Republican Leadership? Not so fast.

OK so Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House, Mitch McConnell is Majority leader of the Senate, but does that really make them Republican leadership? Let’s just take a look at these two men and where they are from.

Speaker Ryan is from Janesville Wisconsin, which is in Rock County.

Leader McConnell lists himself as living in Louisville Kentucky, Jefferson County.

You would think that the two leaders would come from predominately Republican districts, but you would be absolutely wrong.

First off Speaker Ryan, in the 2016 Election Ryan received 65% of the vote, but if you take a second and look at the Presidential race, Hillary Clinton actually got 52% of the vote to Trump’s 42% so Ryan comes from a Democrat district not a Republican one.  How do you get elected in a Democrat district and still get Republican votes? Easy have Democrat positions, but act like you care about conservative issues. Though you never really take any action for them.  Now they re-elect him so they can say they have the Speaker of the House.

Wisconsin Election Results 2016_ House Live Map by District, Real-Time Voting Updates - POLITICO - Google Chrome 2017-09-12 13.37.10

Wisconsin Election Results 2016_ President Live Map by County, Real-Time Voting Updates - POLITICO - Google Chrome 2017-09-12 13.10.01

OK now I know that there is more to District 1 than just Rock County, but the numbers are still very telling.

Now for Leader McConnell I know the entire state votes for Senate, and that while he has a home in Louisville KY I doubt he has seen it since before the election if even then.  You still have to see these numbers.

Kentucky Election Results 2016_ President Live Map by County, Real-Time Voting Updates - POLITICO - Google Chrome 2017-09-12 13.47.03

Now while he did not run for re-election in 2016, he did in 2014 and actually LOST his own home county.

Kentucky Senate results -- 2014 Election Center -- Elections and Politics from - Google Chrome 2017-09-12 13.54.27

So can someone explain to me how either these two ever became leaders of their respective houses?


Mitch McConnell would actually be 4th on the list for Republican Senators with 32 years (How can you be effective in the same job and keep up with the times after 32 years, sorry that is another blog entry) behind Orrin Hatch (40 years) Utah, Thad Cochran (39) Mississippi, and Chuck Grassley (38) Iowa.

Paul Ryan is tied for 24th on the list for Republican Representatives at 18 years.

Is it for legistlative accomplishments?

Mitch McConnell in 32 years has had 24 bills he was primary sponsor for enacted.  That is 1 for every 16 months he has been in office.

  • Two were to conduct a reviews
  • One to make sure Ukraine had access to news
  • EIGHT bills to provide a joint resolution approving the renewal of import restrictions contained in the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act.
  • The Protect America Act of 2007 (PAA), (Pub.L. 110–55, 121 Stat. 552, enacted by S. 1927), is a controversial amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that was signed into law by U.S. President George W. Bush on August 5, 2007. It removed the warrant requirement for government surveillance of foreign intelligence targets “reasonably believed” to be outside of the United States. The FISA Amendments Act of 2008 reauthorized many provisions of the Protect America Act in Title VII of FISA.
  • The United States Military Commissions Act of 2006, also known as HR-6166, was an Act of Congress signed by President George W. Bush on October 17, 2006. The Act’s stated purpose was “to authorize trial by military commission for violations of the law of war, and for other purposes”.
  • 2 bills to extend bills currently in place.
  • Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 To promote the development of democratic institutions in areas under the administrative control of the Palestinian Authority, and for other purposes. (Yes Country building)
  • To provide for the installation of a plaque to honor Dr. James Harvey Early in the Williamsburg, Kentucky Post Office Building.
  • Worker Economic Opportunity Act A bill to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to clarify the treatment of stock options under the Act.
  • Twice ammended a 1938 bill talking about tobacco information
  • A bill to require the Secretary of Energy to submit to Congress a plan to ensure that all amounts accrued on the books of the United States Enrichment Corporation for the disposition of depleted uranium hexafluoride will be used to treat and recycle depleted uranium hexafluoride.
  • An Agriculture Export Relief Act of 1998, which was actually attached to an Arms Export Control bill. (What does corn have to do with guns?)
  • A bill to delay until September 30, 1992, the issuance of any regulations by the Secretary of Health and Human Services changing the treatment of voluntary contributions and provider-specific taxes by States as a source of a State’s expenditures for which Federal financial participation is available under the medicaid program and to maintain the treatment of intergovernmental transfers as such a source.
  • An act to establish the policy of United States with respect to Hong Kong, and for other purposes.

OK so what there is to really help Americans? Oh yeah, nothing.

Now for Speaker Ryan

SEVEN bills in 18 years for Speaker Ryan as the main sponsor of ANY legistlation that was enacted.  That is 1 bill for every 30.9 months, and yet the GOPe begged him to be Speaker!  Here is his list:

  •  An act to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1818 Milton Avenue in Janesville, Wisconsin, as the ‘Les Aspin Post Office Building’.
  • An Act to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to modify the taxation of arrow components. Basically having a tax of 39 cents for an arrow.
  • Then 11 years later (yes he went 11 years without a single bill as main sponsor.) an act to amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to increase access to Medicare data, basically giving companies ability to sell information and who they can sell it to.
  • An act to establish the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking, and for other purposes.
  • An act to establish congressional trade negotiating objectives and enhanced consultation requirements for trade negotiations, to provide for consideration of trade agreements, and for other purposes. This was the TPA for the TPP which thankfully President Trump got us out of.
  • An act to extend the African Growth and Opportunity Act, the Generalized System of Preferences, the preferential duty treatment program for Haiti, and for other purposes.
  • An act to provide an extension of Federal-aid highway, highway safety, motor carrier safety, transit, and other programs funded out of the Highway Trust Fund, and for other purposes.

So can someone please tell me what makes either of these guys leaders? Their work certainly hasn’t proven them to be leaders or they would have more American focused legistlation with their name at the front of it.  Can’t claim longevity either (though honestly that is a topic all on it’s own, but you can read my other blogs for that).

You can’t show me a thing either one of these gentlemen have done that would say they are either qualified to be the leader of any party, let alone the Republican party.  They can’t even use the excuse that they have only served under Democrats, because Ryan had 8 years under George W Bush, McConnell had 8 years under George W Bush, 4 years under George HW Bush, and 8 years under Ronald Reagan (yes he has been there that long), but it seems McConnell’s main interest was Burma, and Ryan was just interested in getting a check and running for VP (oh yeah he lost that too).

I say President Trump should find a GOP member of both the Senate and House that he trusts, and do a takeover.  It is the only chance his agenda has under GOP leadership without a complete house cleaning in 2018.

As always, comments are welcome.

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