Vegas Murderer’s Escape Plan?

OK first off, I will not use the monster’s name, he does not deserve the credit he may have been striving for.

One thing I have struggled to gather was that the Las Vegas Sheriff said the guy had an escape plan, and I just could not understand why he would have rented the room in his name and then planned to escape.  Plus he had cameras in the halls to monitor for police, which is why he shot the security guard through the door.  But if he knew that the guard was down, why not try to escape then?

There are so many questions and very few answers on why this animal did what he did, but I have an idea on why he wanted to try to escape.  I don’t even know it was to cause more damage, but I think if he was doing this for the noteriety then he may have wanted to top his very own father, who was on the FBI Most Wanted List as a bank robber for many years before being caught.  It is the only thing that actually makes any sense.

But what I really don’t get here, is I have been to Vegas, there are camera’s EVERYWHERE, if he had an accomplice they should not only know when that person(s) both entered the rooms and exited it.  They should know basically every step this guy took in the hotel and when, including when he was bringing in bags with the weapons.  For the amount of evidience they have at their disposal, there has to be something much bigger going on here for them not to bring those facts up, or have those facts in general.

I am not trying to start another conspiracy theory here, just trying to look at this from a common sense point of view.  I haven’t seen all the evidence, both real and otherwise, so this is basically speculation, but honestly why would this guy get hotel rooms over looking a bunch of other concerts, and yet wait to attack?

So many questions, hardly any answers, I commend the job the LVMPD is doing under a very stressful time, but would love to get more real info from them.  Unless they are trying to flush someone out, this should not take days or months to figure out.


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