College made Cheaper

One thing I have seen in this election cycle so far is the fact that college costs are through the roof and you have a lot of students complaining about debt when they get out of college.  There is a common sense solution to this problem.

If the government stops or lowers the amount of college loans they give students would have less they could borrow for school and in turn cut down their expense.  I can understand the argument that means the students have to come out of pocket for more money but the reality is that the exact opposite would happen.  Let me explain.

One fact is true, colleges need students and cannot stay open without them.  By cutting the amount of money that the government gives to students these schools are going to realize they are going to have to cut their costs to keep their doors open. It will cause the schools to actually be more competitive to get students and they will have to show they are a good value for the money.  That is one of the reasons that tuition has kept going up so much over the last few years is because the schools know the government will just give more student loans.  There is no balance or quality control to the schools themselves.  If you take away that money train from the colleges they will have to lower their tuition, show students more data on what a degree will mean to them financially at the end of their degree and both improve the teaching in the schools, but also make it more competitive and more advantageous to the students, because it is putting the student in more control of their future.

I know there will be arguments that by lowering the amount the government will loan to students that it will affect low income students who are wanting to get an advanced education and they will not be able to afford to go to college.  I think it would actually make it easier for them as well.  You can still have your grants, scholarships, etc, and with lower tuition rates it even encourages more students to work their way though college as people did in the past.

By just this one small change it does four major things.  First, it lowers the loan burden to students when they graduate college. Second, it makes schools actually fight for students. Third, it lowers the amount of money spent by the government which lessens the tax burden for that program. Finally students are more likely to work harder to reach their goal and not just say “The money is there and I don’t want to go to work yet so I will just go to college” mentality that is becoming so common these days.  You tend to appreciate those things you work hard for, compared to those things you are just handed.

By taking away the government money you also make children actually have to earn their degrees.  There are too many “safe space” demands. You have students saying they don’t want to go to class because it interrupts their protesting time. Plus students wanting to rewrite history because it isn’t fair.  By giving students all this money to go to school, even as a loan, they aren’t having to earn that education, so they just don’t take it seriously.

The only way we will ever be able to get college expenses under control and reasonable is to stop the government from feeding their greed.  We are not helping our children handing them a useless degree and $250,000 in college debt.  The best way to help them, is to let them help themselves.


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