Where Did America Go? Can It Be Saved?


First off because anyone says, “you are just an old man on a rant”, let me clarify I understand that times change, that there is more technology than there was in the 1900’s, 1800’s, 1700’s.  The Country our forefathers founded is barely a shell of what it used to be.

Breaking News, the Boy Scouts are now accepting girls.  OK I am triggered now, but not just for that reason.  The obvious question is did the Girl Scouts disband?  The answer of course is no.  So why make the move? Political correctness strikes again.

I would say it is safe to say the last 9-10 years in this country have led to the almost complete upheaval of the country we grew up knowing and loving.  I may be mad about the girls into the Boy Scouts, but that was basically more of a final straw.

I am all for equality.  No matter if that is gender equality, racial equality, orientation equality, etc.  The thing that I don’t get is how the LBG has now added about 100 different more letters at the end.  I get there are transgendered people who are going through the transformation and more power to them but I have a simple anatomy lesson for everyone.


If you have done your surgery and changed your genitalia, then the previous rule still applies.

But here are the main issues that I am seeing.  241 years ago, this land was about country first.  Many people died during the American Revolution to create this great country. During the war of 1812, Civil War, World War I and World War II, many people gave up their lives, and many people at home sacrificed everything to help in the cause.  Did we have disagreements along the way, most certainly, but at the end of the day it was America First.  But to be honest it almost feels like our next Civil War is coming, and it won’t be broken down by states, it will be a major insurgency from within.  The last time this country truly came together was September 11, 2001.  It took almost 3,000 people to die to accomplish that.  The country has quickly gone downhill since then.

First off we got into a war we had no business in, Iraq never bombed us, George W Bush just wanted to finish what Daddy Bush had failed to do.  Was Saddam Hussein a good guy? No, but what real threat was he to America?  Why did 9/11 happen? Because Bill Clinton never went after Osama Bin Laden after the Cole, which just gave Bin Laden a belief he could do more so he did.  Of course Obama wasn’t any better as he started his apology tour and pulled troops out of Iraq giving ISIS room to grow. So this isn’t just a GOP or Dem problem, both parties have been just as guilty of distracting the real issues.

With the growth of technology ideas like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat it gave birth and air to the land of the troll.  While at the same time suffocating real human interaction.  No one talks anymore, it is text messages, selfies and puppy snap filters.

You also have video games, which started as Pac-Man, Asteroids. etc, that were pretty family friendly and harmless, and now you have Grand Theft Auto, Doom, Call Of Duty, etc, they have totally changed how children, and even some adults live a life where breaking the law and killing are ok, no big deal, and even rewarded.

Next issue is that you really don’t have kids playing together outside anymore.  Which again affects social skills.  Plus do you see kids talking anymore or just with their face in their phones? Speaking of phones, of the cellular variety, it may be more convenient, but I think people did just fine when there were pay phones, and probably did just fine before phones at all.  It forced people to find ways to communicate face to face.

When is the last time you sat down and wrote and mailed a letter? (Email doesn’t count).

When is the last time you actually sat down and read a book?(Kindle doesn’t count, real paper)

For those of you aged 30 or less barely know of a life without a computer, or cell phone, or the internet or video games.  You don’t even have to go to theaters anymore to watch movies, because give them a few weeks and they are on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  You also don’t know about riding your bike with your friends (no helmets) and doing all kind of different tricks, (that was also before freestyle bikes made for tricks were common).  Where if you wanted to get in contact with your friends you had to beg your parents to phone line in your room, you had to use the family phone, or you had to get off your butt and walk to their house.  But it also taught us respect, responsibility and manners.  Because back then if you were grounded, you were cut off from the real world.  Now if you are grounded, between emails, texts, etc, there really is no difference.

America has almost always had the attitude that we could fight amongst ourselves but no one better mess with any of us.  Now you have people who are fans of the North Korean leader who is wanting to destroy us than they are our own President.  I get it if you don’t like President Trump, but unless you have denounced your citizenship and moved elsewhere he is your president.

I have not been a fan of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush or Barack Obama, but I never wished for any of them to fail.  Because if they fail it is we the American People who suffer.

I can honestly say that America is more divided now than at any point of my lifetime.  Of course I did not live during the Civil Rights fight, or the Civil War, so I can only relate back to 1970.  In my lifetime I cannot remember so much identity politics either.  I do not believe in hyphens, and I really wish less people lived by them.  Because no matter if you call yourself African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, Italian-American, German-American and the list goes on and on, if you are a citizen of this country all you really are in American.  But we have let our politicians and government attempt to put us into a box based on our hyphen.  Ask yourself this.  Why do polls do breakdown by race and sex?  Because they want to lump groups together.  Why do you hear all the time about Democrats talking about “___________-Americans are being discriminated and we are the only ones who care”.  Because in reality they want to keep hyphens in their boxes.  President Obama was probably the worst at actually doing this, and Hillary Clinton tried and failed to follow in his footsteps using that step.  She tried playing both the female card and race card.  They gave legitimacy to both Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA and turned Colleges from places of learning, diverse opinions, free speech and discussions, into safe spaces, only one point of view, and micro aggressions.  You have sports going from places where party didn’t matter, and it was all about team, to taking a knee, disgracing the flag and making political points during the National Anthem, while totally disrespecting the veterans, flag and country in the process.  They say they stand for police brutality, which stats prove is a false narrative, racial inequality which honestly Democrats have both created and held minorities down by making them dependent on the government and give them no incentive to take care of themselves or better themselves.  You have a music culture, and I am using that term lightly when mentioning rap, that glorifies drugs, killing, racism (because there is no requirement to have to be white to be a racist, anyone can do it), degrading females and yourself.

I am really starting to wonder if this can even be fixed anymore?  But I do worry about it.  I have a three year old son, that I would prefer to be homeschooled so he can actually learn real history, not the liberal narrative.  Honestly I don’t really even see a need to send him to college, because what would he really learn?  And my guess, if the government keeps pumping money into colleges, his degree would probably cost $1 million by the time he is old enough to go to college.

I really want to see America come together again, and I hope it does not take something horrific to do that, though I fear it will, and honestly at this point, not even sure that would work.

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