Trump and Reagan, The Reality

OK, so I know there are going to be a lot of people mad about this article and that is perfectly fine by me as long as you read it with an open mind and think about things for a moment.  One thing to remember is I am not saying Donald Trump is the next Ronald Reagan, because there is, and will only be one Ronald Reagan in our lifetime.

The fact is though there are a ton of similarities between Ronald Reagan in 1980 and Donald Trump 2016. In this article I am going to go through a few of them. Both how the press covered both candidates as well as policy similarities between the two.

Let’s start out with the tax plan.  For personal taxes the Reagan tax plan started at 11% for the lowest earners to 38.5% for the highest earners. While he kept the Corporate tax rate in the mid 40s.  It was a huge tax cut across the board and the biggest since JFK during his time in office.  Trump has a plan starting at 12%-33% for individuals and 15% Corporate tax rate.  All three were actually told they would destroy the economy with the tax cuts and the first two proved the “experts” wrong. In Kennedy’s case, considering that Johnson did not automatically kill the tax cuts had 5 consecutive years of 4.4% or higher GDP growth with an average of 5.88% over that 5 years and a high of 6.6% in 1966 before Johnson raised taxes.  In Reagan’s case his tax cuts applied starting in 1983 and ended in 1989 when George HW Bush raised taxes. In that 7 year span the GDP growth was 3.5% or higher with an average of 4.43% with a high of 7.3% in 1984.  Since 1990 the average GDP growth is 2.44% per year on average. with the high being 4.7% in 1999 during the height of the internet boom.  We have not had a year above 3% GDP growth since 2005. To show how GDP affects the debt, from 1981-1989 the debt did increase by $1.694T during those 8 years, an average of $211.829B a year. From 1990-2016 the debt has climbed $16.675T or $641.348B per year average. So the tax cuts work, and create jobs and wealth and if you combine them with spending cuts by the Congress it can both get, but keep, the debt in check and start paying it down.

Now when Reagan was running in 1980 he was lambasted as just an actor.  Made fun of him costarring with a monkey, said he lacked both the knowledge and temper to be President based on his actions with protesters at Berkeley in the 60’s.  The press hounded him so much about it the Carter Administration, in negotiating with the Iranian Government for the return of the hostages, told them they should make the deal with them to give the hostages back because Reagan was capable of just about anything once he was elected.  The Iranians took that word of caution and you know the story of the hostages flying home on the day of the inauguration.  Libya even tried to push Reagan once by blowing up the Marine barracks, and Reagan sent a missile into both an intelligence building, but also a missile right into Gaddafi’s front door.  We never heard from Gaddafi again until Obama did his apology tour.  The big talking point about the Trump campaign right now is that he does not have the temperament to be President and I have no doubts he will use that to his advantage.  He has the respect of Putin already, just as Reagan got the respect of Gorbachev during the Cold War. The Russians, Chinese, N Korea, Iran, and most foreign leaders respect strength.  I think Trump, just like Reagan, will use that to the advantage of the US.  The press said Reagan was dangerous, they say the same thing about Trump. They said Reagan would be nuke happy, they say the same about Trump, why not use that to our advantage again and actually improve our standing in the world.

Trump and Reagan are both huge Patriots and supporters of our military.  They both either did in Reagan’s case, or will in Trump’s case, build up the military to make countries think twice about messing with us.  The great thing about it was with Reagan he won the Cold War without a shot being fired.  In Trump’s case we may have to fire shots, because ISIS will not go away as easy but it will take brute force to destroy them and that brute force will make their remaining soldiers think twice before doing anything to us.  I believe Trump in office will also get North Korea and Iran to both back off on what they are doing, because they will believe the press that he is crazy enough to turn them both into parking lots.

Trump and Reagan both know that the only way America is truly the Super Power of the planet is that we are strong, both the military and with our economy.  Right now we are weak in both, and that is not a slam on the men and women that serve, but it is how they are equipped, staffed and currently led.  I served during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and we fought with a lot of pride because when that strike started there was a goal, and the military was let loose to win and 42 days later it was over.  The way George W Bush and Obama have fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, ISIS and Al Qaeda we basically made our troops fight with a hand tied behind their back and be totally PC, which is no way to win a war, and why it has lasted 14 years with no end in sight.  They no longer have a specific goal to actually win this war, and are so tied down in how they fight it there is no way to actually win.  This is the 21st Century Vietnam.

Of course you have the similarities that both started as Democrats and turned Republican, though a lot of their ideas were conservative many years before they switched parties. They both were on TV making a name in entertainment before they even considered politics and they both go totally against the grain of what DC stands for, which is a great thing for both of them.  They were also both pro-choice at one point in their lives before becoming pro-life, and they have even both been divorced.  Neither of them would be called PC, even Reagan by today’s standards was far from PC and called things how he saw them.  They both put America First, and both want to make America great again.  Even Reagan after getting shot continued to fight and defend the 2nd Amendment which Trump is also a big advocate for.  They also both were for protecting our borders and ending illegal immigration.

So while Trump may not be the soft spoken person Reagan could be, there are more similarities than differences between the two.  Reagan was my motivation for serving in the military and brought such patriotic pride to the country.  I think if you get out of the press clippings and watch Trump speak at rallies, conventions and churches you can see without a doubt how much he loves this country.  Under a President Trump we would not be under the control of the UN as it seems we are on the current path to be.  I truly feel that this country will have a revival under a President Trump and hopefully on November 8th that happens.


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