A Common Sense HealthCare Plan

We know that Obamacare has been a total disaster over the last seven years.  That is beyond debate or question.  If one thing our Government has proven is that it does not know how to handle money or run a business.  I have a simple solution to the upcoming health care deal.  Government, get out of the Healthcare business!

Here is what the perfect plan should be.

First off, you have to end the mandate.  You cannot force a free society to have to buy something just because they are breathing.  You can force them to get auto insurance to drive, because there is nothing saying you have to drive and driving is not a right.  You can force them to get home owners insurance because they do not have to own a house and owning a home is not a right.  The Bill of Rights say you have the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  It says nothing about health care and this is the government again over stepping it’s rights to lead.

Secondly, you have to end the subsidies, or as they are going to call them now, tax credits, because they are one in the same.  It is still government money going into the insurance industry.  As the government has proven, especially with colleges.  The more money they talk about offering to an industry, the more those prices tend to increase.

You should block grant medicare and medicaid money to the states, but under two conditions.  First, they do not get any grants if they are a sanctuary cities within their state, or want to be a sanctuary state.  Secondly, no grant money or benefits are allowed to go to illegal aliens.  Doing this kills two birds in one stone, because not only will it make coming to this country illegally less beneficial to people, it will severly cut the amount of benefits we are paying out.

You should also drop stateline restrictions.  Let’s look at what competition can do in a simple way.  If you live in a small town with just one gas station you are going to pay a lot more to fill up your car, because there simply is no competition.  If you add a second gas station across the street then the gas prices will naturally start to fall.  Put a third gas station on the next corner and prices continue to go down, add a fourth and it goes down even more.  This is a major problem with the healthcare system today is that the government is restricting the number of “gas stations” they allow a state.

One regulation that the government should apply for the healthcare industry is that all hospitals have to release full pricing for all of their services.  First off it provides full disclosure, right now you have hospitals charging what they know the insurance companies will pay out.  This will allow them to charge say $10,000 for a surgery for someone with Blue Cross, yet $15,000 for that exact same surgery to someone with Medicaid because they know what they can get.  If hospitals have to release all their prices in advance, that too generates competition amongst hospitals, because even non-profit hospitals have to break even.

Next question people may ask is about how do you deal with those who don’t make a lot of money and that too is pretty simple.  If they are able to work, and do not currently have a job, they can do community service, either at the hospital or something to pay off some of the debt.  I also think doing everything above will drive more growth and jobs for people.  I think if you are able to work, and work can be found, you should not be allowed to stay on government assistance.  It may not be their dream job, but this country has gone too far to the left to reward lazy and punish success, that needs to change.

If you do all that I have listed in this story the country will save Trillions of dollars.  Healthcare costs will go way down, as will insurance costs.  It will drive innovation because you will have hopitals competing to say “we did _______ first” or “we have the best record dealing with ______”.  You will have insurance companies competing for healthcare similar to how they compete with auto insurance now, and it just becomes a win, win for the country.


As always comments are welcome.

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