“Tax Cuts Must Be Revenue Neutral” HUH?

So you have the Democrats and some of the RINO Republicans saying that the Trump Tax Cuts have to be Revenue Neutral.  Do they realize just how insane they sound saying that?

Quick look at the facts:

Under the Congress of President Obama the deficit went up $7.917 TRILLION dollars.

Under the Congress of President George W Bush the deficit went up $5.849 TRILLION dollars.

So you do the math, with a deficit of $19.9 TRILLION those two Presidents added $13.765 TRILLION to it.  Did I mention Obama not only raised taxes but created NEW Taxes (Obamacare) during his 8 years.  What that revenue neutral?  Did either President put a leash on the Congress freely spending everything they could think of (Shrimp on treadmills anyone)  Was that Revenue Neutral?  George W Bush will use the war excuse, but it was an unnecessary war in Iraq that cost us trillions.  Too many men and women lost their lives because W wanted to finish what Daddy couldn’t.

So why do they after the last 16 years finally care about Revenue Neutral? Oh wait, because Donald J Trump is the President!  Would they have cared if Hillary Clinton won and they wanted to raise taxes on the 55% of the tax age people in the country that pay net taxes each year? (Net taxes meaning they paid in more than they got back).  Would that have been Revenue Neutral?  Would those words have even been used?

The problem is the globalists in Congress, and there are many, prefer that companies go overseas, so they can get stuff cheaply imported, so those people they keep on a leash through the welfare system and government benefits can still buy stuff and not get as angry so they can continue to get their votes.  If you make the tax rate competitive with other countries, more businesses move back to the US, they hire American workers and create millions more American Jobs and make more American products.  Will the prices of those products go up a bit, yes, more than likely, but if wages are higher in the country, and more people are working and not living off the government, what is a 5-10% increase in prices going to really hurt?  Right now 67% of the Federal Budget is Entitlement programs.  Let’s say you get 33% off those programs and they get jobs, then you just cut 22% of the Federal Budget which would take $840 BILLION of a $3.8 Trillion budget. In 2011 about 32 million households benefited from Medicaid, Food Stamps, Welfare, etc.   Let’s say you again take 1/3 of those off those programs (11 million for easier math).  Let’s say their net tax contribution is just $1,000 a year. That is an additional $11 Billion in tax revenue.  So you now have saved/made $851 Billion in savings on that $3.8 TRILLION budget (22.3%).  Now just think about that over the long term.  You break the habits of laziness because it is no longer rewards or covered.  If you can work, you do work, you are going to pay taxes either way, so you may as well make as much as you can.  I think a 15% flat tax across the board is fair.  Put everyone with some skin in the game, and maybe they will care more about what the government is doing with the money.  Right now almost half of the population doesn’t have to give a damn because it is not their money.   Take out all the fine print.  You get deductions for your children, you get a deduction for mortgage interest and you get a deduction for charity giving.  The only other thing I might be in favor of is a bonus deduction if you are married and have children, to encourage two parent families again. Business can deduct expenses for employees, R&D, supplies and mileage. What else do you really need to deduct?  Sure tax preparers are going to be out of work, but why does it have to be so hard?  If anyone should be 100% tax exempt it should be the active military, they have earned that, plus their pay is junk anyway compared to what they could make in the real world.

So let’s drop this Revenue Neutral nonsense, if you really want to do that, cut the spending on all the stupidity and pork.  Stop wasting OUR money, and use a little common sense.


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