How To REALLY Drain the Swamp

OK, so it has been said over and over in both the election, and since, that Trump went to DC to Drain The Swamp.  Fact is, only the American People can do that.  We are the only ones with the real power to make it happen and it can start happening as soon as 2018.

Everyone complains about the establishment in DC, but the problem is we keep re-electing the same people over and over and expecting different results.  Right now in Congress there are 537 Representatives and Senators.  Out of that you have SEVEN who have served for over 40 years, including Rep. John Conyers (D) of MI who has served for 52 years!  What good are you to the people of the country when your first term started before there was ever color television? Sen Cochran (R) of MS and Rep Young (R) of AK have served for 44 years each.  Sen Leahy (D) of VT, and Sen Grassley (R) of IA, have both served 42 years each.  With Sen Markey (D) of MA and Sen Hatch (R) of UT both serving their 40th year this year.  As you can already tell by this list, the problem isn’t D or R it is lifetime politicians who forgot what it was like, and why they were elected to begin with and that is to serve We The People.  If you add those who have served between 30-39 years you can add 19 more names (11 Rs and 8 Ds) and those who have served 20-29 years can add 60 more names.  So right there you are looking at 86 of the 537 who have served more than 20 years so 16% of Congress.

The Congress in 1947 passed the 22nd Amendment to limit the President to two terms, the Congress should be the same way, so out of 537 Members that would term limit out 29 Senators, with 34 more not being eligible for re-election at the end of their term. So 63% of the Senate would be due to change either immediately or within the next six years.  For the House that would limit them to 4 years, which would knock out all but 58 people who could run for re-election in 2018, so 87% of the House of Representatives would not be eligible to run in 2018.

So now that we have seen the numbers, let’s look at the common sense way to Drain The Swamp.  First I do not think that the Congress would ever have the guts to set term limits on themselves.  We see they have no problem giving themselves raises and more time off, so there is only one way to do this.  People who are not in DC now, have to run.  If you are a Republican, and want the Republican to keep their seat in the House or Senate, run as a primary challenger.  If you are a Democrat and want a Democrat to keep their seat, run as a primary challenger.

Both parties must agree that Trump was elected because the people wanted our government back, well we have to take the next step to make that happen.  Until we have enough Governors that would agree to call for a Constitutional Convention, we will never have term limits in the Congress.  I have heard people campaign for the House and Senate both who said they were for term limits, but I have yet to see the first bill brought to the floor and I think it should be done immediately.  Would be a fairly cut and dry bill, you get two terms in the Senate or 3 terms in the House and you are not allowed to serve 20 years or more total in any elected capacity.  So if you do three terms in the House and then two in the Senate you will not be running for President, or even Mayor.  Your time in Government is over, and there is no pension.  Being a politician should not be considered a career, but sadly that is the state of affairs today.  If Congress was limited to spending their own money, and not faceless tax payers, they may actually be more responsible.  Instead they just keep lining their pockets and campaign coffers with lobby money, slush funds and hush money.

It is a very simple solution and the only hope that We the American People have to ever get our government back in the hands of We the People.  So if you can, run, if you really want the government back in the hands of the people, we are the only ones who can do it.


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