An Open Letter to Donald Trump


Mr Trump,

I have been a supporter of yours since the Paris attacks last year.  I have gladly been on the Trump Train ever since.  This is the first election in my lifetime, and I have been voting since 1988, that I have not only bought merchandise to a campaign, but also donated and even went to political rallies and have door knocked, talked a lot about you to family, friends and strangers, and just recently was blocked by the Hillary Clinton Twitter account. No I did not do it through using profanity, threats of violence or hate.  I simply stated the truth.

People ask me why I support you and do all the things I have done so far in this campaign season. The reason is simple.  That two year old sitting in my lap in that picture above, that is my son.  He is the reason I have put so much time, energy and money into your campaign because my son needs a chance at a future.  I do not want my son to have to grow up in a country that is PC.  Where hard work gets you ridicule and shame, and laziness is rewarded.  Where you get a trophy for participating and winning means nothing.  I do not want the government to pay my son’s way through college, and as bad as colleges are these days with their safe zones I really do not think college is even worth the money anymore.  Common core is a disaster and if you lose this election my son will be home schooled because I do not need to learn how to do math the “new way” when the old way wasn’t broke, just to help him with his homework.  I want school choice and love when you talk about it.

Next thing that has to go is Obamacare and I know you have said over and over that you are going to repeal and replace it.  I have been on your site and one thing I wish you would say on the trail that I am sure would get a lot of attention is the fact you are dropping the mandate.  I am not sure everyone has been to your site, I am pretty sure they haven’t, and I think that would make a big difference on the trail.

As a small business owner your tax plan is a beautiful thing, and getting rid of a lot of regulations combined will give me a better chance to expand my business and hire more people.

I am also a big fan of getting our immigration system under control, both dealing with illegals, visa overstays and keeping out refugees until they can be safely vetted.  I am glad to see that the safety of the country is important to you.  I am also a fan of building the wall to not only keep out illegals, but to keep out drugs.  So they hopefully never get in the hands of my son.

As a vet myself, ten years in the US Navy, I am glad that you are going to take care of the vets and rebuild our military as I have friends who still serve to this day and just as I served after the Reagan buildup, they should have the very best equipment possible.

Thank you so very much for your patriotism, and making being American cool again. For the last eight years the pride in our country has almost vanished.

Now to accomplish all of this you have to win.  I know the talk is about your temperament and can you keep your cool.  I have watched about 100 of your rallies, I have seen you speak to churches and I have watched you in small settings and I know you have the temperament to deal people.  I have seen you at every GOP debate you did and now recently at the debate with Hillary Clinton this week.  Here is just this American’s viewpoint.

At the debate against Hillary I noticed one thing I have only seen you do once this entire election and that was go for the water.  I have seen you do 60 minutes full voiced speeches without it, but at this debate I saw you go to the water three different times.  I also noticed that you actually let Lester Holt run the debate and didn’t take full command as I know you can do.  One thing I have heard by people and I do agree is that you should step up and take over.  I do not care what they ask you.  Give them a sentence or two and then pivot to what you want to talk about.  They do not say you have to talk about the answer to their question for the two minutes, they just say you have two minutes.  We know that the moderators in the next two debates are going to be in Hillary’s pocket so you need to show them who is in charge.  Not by yelling at them, or constantly interrupting, but by driving the conversation where you want it to go.  If they hit you with 20-30 year old stories, simply say you have answered it 100 times and that Hillary also did…. and fill in the blank with what you want to talk about, but not only hit her on something but follow up with how you can fix it.  I know you are an avid reader and you love watching the news channels, but may I recommend you go and watch the Reagan/Carter and Reagan/Mondale debates.  You are a very smart man, there is no question about that and I know you like to dumb some things down so you aren’t talking over people’s heads.  But mix in your humor with it.  Think about it, over the last 60 years, the most memorable debate moments had absolutely nothing to do with policy, but a moment of humor.  Use that to your advantage.  One debate is not the end of the world, and while I think you certainly won the first 30 minutes of the first debate, I feel that the last 60 you fell into the trap trying to defend yourself. Sadly it is the talk of the Miss Universe that is the talking point of that debate 5 days later.  Let it go, we know the media is totally against you and making stuff up as they go along, but let the surrogates do the dirty work and take the jabs.  If you think about it, a little over a month ago you were trailing in a lot of polls and people were panicking because you kept fighting every personal attack coming your way.  I know that is the New Yorker in you, but the thing that got you back in the lead was taking the lead, not taking the bait and focusing on what you and we can do to make the country better.  There are only three people you should talk about, they are the only ones that matter.  Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and feel free to take shots at the media from time to time to show their bias and dishonesty.  Other than that, none of these other attacks matter.  Leave it up to the surrogates and your Trump Train.  We have your back and will make sure we get the truth out.  You are running for President of the United States of America, so if someone isn’t the incumbent or your competition, they are not worthy to be talked about because all that does is lift them to your level, or work lower you to theirs.

This movement needs all of us to stay focused, our country is at stake, my son’s future is at stake.  We just need to stay focused for the next 39 days. You need to go into these next two debates and own them.  Stick to the message, get what you want to get across and at the end of the day we can Make America Great Again. Your two targets are Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, we have you covered on the rest.  Trust in us as we have trusted in you.

Thank you!!




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