ANTIFA is America’s JV ISIS

You may think that headline is a bit harsh, but if you take a minute to look at the reality of things, nothing could be closer to the truth.

FACT:  If you do not believe what ISIS believes, they attempt to destroy you.

FACT: If you do not believe what ANTIFA believes, they attempt to destroy you.

The only reason that I call ANTIFA the JV is so far they have not gone for the deaths and killing that ISIS has done, but they have caused hundred of injuries and millions upon millions of property damage, both private and public.

I have lost track of all the pictures I have seen of people bloodied, beaten, egged by these people.  Watching the video of San Jose, Portland, Berkeley, Washington DC, Anaheim, Oakland, and the list goes on, of the riots and pure anarchy of this group.  They have lined up with Black Lives Matter to get involved with them as well.

They have no desire for free speech. They wear all black as well as Communist insignias yet I never hear anyone in “power” to call them out by name.  It is almost like those in the Government are either scared of them, or agree with them, and either option is a scary situation for the American people.  Because like Obama not calling ISIS what they were for 7 years, just made them stronger, I fear that this is only making ANTIFA stronger.

It is almost like ANTIFA is being given a free pass to destroy the country, destroy the history and rewrite it.  Watching them do the damage they do totally boils my blood.  I fought for this country.  Would have died to defend it, and yet those who are in charge are allowing this to happen.  I grew up during the cold war and the Communist and Communist ideology was the enemy, yet now we have that enemy on our soil, and we do nothing.  Mayors are making the police stand down so ANTIFA can cause all the damage they want.  Saying they will review the video after the fact to make arrests, yet most of the ANTIFA members are wearing masks, scarfs, etc, to hide their faces.  And as you have seen in Durham today, the police pressed charges, and now they are marching against that, and I have a feeling those charges will probably go away.

We are being held hostage by ANTIFA, these groups of paid Soros thugs are getting a free run, and even when President Trump tried to call them out, he is totally trashed by both the media and Democrats, but by Republicans as well.  What is going on when only hate on one side can be called out?  What is simply wrong with this picture.

Hate is hate, it doesn’t care your gender, your color, your religious choices, it is just hate. We are ONE country, used to be United, but now seriously divided and I fear it will only get worse before it will ever get better because no one will make a stand.  We are going further and further away from being a civilized society by the day.  What will it take for those in charge to wake up and defend the people they are supposed to represent?

I wish I had the answers, and the options running through my head to cause someone to step up and make a stand are rather scary.  People are going to have to die for someone in charge to wake up, but honestly, I don’t even know if they will stop them.  They are getting stronger each day and our Government, at every level, is just shrinking in the corner.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall …….

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