going to stop every mass shooting?  Again, the answer is no, because you cannot stop evil.  You could confiscate every legal gun in the country, and murder rates would go through the roof.  God gave us the right to protect ourself.  Not our country, not even our Constitution, but we have the God given right to protect ourself.

Thing is you have to have good guys with guns to stop bad guys with guns.  Mind you when those situations happen they do not get the same press as when the killer gets away or commits suicide, etc.  There are thousands of instances a year of good guy stopping bad guy.   The liberals are fast at the draw at calling out the NRA, but in reality none of those 10 above were members of the NRA, and in the case of the Texas shooting on Sunday it was a member of the NRA who stopped the murderer from killing even more.  Had he not been there the killer could have easily gotten in his truck and got away before the cops ever got there, and you never know when he would attack again.  Because his goal was not to get caught.  Why else would he wear a mask?  It was easy enough for him to case the inside of the church without ever stepping foot in it.  They put all their services on YouTube for those who could not go and to spread the word.  It was a small church so there really were no places to escape to.   If someone had been carrying concealed they would have at least had a chance.  That applies to all 10 of those shootings, even Las Vegas, because had the security guard been armed, or someone on the floor been armed, it could have ended the shooting sooner, especially considering the killer allegedly fired 200+ rounds into the hall before shooting out the window, because if the bullets could go through the wall out into the hall, there is nothing stopping a bullet to go through the wall into the room.  It may not have hit him immediately, but it may have given him more pause.

We do not have to turn the country back into the wild west, but people who want to responsibly carry, go through safety training, and practice at the range on a fairly consistent basis, should be able to carry where ever they want.  Because I am sorry, if someone comes in shooting at a place I am at, I would much rather at least have a chance to fight back, then to hope I become a helpless target.

When is the last time you heard of someone with a concealed carry permit actually committing a crime?  I can bet you now, you would have a hard time finding it, yet finding a case where someone carrying concealed has stopped crimes is fairly easy because it happens hundreds if not thousands of times a year .


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