#NeverTrump Do you want to save the GOP?

Some of you may not like this piece but sometimes reality and the truth hurts the worst.

We are in the most important election season of our entire lives.  We have two very distinct choices in this election. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I know Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are running, but let’s be realist, they have no chance in November.  So let’s look at the most important thing that will result from this election.

If you look at the current Supreme Court here are the current ages of those serving:

Chief Justice is John Roberts, appointed by George W Bush but tends to vote more often with the liberals then conservatives on the court is currently 61, so he is likely safe to stay the next 8 years.

Judge Anthony Kennedy, who was appointed by Ronald Reagan is 80, I really can’t see him lasting 8 years.

Judge Clarence Thomas, who was appointed by George H.W. Bush is 68, not sure he lasts the 8 years.

Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was appointed by Bill Clinton is 83, highly doubt she lasts 8 more years.

Judge Stephen Breyer, also appointed by Bill Clinton is 77, again, I highly doubt he lasts 8 more years on the bench.

Judge Samuel Alito, who was appointed by George W Bush is 66, I would think he would make it 8 years.

Judge Sonia Sotomayor, who was appointed by Barack Obama is 62, I think she will be around another 8 years.

Judge Elena Kagan, who was appointed by Barack Obama is 56, I do not see her stepping down anytime soon.

And of course you have the vacant seat left open by the passing of Antonin Scalia.

So we know for sure there is at least one Constitutional Originalist that will have to be replaced, and looking at the list above there are likely going to be 2-4 more, up to two Constitutional Originalist, and up to 2 Liberal judges.

So while you may hate Trump, and hate what the press has told you to think of him, here is the reality.  Trump has put out a list of 11 Judges that he will use to fill Supreme Court spots.  They were hand picked by the Federalist and checked by the Heritage Foundation to all be Constitutional Judges.  Even those who hate Trump who have seen the list are very impressed with it.


We all know that if Hillary is elected, every one of the judges she picks will have her same  liberal attitude she has.  Which if all 4 judges I listed above leave, plus filling the spot left vacant by Scalia could give her a 8-1 power hold over the Supreme Court and if she picks young enough judges, they could keep that advantage for the next 40-50 years and it may be hard to ever get it even again.

If that happens, any executive order she wishes to do will get backed up by her handpicked court. Which leads to the next reason why if you want to save the GOP you have to vote for Trump.

Hillary has already said on more than one occasion that she is going to get amnesty and a path to citizenship for the 11+ Million illegal aliens already in the country.  Which would add another 11 million more than likely to the Democrats voting list.  It would make it nearly impossible for any Republican to ever have a chance again at any level.  If she has to bypass Congress and does it by Executive Order, do you think the court, appointed by her, is going to vote it down?

Do you like your guns?  Well a vote for Hillary will likely give her the power in the Supreme Court to either rewrite the Second Amendment or abolish it, because they have proven in their current format they are not scared to write laws in the Supreme Court.

Do you like free speech? Because I can honestly see her getting that interpreted that you are not allowed to use language that may offend someone, even strengthening the PC Culture that is completely destroying the country.

This will no longer be the United States of America, it will be the United Socialist States of North America.  Because we will no longer have borders, and our Constitution will basically just be a piece of paper that we can look at and “remember when” about.

So you can keep say Cruz or Rubio or Bush or ________ would have been a better candidate to be President of the United States, if you want any of them to eventually have a chance to win you need to vote for Trump in November.  Otherwise, there won’t really need to be anyone nominated going forward because they won’t win.  It will go from one Democrat to the next until we are the next Venezuela or worse.

If Trump does a bad job as President we can vote him out in four years, but at least we will know there will be a chance to win a future election and that the Supreme Court will be safe for our next generations to come.

So the decision is yours.  You can stay home and not vote, which will help Hillary.  You can vote for Johnson or Stein, which will help Hillary.  You can vote for Hillary, which if you were as strong of a supporter for Cruz, Rubio, Bush, etc, you are being a hypocrite and bitter and when what happens in this story becomes true you will only have yourselves to blame.

Comments always welcome.

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