Democrats Trying To Start New Civil War?

In 1860 in reaction to the election of Abraham Lincoln, the Democrats in South Carolina got together and drafted the secession documents. They wanted to get out of the union to protect slavery that Abraham Lincoln promised to end.  So because they were mad that they lost an election they decided to try to take over the Government by force.  As we know how history went, they lost.  In that process the Republicans got an even larger share of the Senate and House due to so many Democrats standing down with the confederacy.  Here is what the Republicans were able to pass.


Now let’s look at what the current Democrats are doing now that Donald Trump won the Presidency.  First off I have lost track of how many Democrats are trying to Impeach President Trump.  It is becoming like static on a bad AM radio station (yes they still have those).  You have the Democrats who refuse to condemn Black Lives Matter and Antifa through all their destruction and hate.  Yes a Nazi killed a person in Charlottesville Saturday, but that does not excuse how all the damage caused by Antifa and BLM in cities like Milwaukee, San Jose, Anaheim, Berkeley, Charlotte, Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.  Now you have Antifa, Communists, etc pulling down statues, destroying public and private property and yet no condemnation by anyone.  It is almost like the Democrats are supporting the anarchists to get back control of the country.  To kick up so much chaos that, while maybe not an official secession, is an unoffical secession.

The Democrats have always been about identity politics, President Lyndon Johnson only signed the Civil Rights Law to make sure that the African Americans voted Democrat, as he allegedly put it “I’ll have those N****** voting Democrat for the next 200 years.  When is the last a Democrat has not played identity politics? John Kennedy maybe, but honestly with a lot of his policies and beliefs if they were in place today he would likely be considered a Republican and be getting blasted by the press.

They are trying to cause such a division in the country to bring another war amongst ourselves.  Do you think maybe ISIS is leaving us alone in our country, because with all the leeway and credibility given to groups like Antifa and BLM, they don’t need to bother destroying us, because we are doing an amazing job destroying ourselves? An ISIS attack now would only screw things up because it may bring us back together, similar to 9/11 did.  Of course in this current environment, I don’t even think an attack like that could do it because at that point it would only be finger pointing going on.

Just as what started during the Obama Administration, and has even gotten worse since President Trump has taken over, is that the lawless are praised, while the law abiding are destroyed.  Just to clarify before everyone loses their mind, the Nazi group in Charlottesville is not in the law abiding category, I am talking about simple civilians in life.  People who go to political rallies who are beaten, pepper sprayed, egged, etc.  Business owners who watch their businesses set on fire, windows broken, looted, just because they have a business in a town that this rioters decide to destroy in the name of a cause.

Here is the problem with the Democrats that the Republicans are dangerous. Obama said himself that Republicans are about their God, Guns and Country.  If Republicans were so dangerous, they have trillions of rounds of ammunition and a couple hundred million guns and are all about defending themselves. So if they really wanted to start a war with Democrats and were such bad people it would probably be a quick war.  But Republicans tend to have no interest in that.  They just want to live their lives, try to improve their lives through hard work.

Democrats want to keep people down, keep them on the Government nipple to keep them dependent and keep them in line.  They don’t want anyone to be successful because they think you should be punished for it.  How often do you hear a Democrat call out the 1%.  The Declaration Of Independence stated that we have the right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.  The Democrats have forgotten all about it.  Because in their minds we have the right to Abortion, Government Control/Regulations, and Please Stay Home and live off the Tax Payers.

So as of now we have the sparks of another civil war flickering.  Are we going to allow more fuel be poured on it, or finally grow up and handle this like adults?

Time to end the safe spaces, anarchists and remember that we are ONE Nation under God, but as long as we have ___________-American, we will never be that.

Comments as usual are welcomed.

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