Main Stream Media is Main Stream Spin

One thing that has come to our attention probably this election more than any is just how the media, both print, internet, radio and TV are all doing what they can to drive the election.  This might be showing my age here a bit, but I do remember when you watched the Nightly News or read a newspaper you got news.  Both would have opportunities for the broadcaster to speak his mind the last couple minutes of the broadcast, and the newspapers had an editorial section. Now it seems like every newscaster and every writer just wants to spout their thoughts and now newspapers are 2 sections, Editorial and Sports.  I understand that with the 24 hour news cycle you have to fill on slow days, but the fact I see a lot of made up news to drive the narrative and it just sickens me.

I understand my role writing on the internet, and while I know I may not have a huge readership I am not in this for money.  This is basically my spot to vent.  But unlike a lot of “writers” and “reporters” these days, I do a lot of research on a topic from both sides before I ever start typing one of these.  I don’t come at it from a right spin, or a left spin, I just look at things through common sense and let you decide what you want to think about it.  I served my time in the US Navy to defend this country and the right to the 1st Amendment but sadly the Freedom of the Press has got lost in the shuffle.  When Freedom of the Press was established it was to give the press protection from the government to print the truth.  Now it is being used to print whatever they feel like on the day.  Truth is not even relevant anymore in today’s Twitter and Facebook age.  I know, because I see a lot of “stories” on both that there is no way to fact check.

Sadly it is “journalism” like that that is starting to drive a bigger division in this country.  Right now the “media” and I use that word rather lightly these days, is doing whatever they can to get Hillary Clinton elected.  That has not only been proven by the Wikileaks release of the DNC emails, but just how many times I have seen soundbites taken out of context to spin their narrative.  I have been keeping up with elections since I was 8, in 1978 and I can never remember Walter Cronkite taking a soundbite and then trying to drive the narrative that Gerald Ford was Satan.  Yes I do remember some in the media making fun of Reagan back in 1980 saying he didn’t have a chance because he was an actor, and while he may have spent eight years at the Governor of California he didn’t have the experience to run the country.  He was often outspoken, and never really what would be considered politically correct and I can only imagine how the MSM would treat him if he was running today.

Here are a few of the recent examples of this happening.  On Wednesday in Florida, Donald Trump did a press conference, he started out with a five minute statement and then started taking questions.  Over the next 10 minutes he was asked eight questions. Two of those questions were about his tax returns, and six were about Russia and Putin.  After answering the same basic question over and over Trump got sarcastic with the reporters and looked at the camera and told Russia if they had the emails to turn them over and they would be rewarded by the press.  You can clearly hear laughing in the room, and reasonable person in the room, or anyone who had been watching the first 15 minutes of the press conference would have realized it was a sarcastic joke.  Yet it took less than 30 minutes after the press conference for the MSM to spin that Trump was actually asking the Russians to hack the emails which has a few problems with it.  First off, he never told the Russians to hack the server, because last we were told the server doesn’t exist. Secondly and this is where it gets fun.  The Clinton camp says what Trump did basically amounts to treason because it was a danger to national security.  Only issue with that is that we were told that the 33,000 emails were basically yoga, wedding and funeral emails, so why would there be a national security issue.

Now the whole point of this was to take attention away from what was actually in those emails from the DNC server, where there were racial, antisemitic, misogynistic, and bigoted emails. They also show collusion between the MSM and the DNC to drive the narrative and just shows the overall corruption going on. Another factor that shows the media bias in the MSM is that during the RNC in Cleveland there was plenty of coverage by the networks for the protesters outside, yet at the DNC in Philadelphia, where the protests got more violent, protesters jumped the fence and the Bernie supporters stormed the media tent, and yet you hardly heard a thing about it.  There are even reports that the DNC actually paid people to sit in empty seats when they kicked the Bernie supporters out.  Of course that didn’t get reported in the MSM, but it leads to the question, why not?

This is going to be one of the most important elections of our lifetime.  The deck is certainly stacked against Trump, because he threatens to destroy the good ole boys network. The sad reality is that we have two options this election year.  We can do our homework to find the real facts, or continue to be led like sheep.  The choice is yours Americans.  Do you want the truth? Or do you want to be led like a lamb to slaughter?


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