How To Get The Debt Under Control

Ok so this may just be a pipe dream, but some days you just have to vent.

We have a $20.3 TRILLION debt, and it climbs every day.

The Congress spends money like a teenager with Daddy’s credit card at the mall, with his blessing to get whatever they want.

The problem with that it is the American Tax Payers who are that credit card.  To the bottom 45% of the people in the country this doesn’t apply to you, because you pay $0 in net payroll/income taxes.  So of course I can see how a lot of you may be just fine with the government spending what they are doing, because it isn’t your money.  Well not counting the ones getting a check from that government.

To the other 55% I have a simple solution.  We drop payroll/income taxes to 0%.  We add a 10% sales tax, so everyone pays for what they spend.  This way it goes back to what the Constitution wanted where you only get taxed once.  These days you are getting taxed multiple times on the same dollar.   So why not just do it on the money you are spending.

Yes this would cut the intake to the government to about $1.5T, the current budget is $3.8T and is proposed to go up to $4.1T so the next question is how do we cover the $2.3-2.6T left.  Easy, stop spending it.

Ok I know by now you are calling me insane, and I may be, but hear me out.  Get rid of entitlements.  Those who have paid into Social Security and Medicare up to this point, get out of it, what they put into it.  Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, etc go away.  Now I can hear you screaming “but what about the poor and disabled?” do you realize how many charities and churches are out there? Right now the people who give to charities are probably getting taxed in that 25-40% range. If you cut their taxes, and they can donate it tax-free do you not think they will give more?  As far as the poor go, right now there is no incentive to try not to be poor.  You can sit at home and make more money than you could at a basic job, plus the more successful you are, the more you get taxed, so why strive to better yourself.  Take that crutch away.  If you are able-bodied and can work, work.  If that means flipping burgers while you go to school, flip burgers.  If you want to better yourself start your own business and do everything in your power to make it work.  I am guessing by now you are probably screaming “but what about their healthcare?” and again, this is easy.  Hospitals run for profit, if they don’t have insurance companies paying them, they will have to adjust their rates to where people can afford it.  The only reason college is as expensive as it is now is because the government got in the college loan business.  If a college knows the government will pay out $40k a year in loans, then they are going to charge $45k.  If a hospital knows an insurance company will pay $4 for a Tylenol, why only charge $1 for it? Of course they are going to charge $4 or even $5.  If you want the government to regulate anything, make them force hospitals to actually list the costs of things up front, on-line, including their success rates for procedures.  It would drive down prices from the start, because they couldn’t just hide behind insurance companies anymore.  Because I can almost bet you that you pick three insurance companies, they pay different rates for different things, so in turn, they get charged three different rates.  If that was not true, then you would not have doctor’s offices that won’t accept certain insurance companies.  They would accept any insurance.

Oh yeah and while we are at it, let’s add a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  I hear screaming again “but we can’t run the government on $1.5 Trillion” and I say, why not?  Cut the size of government and cut the entitlements and we would probably have a surplus.  Why do we need 23.4 Million people working in the government?  That does not include military, just government employees.

In the day of modern technology, why does Congress have to meet in DC, have a staff of 100?  They can do everything they do now through video conferences so you cut the travel expenses as well.  It would also cut the expenses of running the capitol building, and all the climate change people will be happy that less carbon is going into the environment.  Right now Congress works barely half the year, so cut their pay in half as well.  If they don’t have to stay in DC, they can get real jobs to make more money.  Ban lobbyist and lobby money.  Listen to the people, not the cash.  You want to run for office? If you are doing for a local office you can raise a max of $100k for your campaign.  If you are running for a state office you can do $250k, if you running for the House of Representatives you can do $500k, if you are running for Senate you can do up to $1 Million, and if you are running for President you can raise up to $100 Million and that is combined between primaries and general election.  Why the limits?  To force candidates to actually face the people who elect them.  To stop lobbyists from offering “donations” to get things done.  I give the $100 Million limit because I know it is harder to get around to all 50 states and all the people, so they can do more ads.  But PACs and Super PACs can RIP.

Are some people going to initially suffer when this is instituted, probably, but we have to end the hand outs.  Because it is not fair for the 55% to pay for the 45%, and it is none of our jobs to basically be the credit card for the hacks in office who spend our money with no real restraints or responsibility.  When I hear talk of cutting programs and you hear a politician say “well it is only $50 Million a year, that isn’t even .1% of the budget” that shows you where the problem is.  Every dollar counts, especially when it is OUR dollar.

Yeah I know this is all a pipe dream and will never happen, but you have to admit if you made it this far.   Sounds pretty damn good doesn’t it?


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