Stop Calling Them Anti-Trump Protesters

One thing that I have seen that drives me totally crazy is every time they show “Protesters” outside of Trump rallies they call them Anti-Trump Protesters.  As has been noted multiple times most are either paid to be there, or are just closet anarchists. Or in the case of the people last night in New Mexico, illegals who are mad that Trump is going to potentially deport them. There have been numerous interviews with these “protesters” and in most cases the people cannot even say why they are there, or even what they are mad about. You do have a few who actually memorized their talking points given to them, but when follow up questions are asked, they typically look around for help to try to answer.

There are four people/entities who deserve the blame for this:

The current Federal Government: The Obama Administration has a lot of blame for these actions. They have built a PC Culture as well as built a culture that if you are a criminal you are pre-forgiven and will be absolved of any wrong doing and if the police do anything to stop you, they will be the ones criminalized for actually doing their job.  This has basically given the anarchists free reign to do what they please without any worry of retribution.  As proven last night the thugs were throwing rocks and bottles at police, jumping on police vehicles, breaking windows at the convention center and were generally very unruly, yet there was ONLY one arrest.  Police officers were injured trying to do their jobs when their hands are basically tied.

The Main Stream Media:  Of course with the 24/7 news cycle the networks feel they need to cover every bit of “news” and know these type of events draw ratings.  Which in turn gives these “Protesters” the TV time they want.  One thing that was brought up on The Five on Fox News midnight show was that they noticed that the “Protesters” tended to act up more when they saw the camera.

Moveon.Org: George Soros has no shame in financing and helping organize these “Protests”.  He took great pride in Chicago when the “Protesters” stopped Donald Trump from speaking.  He is all about controlling speech and trying to drive the narrative.  The more press coverage he gets, the more control he feels he has.  It is almost like he is trying to do a hostile takeover of the United States.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders: It was recently proven that Hillary organized a protest of veterans outside of Trump Tower in New York City.  There have been multiple Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton signs at these “Protests” around the country.

Now that we have gone over the list of players in this little drama it is time to go over how using Common Sense Views we fix this.

First off, Reagan in the 1960’s had to deal with riots in Berkley when he was the Governor.  He broke out water cannons, tear gas and told the police and National Guard that you do what you need to do to stop the violence.  Was it an ugly scene on both sides, yes, but it ended the thug actions.  When people start to get violent the police need to have the power to quell that violence with any means necessary. They said on Fox News that there were 300 people throwing rocks, causing general chaos, so there should have been 300 arrests. Because right now the “Protesters” know there will be no reaction to their action so it only encourages them to do more.  If it is not knocked down before the conventions in July those are going to be utter chaos.  Every network covers both conventions, so you have both a national, as well as international audience both of those weeks.

If you show up to a protest with a mask on you should be immediately arrested because you are showing that you are wanting to cause chaos and want your face hidden from retribution.  If they are under 18, their parents should also be charged.  And finally if you are here illegally and protesting, you should immediately be deported.

Video should also be used to arrest and convict anyone caught doing illegal activity. In Ferguson and Baltimore there was plenty of surveillance video and yet no one charged for their illegal activities.  If there is no consequence what is the deterrent to stop more crime, violence, injuries, damage and hate.

I find it ironic that you have these protesters with their two favorite chants:

“No Justice, No Peace” And then cause major damage, with no justice for that damage.

“Stop The Hate” Then using profanity, violence, damaging property.

We really need to get this in check.  It is going to take a strong hand, common sense and punishment for the crime before this ever gets put down.  We have a right in this country for peaceful protests, but there is no peace in their protests and they are bringing more hate and chaos to try to cause peace and end the hate.  Sorry folks, it just does not work out like that.


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