Labor Day Rant

I do not have a problem with people who are wanting to better their lives.  I understand it and do it daily myself.  My problem is that those who do it illegally are being rewarded, while those attempting to do it legally are being punished, delayed, etc.  But in this current generation that seems to be a running theme.

You want to sit on your lazy butt? The Government will hand you a check, food stamps, free medical, college, etc.

You want to work, try to get ahead and actually succeed?  The Government will take a bigger portion of your money, you have to pay full rates for the over inflated health insurance costs, and God help ya if you don’t qualify for a scholarship to that University that is going to give you “Safe Spaces”, Play Doh, puppies and an A for Anarchy and F for Patriotism.

You hear the talk about DACA being the Dreamers, what about American Citizen Dreamers? Why should they take a back seat for trying to do things the right way, while those who came to America, though no fault of their own (Though I am still curious how you prove you were here before you were 18 to qualify, and if your parents are immediately deported (which they should since they did come here by their own choice and breaking the law)) are given MORE privileges, chances, etc.

The talk is that 91% of those under the DACA program are either working or in school.   I have a simple solution.  For those going to school here, go back to your country of origin and apply for a student visa, just like those who did it the right way.  For those that are working, go back to your country of origin and apply for a work visa and get in  line with the rest of the people who are trying to do it the right way.  For the 9% who aren’t working, go back to your country of origin and best to you.

The problem with society today is that those who do it right and succeed get punished, and in some cases very harshly.  Those who do it wrong, break the law, are totally lazy, think they should be able to make a living wage on a high school entry level job flipping burgers, are the ones given the free ride, all the benefits, and tax breaks.  Do you realize that 45% of the tax paying age people in this country do not pay a single dime in net taxes?  I am still searching for the numbers, but I would imagine quite a large portion of that are likely getting paid to stay here.  Where does that money come from? Of course, the actual tax payers. The tax payers of America have basically been turned into the crack dealers for the Government and the lazy.  The problem with that is that the “Crack” is the money we work hard for.  The Government has ran up a $20 TRILLION debt basically robbing the people who put in the sacrifice, hard work, and took the risk to succeed.

So in Obama’s infinite wisdom, let’s give another million ILLEGAL aliens chances to work and take jobs away from American Citizens, or pay for their school, or I am guessing in the case of the alleged 9% not working, those welfare, food stamp, Medicaid benefits, again paid for by American Citizens.  What sense does that make?

“But we are America, we are a land built on Immigrants” another favorite argument of the left.  Guess they miss the fact it is a land built on LEGAL immigrants.  On hard work, sacrifice, taking risks, the will to succeed.  Social Security(FDR D) should have never been started, this country is not socialist, yet that was the first step. Then add Medicare(LBJ D), Medicaid(LBJ D), Welfare(FDR D), Food Stamps(FDR D) created by Dem’s to get more votes and therefore taking more tax payers off the tax rolls, and increasing those living off the system.

Right now the US Spends 25%(2017) of the budget on Social Security, 15.8%(2017) of the budget on Medicare, 13.3%(2017) on Medicaid, 9.8%(2017) for Welfare and  3%(2015) on Food Stamps.  Some quick math here, the Federal Budget for 2017 was $3.8 Trillion.  If you take these Socialist programs out of the picture, that would cut $2.54 TRILLION off the budget. That is almost 67% of the budget, JUST in Socialist programs.

Yes we pay into Social Security and Medicare, but why?  How many hundreds of thousands to millions get benefits they don’t really deserve? I say end it for anyone under the age of 50 and yes I am 47 so I know that would affect me, but I am fine with that.  We are NOT a socialist country, we need to END these socialist programs.  As long as people know they can live off the Government, what is the incentive to work?  What is the incentive to better yourself?  There are plenty of people on disability that their disability is they are lazy and don’t care.  Take the safety net away.  Everyone should pay the exact same rate for taxes no matter if they make $1 or $1 Billion, if you have no skin in the game, why would you even care what the government does with the money?

Ok Rant Over, Have a great labor day and remember, common sense is the only way to truly make dollars and cents!

Comments welcome as always

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