Drop The Hyphen We Are Americans

One thing that I have seen that totally drives me insane these days is just how easily we have divided ourselves and let others divide us.  We are called African-American, Asian-American, Mexican-American, Hispanic-American, Arab-American, Jewish-American, Muslim-American, etc.  This is where we have gone wrong.

When America was formed it was a melting pot of many countries, not just England. When they signed the Declaration of Independence there was no hyphen before American.  Just look at that list above and ask yourself where we went wrong.  By adding the hyphen we have added on own little groups, and are no longer one nation united.  The only two times I can remember in recent history where that has applied less and we did come together was after 9/11/01 and then after the shooting at the gay club last night.  With one exception that the Muslim-Americans are still being grouped together as a separate unit.  After both of those times we have come together as one country.  Even those who do not believe in gay marriage, or homosexuality have stood by the victims hurt and killed in the terrorist attack at the club in Orlando.  It did not matter that the victims were gay, or Hispanic, black, white, transsexual, etc.  They were Americans and we were all attacked.

Why does it take such an attack to bring us all together?  When people come to this country from other countries they come here for a better life, a better future.  Both of those were built up with our laws and values.  People who worked hard to do it legally have come here with an attitude to assimilate, work really hard and be successful.  That was what the American Dream was all about.  But now it seems lost in politics, regulations, people coming here illegally, people coming here wanting to carry the same values and rules of the country they escaped here.  You need to remember why you came to this country to begin with.

America is like no other country in the world, we will gladly and with open arms accept anyone who comes here legally and want to be part of making our country better and stronger.  We want people who are going to come here and work hard to succeed.  Under the current administration and I feel under a Hillary Clinton administration that success will continued to be frowned upon, and that they will continue to bring people in to our country who cannot take care of themselves, have no desire to make themselves better and just want to continue to live off the hard work of others.  You look at teens and millennials these days, and yes there are exceptions, but they have been raised and taught by our so called leaders that the world owes them everything.  That the 1 percent who worked hard, came up with the innovative ideas, and put the blood, sweat and tears into succeeding, should pay for the other 99% so there is no need for them to work hard at all. The American dream should be the desire and ability to work really hard and be in that 1% yourself.

I understand that people have different beliefs.  You are free to choose the religion you are comfortable with, you are free to love the person you want to love. But the laws of the land apply.  You cannot bring Sharia law here.  You cannot do virgin sacrifices. You cannot throw Joe into the volcano.  You have to follow our laws and work to fit into our society, not try to make your own society.  Especially if you are here from another country, you came here for a reason.  Do not try to make America your country and drop the hyphen.

Want to stop the race problems in this country?  That is the easiest thing we can do. As proven by the lines at the blood banks in Orlando yesterday, we all bleed red.  They did not have to specify race on the donation, because the body does not see the difference.  The only thing that is different is the blood type itself and that too is not race specific.  Yes people have different skin pigmentation, but at the end of the day we are all Americans.  This is our country.  When acts like what happened in Orlando yesterday they weren’t just attacking gays at a nightclub, they attacked all Americans.  When they ran planes into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and the plane that went down in Pennsylvania they killed American’s of all races and religions. They attacked Americans, so drop the hyphen.

Stop saying you are behind held back because you are _________-American, that is just an excuse.  Work hard, make the sacrifices to succeed and live your American dream.  If you are so set to try to make this the country you left to come here, then go back home.  Either be an American, or get out of America! There are planes leaving every few minutes and your airport.  We are Americans!  Have pride in it, and be willing to fight for it, because contrary to our governments actions and comments, we may only have each other to keep ourselves, our families and friends safe.  So drop the hyphen!


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One thought on “Drop The Hyphen We Are Americans

  1. Well said. It has always been the story of immigrants to come to this country and assimilate into the society. My family came to America to be American and to raise their children with American ideals. They didn’t expect America to convert to Italy.


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