Gun Control Or ISIS Support

Once again our government has missed the plot.  There were 49 killed and 53 injured in Orlando this weekend.  This was an ISIS inspired attack plain and simple.  There have been so many red flags that have popped up in the investigation to show that without question.  This has a 9/11 feel to it because everything was so obvious before it happened and yet thanks to communication issues between the FBI, local police, the administration, etc.  But the ignorance of the left and of the Obama administration has been to sweep the facts under the rug, and go after guns.

Those people in the club were killed because ISIS is against gays.  They aren’t just targeted by terrorist, but in some Arab countries there is either prison time or death.  In the Arab community women are also treated like property.  They are not allowed to go to school, work, or even drive.  There is no such thing as marital rape, and actually there is no such thing as rape unless there are four witnesses.  But again our government wants to take away the guns.

The New York Times did a list of the mass shootings and I just went off the last 17 and they all had one thing in common.  They all happened in Gun Free Zones, or as I call them, Shoot Here Zones.


I understand that not all of them were terrorist attacks, but again that goes back to the truth bring smarter than the lies. They say that if you have proper gun control that you can stop terrorist attacks or make it harder on them.  They may have had guns in Paris, but no one else was armed.  In Belgium they used luggage, luggage carts, explosives and I am guessing ball bearings, nails and screws to use as shrapnel.  ISIS and Al Queda both use cars, trucks, vans, manure, chemicals, and again nails, screws, ball bearings as shrapnel. You had them use a soda can to bring down the Russian plane, you had them use shoes and underwear to try to smuggle in bombs to take down planes.  In Boston, it was pressure cookers, ball bearings, home made explosives, and backpacks to carry them in. During 9/11 they used box cutters and planes. They have used cages, fire, water and now even acid to kill people, plus knives, swords to cut people’s heads off.  But if you ask the left, if you take away guns the problem will go away.

They have also brought in almost 500 Syrian refugees since the shooting on Sunday morning.  They are trying to fast track even more, yet you have the problem that every intelligence organization we have in our government all say there is no way to safely vet them to make sure they are not terrorists.  ISIS has said, and proven by their actions in Brussels and Paris that they are infiltrating the refugees. Now we want to bring them here, and Obama is wanting to have 10,000 come in before he gets out of office, and Hillary Clinton wants to raise that to 65,000.  All the press is reporting over and over is that Trump wants to stop all Muslims from coming into the country, but they aren’t reporting and people are failing to actually hear everything he has said about it.  Trump wants a temporary ban until we can find a way to properly vet them.  That is not bigoted or racist, that is common sense.  Bringing in immigrants or refugees that we cannot be sure who they are has the potential of a bull in a china shop, but sadly instead of glass being broke, it would be more innocent people dying.

We have had enough innocent people dying in this country.  But it isn’t the gun’s fault. Do we need to go back to the wild west where everyone is walking around with a sidearm? Because honestly with the lack of activity by our government, the lack of them seeing what the real issue is that is the direction we are going.  Because the fact is our government has went from serving us, which has always been their designated purpose to serving themselves, living off the system and lobbyists.  We are just the pawns and votes that keep their game alive. The thing is at this point no party is blameless.  They are both there to get paid.  To make sure their buddies get all the government contracts, which in turn will get them paid again.  So now they go after the guns to try to get more control of the peasants.  Our only purpose to them is to pay taxes so they can keep spending money and wasting it on more nonsense.  Then borrowing more like a teenager with their first credit card.

But the argument is to control the guns.  The reality is they want to control the people.


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One thought on “Gun Control Or ISIS Support

  1. As frustrating as it is for folks to have to wait and see, Orlando was not a “plain and simple” case. Murders can and often do have multiple causes. This case includes a history of past violent acts, possible bipolar or other mental illness, a self-hating guy “in the closet”, failure as a husband, an inability to achieve career goals, religious and cultural intolerance, inappropriate access to weapons, co-workers afraid to blow the whistle, a security company that didn’t act when co-workers did complain, a delusional father, and a wife as either an accomplice or who failed to notify authorities. That’s just what’s come out so far. There may be more.

    Watch lists don’t do much in the case of an unstable big talker wanna-be who is making it up to appear influential. This guy’s version of contacting ISIS was to call his own police’s 911 to “pledge”. The FBI dropped him because despite lies about knowing people in Al-Qaeda (or Hezbollah etc. His stories varied), he just read stuff on the Internet and never contacted others. His dad’s the same way. Thinks he ran for President of Afghanistan, even though nobody there has heard of it. I wouldn’t call it a case of ISIS-inspired anything. He pledged to a bunch of different groups that all hate each other! So far it sounds more like an angry, depressed loser with weapons he shouldn’t have been qualified to own, putting on a convenient disguise of having a “cause” to mask his personal and professional failures.

    He was born and raised here, a native citizen. His parents immigrated legally over 30 years ago. Nothing like an immigration ban now could have prevented or had any effect on this. I don’t think there’s any simple solution. There may have been inadequacies in law as it stands, but it’s exceedingly hard to pre-identify lone wolf nut cases, especially when those seeing the signs don’t act.


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