Trump’s Ban, The Reality

Ok I know that a third or more of the country, including some Republicans are freaking out right now over President Trump’s Executive Order banning people coming from 7 countries in the middle east.  They are calling it a Muslim Ban.  Now for the reality.

It is not a Muslim ban or there would be 40 other countries on the list.

Next they say that what he is doing is both unconstitutional as well as unprecedented, but again that is false.  Just in the last 40 years Jimmy Carter banned anyone coming from Iran during the Iran Hostage Crisis, and Barack Obama even stopped all visas from Iraq in 2011 for 6 months.  There was no outrage during both of these times.  No “protests” at the airports, or lawyers chomping at the bit to hopefully get some more attention.

It has also been said that what we are doing is inhumane to the refugees and as Americans we should have to take them in, and give them what they need.  Last I checked there are numerous countries around Syria that could easily take these people in, and keep them in the lifestyle they are used to.  Where they can continue to live under Sharia Law and not try to impose it on us.  Personally I would rather not see what is happening in Europe happening here in the United States.  Last I also checked the Constitution did not give citizens from other countries the same rights as American Citizens because it did not apply to them.  It is the Constitution of the United States, not of the world.

Here is an idea I have for anyone protesting, who thinks we should let anyone in, doesn’t matter if we can check who they are or not.  For the next 90 days, you are not allowed to lock the doors of your home, car, etc.  Actually you need to leave all the doors open and your valuables in full sight.  Leave your keys in your car too.  Anyone who wants to come into your house can do that.  You can’t even ask who they are.  If they want to take something you have to let them, because hey, they are in worse shape than you so they deserve it, because that is the “right thing to do”.  If they come in your house and decide to stay you have to live by their rules. (As you may not have noticed Sharia Law is slowly but surely expanding into Europe with no real push back because that wouldn’t be politically correct).  If they want to have sex with your wife, or your children you are not allowed to stop them, as by their custom it is allowed.  If they want to mutilate them, they can, and you can’t stop them.  If you, or your children or any of your friends are gay, you are not allowed to protect them because they will be killed or jailed based on their sexual preference.  Females are no longer allowed to drive or go to school and have to do whatever any man tells them.

Are there good Muslims out there? Of course there are.  You can’t persecute anyone based on religion or faith, but to be in America you have to follow the same laws as American’s do.  The protection of our country and lifestyle comes first.  We have fought to defend it since the late 1700’s and by no means should we stop now just because it is politically correct.

Maybe if you stop enough countries from being allowed in the US because they harbor terrorists, they will actually do something to stop the terrorist themselves.  If they continue to harbor them, you tighten the screws even more.  If they ask for help, then by all means help, if they don’t ask for help you make life even harder on them.  It is not our job to support the world.  We have enough problems of our own.  They need to do stuff on their own as well.  Pull their weight, and if countries continue to break the rules and agreements, clamp things down even tighter.  This ban should just be the start.  You should add Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkey and quite a few more countries to that list to put in a stranglehold on ISIS and all those Radical Islamist of other groups as well.  The days of calling them or treating them as the JV team are over.

ISIS is the closest thing to Hitler we have seen since Hitler.  If you do not agree with them, they kill you.  If you will not follow them, they will kill you. They have taken the gas chamber to the next level with the different ways they kill people, from beheading to drowing in cages to lowering down in acid and allowing the acid to turn them into nothing, all while still alive.

So reality check folks, what Trump did was completely legal, and honestly in my opinion should just be the start of things.  If we don’t take ISIS seriously, the red, white and blue that flies from our homes now, will turn into black arabic writing of ISIS.  Feel free to call this just a bit extreme, but this is reality folks.


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