Trump To Blame For Down Ballot Races?

This has been a running theme from those in the #NeverTrump camp in the GOP that Donald Trump would hurt down ballot races for both the Senate and House of Representatives for the GOP.  I am not even sure how any of them could say that with a straight face because there are many issues to show that is utter nonsense.

In the Real Clear Politics polling the Congress has an average 13.2% Approval rating.  Not sure how Trump can be blamed for the fact that people have seen that the establishment in Congress have forgotten why they were elected to begin with.  Had they done that job maybe less of them would have issues with getting reelected in November.  This shows the reason they are blaming Trump for possible losses down ballot is because he was the one who actually pulled the curtain back to show us how things were really being ran.  But again the low approval rating was here for a long time before Trump even announced he was running.

In the past Congress has mainly been able to keep their jobs based on the fact the people didn’t do their homework and if they went to the ballot box they either typically voted a straight ticket, or if someone was marked as incumbent on the ballot they got the vote.  I believe the difference this year is more people are actually going to educate themselves and make smarter decisions, which of course will put incumbents at risk.  So instead of putting that blame on Trump, maybe they should look in the mirror, because for once in a long time, we are actually looking at their record, or lack of.

In the current Senate the median length of time they have been in Senate is 7.5 years, with 20 of the 100 having been in the Senate over 20 years. The House of Representatives are even worse at 10.6 years, with 82 of 435 in the House over 20 years. Which proves my point that people just go with the incumbent since the entire House has elections of the entire 435 every two years.  So there is no question you can do your homework on their record. I strongly recommend it.

So again I ask the question, how can any Presidential candidate take the blame for down ballot races when the Congress set up their own record of being hated?  Honestly I believe it would be a miracle for a majority of the Congress to be reelected just based on their own record.  It should be on the Congressional members to get on board with the candidate to try to get the boost.  Because with a 13.2% approval rating it seems they need all the help they can get.


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