Trump Vs Clinton The Facts

With the election still a bit over five months away I thought I would take an early look at the head to head contest between the Republican Nominee Donald Trump and the presumed Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton.  Now we can go over all the scandals, unfavorables, etc.  But I am going to stick strictly to the facts.  Using the proposals given by the candidates themselves.

Let’s start off with taxes:

Hillary Clinton has said that she is going to raise taxes, to the tune of $1 Trillon a year more in taxes. Now if you do the math and say that every man, woman and child in America (318.86 Million according to World Bank as of 2014) paid an equal amount of that it would mean everyone paid $3,136.17 more a year.  Obviously children would not be paying those taxes directly so it is going to mean everyone is going to have to pay much more than they currently are now.  Which if you ask me, is more than we should. She is also going to raise taxes to businesses which of course will drive even more jobs out of the country. She has not released a detailed tax plan.

Donald Trump has released a detailed tax plan.  It will include a cut across the board for taxes that we are currently paying now.  Single people making under $25,000 or a married couple making under $50,000 would pay no taxes.  His upper end tax bracket would drop from 39.4% to 25%.  His business tax would take us from the highest in the free market world at 39% to one of the lowest at 15%.  This would help entice companies to come back to the US with good paying jobs, and entice them to bring the money they have been keeping overseas back to the country and invest them here.  His plan would definitely put more money back in the pocket of the citizens. It will have to be done in conjunction with a major cut in spending by the government, which is out of hand now as it is.

Next up is the borders:

Hillary Clinton has stated she is for full amnesty with a path to citizenship and that we should keep our borders open.  The issue with this is that by doing this, what is even the point of having an immigration department, visa program, passports or even identification?  She also supports sanctuary cities and does not believe in deportation for any offense.

Donald Trump was the one who started the discussion on border security in the election.  While I am sure there were other candidates who may have said it in their past, Trump was the one who brought it to the forefront of the discussion.  Yes, Trump wants to have a wall built.  What some may not actually get is that is it not just to keep illegals out, because honestly only a small percentage come across the border, you have many who come in and overstay visas and vanish into the shadows. The wall is also there to slow down the drug trafficking coming across the boarder.  Will they still tunnel under it to bring in the drugs? Yes they will, but why not make it as hard as possible for them to get the drugs here, and who is to say you can’t use seismic detectors for signs of drilling under the wall.

Syrian Refugees:

Hillary Clinton stated in a debate she wanted to increase the number of refugees we take in to 65,000 from the initial 10,000 that were talked about.  Not only do we not have a way to vet who they are, we are also covering the expenses to bring there here and get them settled in.  Why are we spending this money when we are almost $20 Trillion in debt?

Donald Trump has said he wants to stop all Muslims from coming into the United States until we are able to find a way to safely vet them.  He has received a lot of backlash for this and it could easily be changed if he says he will not allow in people from countries where ISIS is known to be until we can properly vet them.  We cannot allow ISIS a free pass into our country, or even worse pay for them to come here.  ISIS proved in the Paris attack they could infiltrate the refugees, so what makes you think they won’t get the free plane ticket and housing from the American government?

Government Regulations:

Hillary Clinton loves regulations and has already promised more, including regulations in the fossil fuels industry that would destroy coal miners and the coal industry in general.  What other industries will she go after if President?

Donald Trump has complained about regulations since he began running, and has actually said there have been too many for years. He has also stated in his first 100 days in office he would do all he could do to undo all of the regulations of the Obama administration that were not in the interest of the people.


Hillary Clinton is in full support of Obamacare and says we need to do more for it, no matter what it is doing to the deficit.

Donald Trump says he will repeal and replace Obamacare and has a seven point plan on his website on how he will do it.

There are many more topics you could do this comparison with, but I will save that for another entry, but let’s clarify on what we have now:

Clinton would mean higher taxes, open borders, free rides for Syrian refugees, more regulation for business and more Obamacare.

Trump would mean less taxes, an actual border, no Syrian refugees until they can be properly vetted or a safe zone built in Syria for them to be in, less regulations for business so they can actually grow more and finally the end of Obamacare meaning lower healthcare costs for everyone.

If you are using common sense, the choice is pretty clear here, but I will let you decide.

Comments as always are welcomed

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