The Main Stream Instigators aka Media

Who is really at fault for Charlottesville?  How about Berkeley? Ferguson? Baltimore? and the list goes on….

Is it that President Trump is so hateful he brings out the very worst in people to come out and destroy private property and have his supporters and the police attacked? Nah not even a 3rd grader would be stupid enough to lash out like that.

Is it the Democrats and their “Resist” movement that George Soros has funded to bring out all these so called protesters, which is basically code for anarchists, who while I can’t prove it, I think they get bonuses for the damage they cause?

No, let’s look at the real cause of all this trouble.  The Main Stream Instigators aka Media.  You have a 24/7 news cycle now with the internet, as well as with CNN, MSNBC and even FOX, where they cover everything they want, LIVE!  One thing you always notice at these riots these days is cameras everywhere, both in the “Press” as well as camera phones broadcasting live.  Everyone sees Reality TV and want to do their own version of it.  The liberal governments in these cities aren’t going to do anything to stop it, because like in Baltimore, the police are told to stand down.  So you have an absolutely lawless situation. The networks run what they want to run to try to drive their narrative. Plus they know it will draw ratings, and unlike reality shows on TV, the production costs of sending a cameraman and reporter to the scene is a lot less than an actual TV production of a reality show.

The KKK has been marching for 100+ years, and yes they still marched during both Republican and Democrat Presidents (yes even during Obama), and David Duke has held rallies for decades.  Shame is, networks only pull him up when they want him as part of their narrative.  Otherwise they are a serious minority of the American Population, and while giving them no press would not make them go away, it would not help them grow like the coverage this last week has likely done.  They are a hate group, why are you giving them so much air time on TV? Oh yeah, Ratings and you can use it to try to make President Trump look bad.

Anarchists have been around for decades as well, now they call themselves Antifa, but it is the same concept, “We could care less about the law, and will do what we want, because we could care less about the laws of this country. Do it our way or we riot.” Again for decades they marched, but not to the extent they have the last 5 years or so, as they got full coverage of their riots that they call demonstrations, and the group has grown in size because people see that they can do it and nothing will happen to them.  Obama gave them a free pass, and so far the liberal governments in the cities they are destroying are just letting them go, and cleaning up the mess (with taxpayer dollars) after it is over.

You have the media quick to get on the air with all the facts as they want to report it, and not with the full facts of what actually happened.  It is a matter of who is first, not who is right.  They have been running the Russia conspiracy for a year, and yet still have no proof of nothing.  But they still report it like it is real.  Now you have the press with the help of both the DNC and Democrats Senators and Representatives glad to come on the air and help push the narrative that President Trump is a racist.  My question is have they actually been paying attention?  I watched both speeches and the press conference, and I lost track of how many times that President Trump condemned the KKK and Neo-Nazis, but the MSI does everything they can to soundbite it to death.  Of course you also have the RINOs coming out in force as well condemning President Trump, a couple ran against him in 2016 and lost, McCain ran in 2008 and lost, Romney ran in 2012 and lost, and I believe there is a lot of bitterness there.  Plus I am getting more and more confident everyday that the so called Republicans are in bed with the Democrats to take care of themselves, and could care less about the American People.  I am sure there are some exceptions, but it is becoming more the rule.

But back to the point of all this.  If someone shut down CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all the 24/7 news channels, would people really miss them?  Would the trouble start to die down because it wouldn’t be given 24/7 coverage to give these movements their 15 minutes of fame?  Even ISIS is getting a free ride and free publicity because it is covered 24/7.  Now I am not saying don’t report what is going on, but stop glamorizing it.  I do not need to hear from 50 so called experts on a single topic.  Report the news, and move on.  Let me make my own opinion, and don’t try to drive your narrative in either direction.  We have talk radio and twitter for editorials. The problem is today all so called news coverage is anymore is opinion. Stop giving these thug groups live coverage. Only one that may need to do that is the local news in the area if things get bad, but honestly I think if you cut the 15 minutes of fame coverage, a lot of these riots, demonstrations, fights, and even police shootings would start to go down.

If you really want to give something coverage to make a change, how about actually focusing on all the violence in Chicago? Over 400 people have already been killed this year in Chicago, and that is more than we have lost in the military in conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen combined and by a large margin.  This isn’t about statues, riots, Antifa, KKK, Neo-Nazis, Black Lives Matter, this is about the NEWS.

Report it, stop trying to define it!

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