The Broken States of America


Yet again this is a picture you can see around the country.  This is becoming so commonplace I almost fear it is going to lose it’s significance the longer it is in this position.  But this is the state of what is left of our country today.

In 1775 the original Patriots fought to get our independence from a monarchy that wanted our money, but did’t want to give us a say in our own lives.

In the 1860’s our country fought itself, and not just about slavery as that was only a small part of the war, but over taxes and other issues going on at the time.  We almost destroyed our country then but were able to get back together and become the United States of America again.

In the 1910’s our country joined the world to fight the War To End All Wars, and we did that united.

In the 1940’s our country joined the attack to end Hitler, as well as to defend ourselves against the attack from Japan and again we did that united.

In the 1960’s there was tremendous anger and strife, between the civil rights movement and our role in Vietnam.  It took longer this time, but we eventually came together.

In my opinion the 1970’s race relations started to improve a little, and in the 1980’s it came together even more. Yes there were issues and riots during this time frame, but there was progress.  During the 1990’s when President Bill Clinton introduced and signed the Crime Bill race relations started to suffer a bit as people were actually put into jail for their crimes.  But homicide rates went down, as did crimes in general.

On September 11, 2001 I think it would be safe to say that our country was actually united again, for the first time in decades.  Sadly 3,000 people had to lose their life on that day to accomplish that.  But as the people who ran away from the World Trade Center that day as they came down, no one was white, black, brown, they were all grey, covered by the ashes. While we may not have been literally covered in ashes in our homes, or places of business that day, we too were also grey.  There was no color line, no color barriers, no segregation, no discrimination.  We were all together mad as hell at what Osama Bin Laden had orchestrated.  That attack was an attack on Christians, Jews, Pagans, Muslims, Atheists, etc.  They were equal opportunity terrorists and we became a country of equal opportunity love and support.

But as the years went by and the Iraq War dragged on, that united stand we had started to fall.  The tension increased, the anger more prevalent.  In 2008 Barack Obama was running for President and offering a life of Hope and Change.  Here was this half white, half black man running for President and people gave him a chance.  Black people gave him a chance because they thought he would help their lives get better.  White people gave him a chance to see if he would help close up the distance between relations blacks and whites in America.  Sadly, the opposite has happened.

I don’t fully put the blame of this on Obama, as there are quite a few factors that have gone into it, and I am going to go over those first.

First problem in this whole scenario is Social Media, both Facebook and Twitter, especially Twitter has turned into a breeding ground for hate.  Any one can create a Twitter account, you only need an email address and those are so easy to come by.  You don’t have to use your real name, or any real identifying information so you can become a “Keyboard Superhero”.  You can say whatever you want and not really fear any retribution.  You have people on Twitter who’s only purpose is to cause hate.  You could post a tweet saying the sky is blue and they are going to come back that you are a racist and wrong because it is purple.  A lot of those are simply attention whores who don’t really care if the attention they get is positive or negative.  Another problem with Twitter is that anyone can report “News” which as I see on my own timeline from others there is a lot of false stories being promoted as if they are real.  You have a similar issue with Facebook in that regard with fake stories as well.  Which also leads me to the next group who deserves blame in this.

The “Main Stream Media and Press”.  I would say 20-40 years ago if you read the NY Times, Washington Post or watched the CBS Nightly News, you could trust what you read or saw because you knew and trusted the people who were writing or reporting the story to have done the homework and verifying of their stories before they ever hit the air or printer.  Now in the day of the 24/7 news networks and digital press it is no longer a matter of reporting facts.  It is a matter of trying to get the story online or on air first and we can work on the actual facts later.  The hard part about that is they will spend hours or front pages on what they consider news, and yet when the actual facts come out to prove that story was wrong to begin with, you either never hear about it, or it is lost on a back page or a 30 second blurb at the end of a newscast.  I understand the 1st Amendment allows for freedom of the press, but that was initially set up to give the press the right to prove and report the truth without retribution from the government.  Now it is a matter of what headline will get the most clicks, or draw the highest ratings.  Accountability has been thrown out of the window, as has credibility.  Reporters these days try to spin stories to fit their narrative instead of just sticking with the facts.  If we want opinion only stories, which is what 99% of newspapers have turned into, there is an editorial section just for it.  Leave it there, it does not belong on the front page or top story.

Modern Technology has also been a huge problem, as well as a huge asset in the issues we have right now.  Everyone these days has a cell phone, and I would probably be safe to say they all have cameras in them.  These days everyone wants to be famous.  No matter if it is by getting more RT’s and followers on Twitter, or more friends on Facebook or YouTube subscribers and views.  One thing you will notice at pretty much every protest is a lot of people recording everything going on.  You have people showing off in front of the camera as well to try to get that attention.  It honestly makes me wonder if the people are there to actually protest a cause or get on the news.  I have watched it myself where a group was calm before they realized the camera was shining on them and then all hell breaks loose.  Another thing going on is anytime a police officer tries to handle a situation he/she gets surrounded by a group of people with their cameras in the air recording everything.  This causes two results. First off it puts the police officer in more danger, because instead of being able to focus on the matter at hand, he also has to pay attention to the situation surrounding him. Secondly I am sure it goes through their mind that anything they do will likely get edited to make them look like they did something wrong.  Now before I get slammed saying I am saying the police do no wrong, that would be incorrect.  There are bad apples in every profession out there and police are no different. One bad police officer does not make all police officers bad, just like one bad black person doesn’t make all black people bad, or one bad white person makes all white people bad.  That is just not how life works.  But that is sadly how things are being categorized these days.

Black Lives Matter is also an issue, and I am not saying all of the people involved, but the idea as a whole.  Black Lives Matter was allegedly started to stop the loss of black lives.  The only problem with his issue is that in 2016 police have killed less than 150 blacks, which is about 25% of their killings this year.  We don’t know how many of those came in shootouts with police, or what the circumstances are that led to those deaths.  But you have rallies all across the country most with very hateful chants and again they are missing the point.  If black lives mattered so much, they would be helping patrol the streets of Chicago each weekend to help out the police and slow down the black on black crime and murders.  Someone is shot in Chicago every 2 hours, someone dies by being shot every 10 hours where is the outrage from BLM?  Here is another suggestion if you do not believe that white cops are fair, take yourself to the police academy and sign up.  Walk a day in their shoes and see how they throw themselves in dangerous situations to protect those in danger.  They run towards the bullet and tell you to run away from them.  So if you want to be part of the solution, join the force.  Because you will honestly never know what they go through if you don’t walk in their shoes.

Finally Barack Hussein Obama.  I have never in my life, or in my reading of history has ever seen a President of the United States to do more to tear the country apart.  He was a man who had a perfect chance and open door to bring the country together.  Even Abraham Lincoln, the President during our actual Civil War did more to try to bring the country together.  I have never seen a President who praised criminals like he has.  From Trayvon Martin, Eric Brown, Ferguson, Baltimore, etc and condemn and criticize our police as much as this President has. He has supported the protesters all over the country as they shout “Pigs in a blanket, fly them like bacon” or “What do we want? Dead Cops!, When do we want them? Now!” and yet he praises their movement.  Yesterday after the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, which we saw 35 seconds of what happened with Alton and after the fact with Philando this President immediately puts the blame on the cops.  Spouting of stats, yet fails to mention that blacks commit crimes at a much higher rate.  But again this is not about race, this is about reality.  But when the President continually slams the police and says we have to fix the system, people take him seriously and take action into their own hands which leads us to Dallas.

The protest in Dallas was totally peaceful, other than a few chants that I take issue with, such as “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” which never happened! It was actually during that chant that the shots started ringing out.  In that moment, the very police they were protesting as a group became the targets.  They did what trained officers do, (still want to go to the Police Academy?) they ran towards the bullets while directing the protesters away to safety.  Five of these officers and their families made the ultimate sacrifice. They did that protecting people who were shouting their hate at them.  Even after the shooting you had people dancing and yelling at the police at a 7-11 up the street from the shooting, but of course there were cameras and camera phones around.  Gotta have that 5 minutes of fame, even if it showed you being a complete idiot.  Seven other officers were shot and luckily will live.  We pray they have a very speedy recovery.

This whole situation has left yet another crater between white and black people.  The blame is going both ways and again it shows we are missing the plot.  This is not the White States of America. It is not the Black States of America.  It is not the Hispanic States of America. It is the United States of America.  Until we realize that we all bleed red, and that some just have better tans than others, if our government would stop trying to throw more gas on the fire it is, we will continue to be the Broken States of America.  We have to be Americans, drop the hyphen, drop the attitude and drop the excuses. Only we can save ourselves now.


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